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  1. Please do if you have the patience, I love learning even at my age, but I am also immensely proud of how I have achieved in life without the ability to read and write like ‘normal’ people.
  2. You will get used to my gramma young man😉- or just ignore me, most just accept at my age I can’t spell and humour me 😉
  3. I’m wondering if the coding for drivers side has had a maximum setting added?
  4. Just looking at the upgraded breaks and discs and makes me wonder, it’s brilliant to have great breaks but do you worry about them being too good and someone smashing into you from behind? I’m a quick response breaker (I’m told), and come to a space of a cars length just in case I get banged from behind but a few times I’ve done my normal breaking and really wince when the car behind struggles to break and I end up rolling forward just to give them a few more inches to save my bumper. With enhanced breaks do you even consider the person behind?
  5. What do you dislike about your R?

    I don’t hate it- but the small mirrors annoy me. I constantly have to check and move forward to check again - sometimes think my bike has a better view. I don’t use that middle thing hardly at all coming from trucks- I would just like them a smidge bigger.
  6. Any divers here ?

    Get him to consider going into the tv industry, we regularly require divers of all levels and the pay is pretty good- athough it’s a daily wage but while he is deciding on which path to go he would be earning. Our underwater sparks are very highly qualified and are always in demand. If only I could get my stupid fear under control I’d be back diving immediately!
  7. Logic says there is some radio signal effecting the ecu. If it’s at the same place disable stop start before you get to them and see what happens then
  8. Nurburgring Record Broken

    That’s an amazing video! can I ask those who have done the circuit, do you get nervous knowing another car could be around the next bend? I would love to try (love driving in the rain etc), but going at over 100 around a bend where they could be someone broken down i’m Sure would make me slow down and loose time, so wonder if it’s worth me trying?
  9. Who’s regretting.........

    😂it’s so hot in my car my camera fell off the windscreen it’s dangling and I’ve opened the windows and roof and still don’t want to sit on my leather seats- hope it cools down in an hour when I have to sit in it
  10. Squeaky Door

    Please don’t use wd40😱. It makes it worse. There is an oil you can use I’m sure the mods will come and give you the link- or just search for squeaky door and the correct oil is there.
  11. Anyone fly drones?

    This doesn’t surprise me one little bit- being in the industry 😉
  12. Anyone fly drones?

    You read my mind- I’ve done some videos with magic arms and outrigging but would love to do a tracking shot of my own car
  13. Anyone fly drones?

    Same with me- it’s finding the time to actually get it out and sorted- and then find your battery is flat and have to wait 1.5 hours to charge🙄
  14. There is nothing wrong with buying German wheels - you got a German car 😉..