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  1. Yep. You've changed just as it gets to limiter so has the car as you've got to the limiter (it will change up when you get to it automatically). Thus there's now two requests to change, your manual and it's auto thus changes twice. Chnage slightly earlier or let the car do it yes even in race / manual.
  2. And nope.. Didn't fix it... Still same issue(s).
  3. 2nd Service today - dealer said there was an update to fix this type of known fault, so has applied the update. Will see over next few days if its resolved. Tam
  4. Tam

    Exploding Sunroof

    The glass is safety glass so isn’t sharp, it’s unlikely you’d cut yourself on it unless you do so forcefully. And almost certainly a stone hit it... not necessarily a big stone that you’d find afterwards .. similar to how you crack your windscreen type stone. Except a windscreen is laminated so doesn’t shatter, but if it wasn’t it’d do the same as the sunroof has done.
  5. Tam

    Software issue.

    <ignore> just realised you have a 2015 Golf - so its probably different than the 7.5
  6. Tam

    Software issue.

    Is auto hold turned off? I seem to remember on mine that the handbrake is only automically acitvated if you have auto-hold is on.
  7. Been covered before, no sure there is an update that fixes it though
  8. Tam


    I can drive with door open, however when you open the door it puts the handbrake on again, so you have to leave it in drive, then push brake and push the handbrake button to release then you can drive.
  9. Tam


    Leave dial on auto don't touch. Why are you turning to off?
  10. Yep usually when cold, and usually when in manual mode.
  11. Tam

    New PPF fuel filter

    Anyone spotted the brakes on it? Looks like 4piston brembos.... wonder if they are a bolt on upgrade to the r.
  12. Yes to all of the issues.... Very annoying.. Examples here...
  13. Tam

    OBD carlock

    So the autowatch ghost did its job. I'd call that a success... If you could turn back the clock, would you have fitted it again knowing what you do now?
  14. Tam

    OBD carlock

    Most thieves don't want confrontation - they want the keys and go .... quick in.. quick out (or if keyless not even the "in" is required!) A ghost will stop them, now *if* the thieves are up for confrontation, they've broken in, trigged the house alarm, left with keys, now they have to come back for the code - whole house/street is awake ... its unlikely they will... Thats my view / plan . ...
  15. Tam

    OBD carlock

    Dealer fit tracker won't stop car being taken, but may allow you to find it once it has been.... Assuming they haven't found it and ripped it out or used a GSM blocker to stop it reporting where it is. If you want your stolen car back that is.... Personally stopping it going in the first place is a better option.