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  1. Could be haldex pump as you mentioned although I had a similar issue a few weeks back and it turned out to be a software glitch with the haldex control unit which was fixed with a software update, all under warranty. Although I was getting more axel tramping rather than a knocking noise.
  2. Dropped it off at the dealer this morning for investigation, they confirmed the Haldex was not operating as expected and that it was engaging then unexpectedly disengaging under load, they found the root cause to be a glitch with the Haldex Control Unit software. They flashed the unit and installed a later more up to date version of the software and that seems to have done the trick, I've done a few tests in the dry and in the pouring rain with no loss of traction so i'm pretty happy . All done under the VW extended warranty. would have been £129 all in if i'd had to pay myself which to be honest i didn't think was that bad considering what it could have been! Thanks for the info/advice.
  3. Sounds pretty much spot on to me, definitely getting some judder/tramping of the line, for future reference any ideas how often a haldex gauze/filter needs cleaning or servicing? Was only serviced 9-10months ago but I've read VW don't clean the filters so many that's caused it ?
  4. Hi all, Looking for some advice regarding my R (manual, 64 reg) , as its my first encounter with haldex, I also like to apologise if this is in the wrong section or if it's a common re-post. I've not had any issues up until recently apart from a very rare appearance of the TCS light flashing over the odd speed bump or drain cover every now and again which I thought was normal, anyways the other day when I did a launch off a busy junction (acceleration in straight line) I got what appeared to be wheelspin/judder as if the rears weren't hooking up for a good few seconds (this is with the TCS in sport) I thought this was weird but im not one for launching as I know what a stock clutch is like on these so I tend not to do it but it was bugging me, so further along the journey I thought maybe it was cutting power to regain traction and that in the moment I just didn't notice so I turned the TCS off and tried again and the same thing happened. With TCS on I get a traction warning light flicking, that said i only did it once to test so it might not be a valid result but I suspect a haldex pump failure from what I've read online. It's running Pilot Sport 4 tyres with approx 5mm all round and it was a dry day albeit a cold one but I'd been driving for about 30mins so I don't feel it was down to the tyres grip/temperature. I've booked it into a dealer for a check and I've got a VW extended warranty which should cover it hopefully, but yeah I'm just a little concerned! And advice or guidance would be much appreciated.
  5. They look awesome!, do the standard bolts/center caps fit on these? looking to get a set myself come pay day (on 18 cadiz at the mo) ,
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