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  1. FatWelshBoy

    Bumper repair cost?

    You can't make this up, someone has hit the back bumper. I'm away on a rugby trip but the Mrs has sent me a pic of the car. Getting it done at the same time as the front bumper but paying for the damage out of my own pocket. Time to buy some decent CCTV I think.
  2. FatWelshBoy

    Bumper repair cost?

    Just got back from visiting another two body shops. First shop was reluctant to give a price and didn't seem keen to do the job. I'd lost confidence in the place by the time I was quoted £380. A mate then told me to swing by his father-in-laws and check out his car that had just had it's front bumper done. It's a blue Focus, very similar in colour to Lapiz. I must say the paint job and re-fitting of the bumper was perfect, I couldn't find anything to indicate it had been repaired. I went up to the place that had done the work and was quoted a cash price and a card payment price. The cash price is £245, the other price £350 (inc. VAT). He seemed a genuine guy and he said he's done a couple of Golf/Scirocco R's so is familiar with bumper removal and refitting. I'm happy to go with him so will see what the neighbour says.
  3. FatWelshBoy

    Bumper repair cost?

    Thanks for the replies. I'll get a couple more quotes tomorrow but I'll be expecting that sort of price range. If they quote a lot cheaper I'll discard them as likely to do a poor job.
  4. FatWelshBoy

    Bumper repair cost?

    My neighbour caught my cars front bumper when swinging his front end in whilst parking. He's asked me to get quotes for a repair. I've only had time to visit one repair shop so far. They say the bumper needs taking off for a full respray and have quoted £238 plus VAT. Does that sound reasonable? I thought it would have been a simple job without the bumper being stripped off and in the body shop for two days.
  5. FatWelshBoy

    MPG (yes this again, but slightly different)

    My car was slightly overfilled when I collected it. It has done 7k miles now and hasn't burned any oil so is still slightly over filled. I have no problem getting 38 - 40mpg on a motorway run.
  6. FatWelshBoy

    New daily driver help £5000 budget!

    How about something from Seat, a Leon maybe? I can't imagine a 1.6tdi DSG would be expensive to run.
  7. FatWelshBoy

    Googbye GolfRers

    I don't really drive it that hard, I suspect most of my wear is from the bends. Straight line speed from the R doesn't really do much for me so tend to flick it around a bit with traction/stability control in sport mode or off.
  8. FatWelshBoy

    Googbye GolfRers

    Impressive tyre wear, or lack of. My Bridgestones are on 7k miles but will probably needing replacing by 10k miles.
  9. FatWelshBoy

    Goodyear ...bringing the fight to Michelin

    Only used the Assy 3 on the Mrs diesel powered Civic. Really impressed with them but the sidewall, even the XL tyres, are a little soft. I should imagine not so much of an issue with a lighter petrol engine upfront.
  10. FatWelshBoy

    How old are we all?

    36. Leasing an R and collected it on my 35th birthday.
  11. FatWelshBoy

    At what power?

    If I do buy the car I'll definitely be going stage 2. I'd also definitely get the turbo balanced before remapping. From what I can see if I'm paying for the balancing I may as well go hybrid for not too much more £££. This looks really good, I suppose that's something like a stage 2.5 as I can't see mention of a HPFP.
  12. FatWelshBoy

    Oil Operating temperature

    Just been browsing prices for intakes etc. and noticed Revo have oil temp protection programmed in to their maps. Oil temp below 50c limits boost to 50%. Oil temp 51c - 65c limits boost to 75%. Oil temp above 65c allows full boost. I wait for 80c before giving it some beans and I'll stick with that despite it possibly being a bit on the cautious side.
  13. FatWelshBoy

    Oil Operating temperature

    I've read a few oil temp posts and my car seems to run cooler than others. I don't see over 100c unless really giving it some, normal driving sees low 90s.
  14. FatWelshBoy


    The insurance broker got the premium right if you only see 180 miles from a full tank.