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  1. Just out of curiosity, what is an average time/lap at Brands Hatch with a GOLF R ? As my friend just raced last weekend in the 750 hot hatch, lapping at 54/55 secs with a race car Civic EP3. Thanks James
  2. Hey guys, Nothing too serious actually but thought someone had same 'issue? Passenger window was half open, and passenger closed it....it closed ok, but went down again Than I tried this from my drivers' panel, still it did the same, then it remained closed. Thanks, James
  3. Managed finally thanks and sorry!
  4. As per title...is there a way how to remove 'acc deactivated' from the dash screen? Id rather have the speed showing instead. Thanks!
  5. Hi Belfast, how can i get in touch with you please?


    I have facebook (James Anastasi) or email address: jamesanastasi007@hotmail.com


    Thanks :)



    1. belfast col

      belfast col

      Hi James,


      Mail me at Colin.lee@vwroc.com

  6. So LouCyffer. I can start with a gearbox reset and see from there. As i said, gearbox is smooth in all instances except when being on Auto S (without the use of the paddles) and 3rd to 4th and 4th to 5th when flooring it. Hope its nothing serious as you know i am a tiny bit worried 😉
  7. Thanks...batteries ordered 😎
  8. Hi people, Sorry for all the questions, but im new at this Apparently i need to change the key batteries...how can i do this please as i cannot manage to open it ? a Also, ACC is deactivated, is there any way that i can remove 'ACC deactivated' screen from the dashboard ? Thanks James
  9. Yes ive read this and really interesting! Its a used car but new to me. Basically its just a feeling of a 'heavy/pulling' gear change when in s mode and pedal to the metal. Thanks
  10. Mine is an early 2015 car though, forgot to mention 😉
  11. So, car arrived last Thursday. When i drove it for the first time, quality is what came to my mind. The build feels amazing, giving a sense of confidence. Then i tried to press it and hell yeah what a car! Had to get used to the electronic handbrake. Dsg is impressive. On drive its still fast, on sport more responsive and aggressive. I noticed that when on sport mode and flooring the pedal, some gear changes were 'jerkier/harsher' which can be felt easily. Not slippage though. Is this normal or not please? Other then this question, car drives superb. Really happy i am! Thanks James
  12. Number plate

    Shall i use a number plate plastic holder or just install the plate with some double sided tape? Which looks best? Thanks
  13. Golf R Owner

    Thanks all Do you happen to know of any good VW (Golf R) online shop which will send things to Malta (ideally from UK)? Anything, exterior, interior, performance parts, any other thing... Thanks! James
  14. Golf R Owner

    Thanks guys...cant wait to drive it and see what it is capable of. Never owned a 4x4 turbo and DSG. 'Closest' i had was a Honda Integra DC2 with 220bhp. Here she is waiting to start the trip to Malta 😊
  15. Golf R Owner

    Hi guys Just wanted to say hi and let you know that im an official R owner. Bought it from UK, 2015, lapis blue, 5 door, DSG, 30k miles. Hopefully it arrives to Malta on Thursday 22nd March. Like waiting for Christmas... Funny thing is that ive never been in an R. Cant wait though from what ive read, and read and read! Thanks James