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  1. Thank you Nigel! Really appreciate your help. This may be a silly question, but does it use/need a gasket do you know?
  2. I purchased a use scorpion decat at the weekend. It has a reducer, I plan on using it with my standard back box. It didn't come with any clamps. Does anyone know if I can use the OEM clamps or if not, where to get the clamps from?
  3. Hi toplad - yes mate, I went for the ramair elbox fith my forge hose and forge intake
  4. Thanks, but no. I have asked to supply my own coolant (as they dont normally stock G13), so getting pre mix ready. Just needed to know roughly how much.
  5. At the risk of sounding silly... Samco do hoses, that are relatively cheap, compared to Revo, Airtec and Wagner. You'd need to know dimensions and angles, but unless I am missing something, seems a much cheaper way of doing things? Disclaimer - I am probably wrong! https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/s/samco-silicone-hoses-kits
  6. I am fitting an airtec intercooler later this month. Was thinking of changing the intercooler pipes. If anyone else has changed these, who did you use? I have seen Wagner and Revo do them, any other brands?
  7. I am getting the waterpump changed on my Mk7 5 door R later this month. How much premix G13 coolant do I need? Was going to drain the whole system and replace with new. Thank you
  8. Just an update, I have ordered what I believe to be correct, from TPM. Had a nightmare with the thermostat housing, as I was ordering there was apparently another revision! Anyway here are the parts I have, anyone shed any light on if this seems correct before I book it in to have the work done? 06L 121 012 A - pump 06L 121 111 K - thermostat housing 06K 121 605 - belt 06L 121 131 - strange small plastic 'thing' Anyone confirm this sounds about right?
  9. Just spoke to TPS and usual parts are: 1. Thermostat housing £212.60 2. Pump £67.57 3. Belt £14.05 4. Some other part £6.43 This sound about right prices and parts wise? Apologies I didnt get part numbers!
  10. Morning all, Manual - 15 plate - 5 door So my car is in at a local independent garage have my sintered clutch fitted (woooo). They noticed that I had a 'slight coolant leak'. Sods law, I am just out of my extended warranty. Got the car booked in at VW for a weeks time. My questions are: 1. Has anyone had success having one replaced, FOC or labor only, out of warranty? 2. Have VW recognized this a a fault / recall yet? 3. How much am I looking at for the parts only, for the latest revision water pump and thermostat housing? Apparently there have been a few revisions Thanks in advance!
  11. All done in the end, did it myself with the correct part from TPS, was easy, most importantly, this fixed my leak.
  12. Thanks for the info. So....do I replace myself or let VW replace and charge for parts & labour?
  13. Thanks Mark - no it's definitely not inside, I vaguely recall it falling apart whilst detailing the car. Apparently this part eroding / rubber breaking, is common.
  14. So my boot trim is leaking water through the rear drivers / right hand side of the boot trim, where the removable cover to get to the lights is. Upon so research on here and other forums, it appear this is due to me missing the "boot drain pipe", pic below (there should be a rubber pipe in the small hole). So I am SUPPOSED to have extended warranty on my car, however, they are saying, in writing "leaks are not usually covered by warranty", despite other people on other forums, claiming they claimed under warranty for this problem: https://www.golfmk7.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41007 I have been lucky and dont seem to have a wet boot or carpet due to this leak, I would imagine because when I wash it, I open the boot for it to drain off. Apparently the part inst expensive, so do I: a) put it in to VW for them to charge me for the part and mostly likely an hours labour b) buy the part from TPS and fit myself Thanks
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