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  1. What Warranty claims have you made?

    New speilberg alloy wheel under warranty at 5000 and one year old Due to a small amount of spider corrosion on one of the spokes, i pointed it out during my first service, replaced no problem i was surprised they didnt say they all do that sir 😀
  2. Big Brake Kit

    Did you need spacers with it ?
  3. Using a 7 exhaust on a 7.5?

    Because it’s a newer model and they can 😂
  4. 2017 model silver white pricing

    Still crap tho . The problem is they deduct the vat you paid ..then put it back on when they resell it lol . True robbers
  5. 2017 model silver white pricing

    I know mate that’s how they work , you didn’t pay 40k tho did you !
  6. Not another f*****g animal!!!!

    I wonder if you can get bull bars for a golf R lol 😂
  7. Not another f*****g animal!!!!

    5 will make you an ace 😁
  8. Not another f*****g animal!!!!

    They say things come in threes.... so you have had your lot ....lol now if you had rang his neck at least you would have got a meal out of him 😂
  9. first service

    That’s good then , I hope they don’t try to wash it
  10. first service

    They offer 5% off by booking online so it’s down to £126 , guess that’s the way I will go then
  11. first service

    Hi my car is due its first service in the next month. I didnt buy a service plan when i first brought it, 2 month old ex directors car. Now is the first service just an oil service? dealer i brought it from is quoting me £164 which is bloody dear for an oil change....now a main dealer thats slightly closer to me has quoted £134 for it cheaper one being parkway leicester .... dearer one arthur prince can the cheaper one be trusted to do a oil change with no balls ups .... im only using a main dealer for the stamp in service book to be honest
  12. Order Placed

    Welcome you will be joining the £450 ved club with that lot lol
  13. What spacers did you use in the end?
  14. Dealers to avoid or recommend

    I sort of know about the chance of higher road tax , but at the time thought it was only the first keeper from new . But now know that it’ goes with the vehicle for five years ..... another good stitch up done by the con party 😡.
  15. Dealers to avoid or recommend

    You got lucky at Arthur prince , I brought from them , 2 month old ex directors car , guy never mentioned it was over 49k build or that first years road tax is in price on new cars , so I’m stuck with £450 road tax while they get a refund of their tax , I’m not going back for servicing so might have to use Leicester Volkswagen,