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  1. Thanks for the response. I’ll mention to Steve when it’s in next month👍
  2. Yeah doesn’t sound great! The mpg on my stage 1 car definitely slightly improved from stock when driven sensibly but is worse when giving it some, which you will do more if it’s tuned!! they are usually pretty economical when sat on a motorway at 70 ish (apart from mine lol)
  3. I’d be surprised as the guy is VW racing mechanic and seems clued up, still possible though I suppose. The economy didn’t go down until just before lockdown so I’d probably already done 2.5k miles on this oil by then. Maybe a slight split or corroded fuel pipe as the cars nearly 6 years old but no smell of fuel anywhere around the car.
  4. Just been on a 50 mile drive. 4 up so expected a slight drop in economy but still could just scrape 28mpg driven like a Sunday driver! All discs 30-32 degrees so brakes not binding unless they’re all binding but I’d feel/ hear it. Must be something a miss under the bonnet. Serviced July last year (major) and only done about 3k miles since. I’ll put a post on once it’s been identified and hopefully sorted in case anyone else gets same issue.
  5. I’m on PS4’s too. Cheers for the comment. I used to get around 26 on shorter journeys. Can’t get much above that on long journeys now ☹️
  6. Thanks, will do. Interesting about the brakes sticking. I’ll check temps after next drive 👍got an laser thermometer with my job so no burnt hands!
  7. No, this was November last year unfortunately ☹️
  8. Ps. This has happened in a variety of temperatures and weather conditions. I’ve not read any codes, not sure how to do this but no warning lights on dash?
  9. Thanks for the reply a/c turned off. I’m due a service soon so I’ll get the guy who does it to look for anything abnormal. He is a racing mechanic and apr dealer who did the remap so he knows his stuff!
  10. Driving back from Manchester averaging 65mph. So surprised I took a picture lol
  11. I know this is boring but hopefully someone has had a similar issue and can point me in the right direction ive got a manual apr stage 1, I do a 60 mile drive quite frequently which is mainly dual carriageway. I like to give it a bit of stick occasionally as you do but generally I’ll stick to 75 on the dual carriageway and motorways unless I’m in a rush. I’ve always had good fuel economy on this run, getting up to around 34-36mpg until recently. I’ve had it up to 43 on a 65mph drive down the m6! It doesn’t matter how conservatively I drive, my Fuel consumption has suddenly increased a lot. I struggle to get 27 at a push, driving pretty much as I’ve always done. The car still performs the same and hasn’t missed a beat. I’m confused 🤷‍♂️ can anyone shed any light?? Ps. Tyre pressures are spot on and haven’t changed tyres recently. Cheers, Dave
  12. I had my car remapped in 2017 and can’t say I’ve noticed it since then. Runs great so couldn’t have been anything too serious!
  13. Wet mats and carpets . Mine was misting up badly, I thought I’d left a wet coat in the car but hadn’t. Now dry- no misting up👍
  14. Me too until I started digging round! I’d like to but can’t justify the cost atm
  15. Hi Guys My head unit is playing up with no sound from any right hand speakers, just the odd burst of static noise when going over bumps in the road. I know this is a common issue. Does anyone know where I can get this repaired for a reasonable cost? I’ve seen a company in Bradford that charge £350 but seems expensive. Thanks in advance Dave
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