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  1. and what sort of price is the turn key stage 3 then 😨
  2. just checked mine and i have dynamic light assist 😀 thats why i thought hb assist was standard
  3. Hi im looking at getting some of these thru aliexpress.... but am a bit worried about putting credit card details on a chinese website.... and theres no option to use paypal ... So im just asking if anyone that brought these have had any dodgie card transactions since buying?
  4. I thought they all came with this.... how much did it cost to retrofit mate? Oh and whens the scorpion going on? 😀
  5. My partner had simular issues with a nissan qashqui 2014 car was out of warranty .... these are known for battery faults as well main dealer sold a replacement .. stop/start battery at £50 couldnt find one cheaper anywhere else .... lol... imagine vw selling them that cheap!!!
  6. Rent a camper, and drive up the east coast of australia......... A few years back i spent a month doing the west coast.... didnt like the toll motorways tho lol
  7. did you manage to get your jb4 off before it went in 😁
  8. New speilberg alloy wheel under warranty at 5000 and one year old Due to a small amount of spider corrosion on one of the spokes, i pointed it out during my first service, replaced no problem i was surprised they didnt say they all do that sir 😀
  9. Did you need spacers with it ?
  10. Because it’s a newer model and they can 😂
  11. Still crap tho . The problem is they deduct the vat you paid ..then put it back on when they resell it lol . True robbers
  12. I know mate that’s how they work , you didn’t pay 40k tho did you !
  13. I wonder if you can get bull bars for a golf R lol 😂
  14. They say things come in threes.... so you have had your lot ....lol now if you had rang his neck at least you would have got a meal out of him 😂
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