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  1. I had my car remapped in 2017 and can’t say I’ve noticed it since then. Runs great so couldn’t have been anything too serious!
  2. Wet mats and carpets . Mine was misting up badly, I thought I’d left a wet coat in the car but hadn’t. Now dry- no misting up👍
  3. Me too until I started digging round! I’d like to but can’t justify the cost atm
  4. Hi Guys My head unit is playing up with no sound from any right hand speakers, just the odd burst of static noise when going over bumps in the road. I know this is a common issue. Does anyone know where I can get this repaired for a reasonable cost? I’ve seen a company in Bradford that charge £350 but seems expensive. Thanks in advance Dave
  5. Thanks for the reply’s, never thought about the air con condenser, they do run hot, maybe it’s just me, the golf generally seems a bit up and down in terms of performance anyway, compounded in hot weather!
  6. My car is at stage 1 high torque (APR) just wondering if anyone else sufferes with pretty big power loss when the ambient temp is high? I noticed it as soon as the ambient temp got above around 20 degrees C, I haven’t got any hardware mods and know an intercooler will be recommended. I know that engines especially turbo, are all affected by heat, but after owning quite a few over the years, the golf seems to suffer worse than any of my other cars. No misfires or anything, just what feels like about 50 bhp down. Is this a problem with my car or have others experienced the golf to suffer worse than other turbo cars in the heat? Cheers, Dave
  7. Dave R


    Thanks, I’ll get a set fitted. My tyre place charges £130 a tyre fitted so not too bad. I’m 150 miles from Gatwick so by the time I’ve used fuel and got someone to fit, it would be about the same. Cheers, Dave
  8. I need a new set of tyres (19” prets) Any advice would be appreciated. Heard good things about PS4’s. I’ve got sportmaxx currently and not very impressed in the wet. Ideally would like an all round tyre. cheers dave
  9. No ive not looked into it yet and it is a little concerning that this type of post doesn't seem to crop up very often on here or anyware!, hence is there a problem with my car? I'm knocking on 40 and although maybe not lewis Hamilton I've spent much of my adult life owning performance cars (handled Mates stage 2 litchfied 630 bhp GTR round a couple of track days) so it's not like I've come from a 1.2corsa and the car is too much for me!! Maybe a check over is in order...
  10. Virtually unstickable in the dry. Much Slower entry speed needed in wet! Still surprised by poor wet grip tho. Obv got to allow for lower levels in wet conditions but the difference is huge on my car. Felt very FWD only. Didn't enter particularly quickly and certainly didn't mash the throttle, just applied more than usual hence questioning the tyres. I will be looking into ps4s when I'm due a change. Thanks for advice and comments 👍🏼
  11. Yeah I see what you are saying. A change in driving style and a bit more practice in the wet needed to get it right. I did a driving course in a scooby a few years back and the instructor basically taught me the same technique as you have suggested. On a hairpin or similar, Braking till mid corner then power through the apex. I Probably expected a little too much wet weather grip from the fwd biased golf!! I will be changing the tyres to PS4 s' in the next six months which should help too...
  12. Lol. Me too! I'll put a set on the list. Will have to wait a bit as I've still got 50% tread!!
  13. Thanks. The dunlops are really quiet at motorway speeds. How do you find the ps4s?
  14. I'm about two months into ownership of my R. I've not had loads of time to drive it As it's my weekend car but most of the 1500 miles I've done has been in dry weather. It sticks to the road like glue as I expected, and I've been really impressed with the levels of grip and handling in general. That said, I was out today in wet conditions and deliberately accelerated with a little vigour (didn't slam my foot down before anyone criticises my driving lol) in second gear round a fairly large island (no other cars around) to see how the grip held up in wet weather. I experienced pretty bad understeer, pretty similar to powerful none lsd fwd cars I've owned, followed by lift off oversteer. It was a bit of a shock as I know it's fwd biased but was expecting much better grip from a 4wd car. My last 4wd was a Tommi mak evo 6 and didn't suffer from understeer at all,more oversteer I know the evo has a different permanent 4wd system (rear biased) but I just expected the golf to be almost as good as it's generally so highly rated. Can anyone recommend decent tyres for dry and wet conditions? I'm running on Dunlop sport maxx as these were fitted to the Pretorias on my car when I bought it. Are these known for poor wet weather grip or is this wet weather understeer a characteristic of the car regarlesss of tyre choice? Would be good to hear anyone's opinion/advise as it didn't inspire me with much confidence today in the rain!! Shame as it's so good on a dry road... cheers....
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