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  1. My 67 plate 7.5 R estate has a 12v socket in the boot and under seat storage.
  2. My service light came on at just over 7k miles / 15 months old. My days to oil service countdown was going up and down before hitting zero. VW said to book the car in for them to reset the service schedule, they wont do it as a drive in and out so still haven't had the service schedule reset to long life. How accurate is the oil sensor at determining the quality of the oil? Would the oil really be degraded to the point of needing to be changed after just 7k miles? The car is driven pretty hard but I always wait for oil to hit 80c and 2k of those 7k miles were on long motorway drives trying to squeeze as many mpg's as possible. One day my service was due in 23 days and the next day it was due in 42 days, I was past 12 months old so I'm assuming the oil sensor isn't the most accurate/consistent in determining oil quality.
  3. I run mine in reasonably hard, using most of the rev range but limiting throttle to 75%. There are a few long steep hills by me so I, on the advice of a mechanic friend, let the car coast down these hills in a low gear so the engine was doing a fair bit of the braking. Car has only covered just over 7.5k miles, is driven pretty hard when it is used and has not burned a drop of oil. Car was slightly over filled when I collected it and it is still slightly over filled now.
  4. I feel for you. A neighbour scraped my front bumper but paid for the damage. Whilst waiting for the car to go in someone scraped the back bumper. I paid out of my own pocket to get the rear bumper repaired at the same time as the front. Ten days after getting the car back someone hit the rear bumper again, once on the back corner and then on the side when straightening up too soon. The car can stay like it is now, unless I catch someone hitting the car again and can make them pay. It's cheaper to pay the penalty when it goes back after the lease is up. I did have plans to buy the car but not interested now, will get a cheap little run around and not have to worry/stress about peoples disregard for other peoples property. I'm so pissed off I have just installed really good CCTV, so God help anyone I catch bumping the car again.
  5. My leased R was picked up Sept 2017. The service message came up at 14 months old and 7k miles. I called the dealer I used to arrange the lease and they confirmed it's on the wrong schedule. The message started at service in 30 days, changed each time I used the car though as one day it said 46 days and a few days later back down to 21 days. The dealer will correct the service schedule but wont do a drive in and out, they need the car for a few hours for some reason. The car has currently run out of days due to service but I explained that due to work commitments it will be a little while yet until I can take the car in. They are cool with it and I'm hoping to hand the car back without having to pay for a service.
  6. You can't make this up, someone has hit the back bumper. I'm away on a rugby trip but the Mrs has sent me a pic of the car. Getting it done at the same time as the front bumper but paying for the damage out of my own pocket. Time to buy some decent CCTV I think.
  7. Just got back from visiting another two body shops. First shop was reluctant to give a price and didn't seem keen to do the job. I'd lost confidence in the place by the time I was quoted £380. A mate then told me to swing by his father-in-laws and check out his car that had just had it's front bumper done. It's a blue Focus, very similar in colour to Lapiz. I must say the paint job and re-fitting of the bumper was perfect, I couldn't find anything to indicate it had been repaired. I went up to the place that had done the work and was quoted a cash price and a card payment price. The cash price is £245, the other price £350 (inc. VAT). He seemed a genuine guy and he said he's done a couple of Golf/Scirocco R's so is familiar with bumper removal and refitting. I'm happy to go with him so will see what the neighbour says.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I'll get a couple more quotes tomorrow but I'll be expecting that sort of price range. If they quote a lot cheaper I'll discard them as likely to do a poor job.
  9. My neighbour caught my cars front bumper when swinging his front end in whilst parking. He's asked me to get quotes for a repair. I've only had time to visit one repair shop so far. They say the bumper needs taking off for a full respray and have quoted £238 plus VAT. Does that sound reasonable? I thought it would have been a simple job without the bumper being stripped off and in the body shop for two days.
  10. My car was slightly overfilled when I collected it. It has done 7k miles now and hasn't burned any oil so is still slightly over filled. I have no problem getting 38 - 40mpg on a motorway run.
  11. How about something from Seat, a Leon maybe? I can't imagine a 1.6tdi DSG would be expensive to run.
  12. I don't really drive it that hard, I suspect most of my wear is from the bends. Straight line speed from the R doesn't really do much for me so tend to flick it around a bit with traction/stability control in sport mode or off.
  13. Impressive tyre wear, or lack of. My Bridgestones are on 7k miles but will probably needing replacing by 10k miles.
  14. Only used the Assy 3 on the Mrs diesel powered Civic. Really impressed with them but the sidewall, even the XL tyres, are a little soft. I should imagine not so much of an issue with a lighter petrol engine upfront.
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