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  1. Stevo_CT

    Exploding Sunroof

    Devils advocate here, but perhaps VW's findings are correct. No one will ever know most likely. This is very difficult for any of the parties to ascertain, I personally would accept the proposal and move forward. Again, call me stupid, I would continue driving the vehicle under the assumption that the odds of this happening again, (let alone once), is insignificant enough to warrant selling it. ps.. this is by no means me siding with VW, I am simply trying to be as objective as possible. GL with whatever direction/decision you take.
  2. Stevo_CT

    Dynaudio or no?

    I'm very satisfied with Dynaudio in my car, I have had passengers remark on how good it is when driving with me too. That being said, I don't often use it to it's full potential, and if a high spec car came out without Dynaudio, it would not stop me from deciding to go ahead with the purchase.
  3. Stevo_CT

    How common is the Golf R where you live?

    I daily drive my R (37 mile round trip) to work every day in Cape Town. The R is not cheap here, so you don't see many of them at all, GTI's on the other hand, are more popular. 3 Series Beemers, C Class Mercs, A4 Audi's are the cars of choice, tons of them, everywhere.
  4. Stevo_CT

    The 6xxHP Beas7 - Guy's 6MT 7R

    Looks awesome. Need to change your plate to R600 WUT now.
  5. Stevo_CT

    My R is poorly

    I hope VW pull through for you on this. All the best of luck.
  6. Stevo_CT


    I have Dynaudio in mine, it's an excellent system. Where it really shines for me, (not an audiophile, so take it easy) is on volume, when playing music loud you get to appreciate the quality more. But, I don't often play music loud, and I could just as easily be content with a standard system. My obscure point is that I guess the extra cost should be weighed against your passion for music and quality of sound. I got my car discounted with tons of options included, but I doubt if I had to spec the audio for extra I would of.
  7. Stevo_CT

    Opinions on Best Turbo Back Exhaust

    Exhaust notes are obviously subjective, but I think we will unanimously agree that this is perhaps the worst exhaust design and sound in the history of R exhausts:-
  8. Stevo_CT

    Fitted my res delete.. but then this happened

    Engrossing read, no doubt a very emotional and distressing experience. Wishing you a great outcome, my advice is to continue dealing with the owner directly, and get his confirmation of approval for all repair work to be 100% completed.
  9. Stevo_CT

    Why does GTI get all the glory?

    Also coming from a MK7 Gti, I beg to differ. The Gti to me certainly is more agile and a little lighter on its feet, and is a little more rewarding as a drivers car. The R just stomps power down from zero, and the extra weight gives a more planted feel. I have attended 3 VW advanced drivers courses, with GTI's and R's being driven back to back, and even the non VW enthusiasts who attended made remarks as per my 1st paragraph.
  10. Stevo_CT

    Mk7r to mk7.5r

    I have only owned my R for just under a year, so financially it would make no sense to change to the 7.5. The only upgrade features noteworthy to me are the slightly higher stock power output, 7spd DSG and the virtual cockpit. Styling wise it is neither better or worse imo. However, the next logical purchase for me in a couple of years time is the 8R, RS3 or M2.
  11. Stevo_CT

    DSG or Manual

    Stick to DSG, you will 100% regret buying a manual should you do so. As difficult as it may be to wait for the right DSG to become available, just be patient. EDIT: for clarification, I am not knocking the manual in any way, I just believe that because your heart seems set on DSG, not to compromise on a manual.
  12. Stevo_CT

    Anyone done any of the VW driving experiences?

    Different country, but I have attended 2 VW driving courses over the last 6 months. One in the 7R and the latest in the 7.5R. (mixed with GTi's too) I highly recommend you take the time and invest in these courses, they provide so much value ito of being a safer and better driver firstly, and the added bonus is you get to understand your R so much better from a performance and capability perspective. Skidpans, emergency braking, short courses, high speed driving, as well a general tips and presentations have all contributed to making me a much better driver, and truly truly appreciating just how amazing and capable these cars are. Certification has also lowered my insurance premium, I assume this may apply in other countries too.
  13. Stevo_CT

    Exhaust pipes

    Very nice looking car, enjoy.
  14. Stevo_CT

    Would you get another R?

    If there is a notable improvement in the MK8R, highly likely. Otherwise, the RS3 is pretty tempting if I can hold out 'til release of the new Golf.