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  1. Are the exhaust tips sooty? .... wltp cars filter stops any soot deposits so you’ll always have clean exhaust tips.
  2. Tam

    WLTP cars

    A positive is that the exhaust pipes don't get sooty so should stay nice and clean.
  3. So we will end up with crooks seeing your car, following it, wait for you to park up then will scan key as you leave your car and before it goes to sleep, then steal it once you've walked away.
  4. The DSG Gearbox in it is standard ........ Let that sink in for a minute .... 😲
  5. Sounds like an accident with a bbq then ......
  6. Cut the tree down, or at least cut the branches that are overhanging your car.....
  7. Not heard of or seen any reports of over-rev, but have had kick-down put it into the last 300-400rpm of the rev range before next gear is needed.... annoying but ready for it to flick it up on the paddles these days.
  8. I was like that too but after 30k of miles using it pretty much daily I trust it at low speeds.. Still think its gonna kill me when we are all doing 70/80 and I can see everything stopping in front and it's still zooming along. Also, as a side note, 120mph is the quickest you can go on ACC,
  9. If it slows slightly / lightly you feel it in the car, but the lights don't come on. Anything harder than that though and the brake lights do come on. Next time you are in traffic in the dark look at the car behind you, you can see their car illuminate in red (their front number plate for example) as your car goes with the flow of the traffic if it bakes hard enough for the lights to activate.
  10. Nope, start car pull leaver back to D, pull again to change to S, knock left to manual, set off, use paddles for changes as and when you want (if you forget it'll change up at red-line and change down when slowing - so always an auto if needed) If you set the driving mode to individual and turn off the stupid engine noise, you'll hear pops and bangs on 3k-4k down shifts once warm too.
  11. I wore my rears out first ... All depends how you drive it...
  12. Hard to tell from pic, is it perhaps the top layer paint lacquer coming off?
  13. Nah. He’s hit the nav button to show the map on radio screen as he’s panned the phone to it. Later in the vid the map is missing from the dashboard it’s gone to the compass as he’d put it back on the radio display.
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