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  1. Black/Black - Now THAT is beautiful. Bugger to keep clean, but looks the nuts.
  2. It's not for me... looks very Subaru'esc
  3. cheer for the advice guys. THat HST one looks good but are they overcharging? Interesting the later post with the DIY TTRS kit... would be interesting to know if those part numbers matched your HSTuning kit! Did it start to slip when you exceeded the rated 480lb ft (went 500lb ft) hence your change again? I'm told Helix do a high rated 420lbft+ organic kit... i may enquire about that in the morning and post with my findings. That did cross my mind, but i'm sure there's something suitable.
  4. Hi guys, I'm steadly getting the parts for the Stage2 mods for my car. The next (which should have actually been the first) on my list is the address the clutch issue on my manual R. I'm looking for advice on the real options i have for running stage2 (probably MRC / Unicorn). So circa 400+bhp and circa 430lb ft torque judging my similar cars. I realise a performance clutch will be heavier that standard but want to retain comfort in the car (as i'll sit in traffic for a portion of my daily). I can see Sintered/paddle plates are available that will easily handle the torque, but depending on who i've asked have given different views on whether it will ruin some comfort what i'd like to retain. I've heard organic is better for this, but can i run this type of power? - is there an option? I'd be interested to see other peoples experences and setups with power? From what i can work out ... - Sachs orgainic - Too much power for this? - Sachs sintered-paddle - will it destroy any comfort in drive as mentioned above? - Anyone running something Helix? - Any others...? I'm not trading for a DSG.. Love the feel of manual gears too much! cheers in advance for your input people!
  5. Thanks for those who messaged and were interested in swapping. Met Wayne yesterday to swap. Nice guy to deal with and also gave some good advice on my car! Cheers!
  6. Hi Rick, I'll call you over the next few days to talk about my car and your mapping. Someone is going to tune it (maybe you) and I'm still undecided, so would be good to get your view...
  7. All, Thanks for your input and sharing your experiences. To be honest, i've read lots and have Bespoke and APR maps in the past - these are all good products really. Wonder what i'll end up taking!
  8. How long did they spend on your car mate? Don't suppose you have a dyno graph of your Stage 2 you wouldn't mind sharing?
  9. Thanks for the reply. Yeah agreed on the development of the APR product, thats why it's a condender for me against a bespoke map. Glad to hear you are happy with your APR.... it's on my short list!
  10. PM me where you are based and the age/condition of these. Cheers
  11. Can anyone recommend a tuner for R custom mapping? What's your experience and the product like ? If someone has a direct comparison against APR's generic Stage2 file that would be very interesting to hear.
  12. I have a Milltek (new and not fitted yet) and would prefer chrome ovals or chrome gt100 tips rather than black - anyone interested in some sort of trade on the tips only (maybe with cash)?
  13. Do you have this MK7 milltek for sale?
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