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  1. Get ready to cry.... my baby has spent so long static on my drive she went flat😢, roll on April when i will be actually able to drive her again- ive actually had to ask Hubbie to drive her 😳 - so twice a week last week she left the drive without me😭
  2. Happy new year everyone i hope you have a healthy happy year with no breakdowns or punctures or chipped windscreens
  3. You can have one fitted some guys here have them and I’m sure they will come along soonish to help- as said above it’s only for carrying bikes.
  4. A wonderful week in fields turned into a mud pile after one day- fun driving though 😀. Inside is just as bad😳
  5. SamS

    Job title

    Np- didn’t think of that when I posted - if you would like to erase it please do . 👍
  6. I would like to think this car will last as long as I look after it. And if someone judges me by my year of car then I’d say it was a very silly move. Not all old things are past it
  7. SamS

    Job title

    Just reading about tax and age of cars and got me thinking. Who should drive which car? Who in your opinion should be a R owner? Banker Baker candlestick maker? Who should rock up in an R and who shouldn’t? I’d love to see a fully made up clown 🤡 in one:) i’ve met some clowns Without the face makeup :) and obviouksy add your own who should be in what car as well as the R
  8. If I didn’t have to clean them I’d have as many as it needs - but as I have to clean them maybe two would be better 😀
  9. Leather for me on my last 3 cars - very practical reason it was because it was easier for my dog- hey we all have vices and she was mine💓.
  10. My good friend has two - one that works and the other well let me say- I’ve recovered him many times on his travels 😂
  11. Yes he sent me a video to say it’s 3mil 3 mil- I kid you not out😳.. raving - can’t even bring myself to take new ones off in case they have put new holes in the bumper😞..
  12. Get a little grey.- do the same job- eventually 😂-
  13. My car told me to ‘brake now’ I told my car ‘if that ass in front hadn’t just pulled into my safe distance from the car in front we wouldn’t be having this conversation 😡’
  14. I failed my mot my first one! Because of my plates 🙄.. yes failed ... but it’s been on there since I bought it and got it done from a reputable plate place 🙄- had to buy new ones then and there just to get the sodding car home! Beginning to hate my private plates now!
  15. What drives me mad is people who overtake a truck and sodding slow down! WHY .. if you are scared of them go faster you will be past in a blink of an eye but slow down 🤔- I just don’t get it! Oh and to answer op questions it’s because they live close you you and want to see what you just bought 😀
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