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  1. I don't think the pistons are forged. Crank yes, rods who knows.
  2. I have had two 7.5s. The first one was stage 1 tuned and yes to oil temp dropped maybe 5C. Even got to the point of the after switch of fan running became less frequent. I was told at the time it was due to lower exhaust gas temps. No idea if that is true. My current 2019 (special edition in Australia) is stock and runs around 104 to 108C after a good run. But my question is about running at or above 100C (boiling point) as I have been under the impression that once over 100C, contaminants (fuel, water) get burnt off which I assumed is a good thing.
  3. As mentioned by Booth11, " As said, the parking brake releasing in first use each day can make a clunk, and especially if it’s been raining overnight or the car has been washed and left overnight for a few hours. Again often exacerbated by external temp/humidity etc. " My 2019 Golf does this first time I use it after a car wash. It doesn't know what rain is and has never been on a wet road. Garage queen.
  4. A dumb question but I have looked and read the book. How do I get fuel usage since the start of the car from day 1 rather than current and average for the current trip? TIA.
  5. At what temp should the radiator fan kick in? Golf R 7.5, DSG with APR stage 1. Car is steady at 90C on the gauge in the car but apart from switching on the A/C (when both fans run) but I haven't noticed the large fan on no matter how long or spirited a drive. Ambient temp around 24C.
  6. My Australian Gold R 7.5 about once a week or so would run the fans after engine switch off ,after time in traffic or spirited driving. Oil temps ran 100-109C. Since getting an APR Stage 1 tune, I have noticed that the oil temp sits between 96 and 100C and takes longer to get there. Since the tune the fans have never switched on after shut down. Yet they work during driving and if also if the A/C is on. I can here the pump circulating coolant after switch off. Is this unusual? Why would the tune bring about the change? Car only has 1600 miles on it and running perfect. TIA Rob.
  7. After learning how to drive a DSG from this thread, I only use manual and the stick, at least after the warm up. The paddles I don't like as they turn with the steering wheel and I have lost them a couple of times. Stick it is for me and what a fantastic box after the learning.
  8. I gave them away to a fellow club member for a couple of cartons of beer. Life is getting too short for me to put off getting what I want now , within reason.
  9. I pulled the Bridgestones off my 7.5 in Australia within the first 1000 miles and went Michi 4PS. Road noise went way down.
  10. Pick up my 7.5 R when launched in Australia in 2 weeks. As I don't have a manual yet I can't read up and can't find it in search. There will be 2 drivers, does it remember settings to the key/s so it knows which driver is which? TIA.
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