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  1. I dont know but I didn't plan on buying it with a 'must sell by x date' 😞
  2. I'm part of a group that gets cheaper prices. Not open to the general public I'm afraid. If it makes you feel better, I'm not sure what to do since this thread started so order is currently on hold 😔
  3. Not £9k more than new with the same options even from drive the deal surely. I get it cheaper than drivethedeal. My spec was / is 5 door dsg, lapiz blue. Dynaaudio Dcc Climate windscreen 19 prets Black mirrors £30300 That's about £2500 cheaper than drivethedeal.
  4. Seems a lot of people aren't fussed due to how long they plan on keeping the car. I cant afford to buy a brand new car to sell it in 2yrs. Must be in the wrong job 😂
  5. To be clear, it wasn't specifically saying from 2019, it said from 3rd generation IIRC (whatever that means)
  6. Blower, I've been reading that there is now a special coating on the valves to help with the carbon build up. This is from vwvortex. Have you heard of this? What do you make of it?
  7. Second hand prices seem to make no sense. It's like the 2nd hand prices are based off RRP rather thab the price people pay, i.e carwow, drivethedeal etc. At least for the first couple of years.
  8. Sure I read either in this thread, or another that warranty is now 5yrs and not 3. Is this true? And would this potential issue be covered by warranty?
  9. I'd say I'd wait forthe mk8 but I know it will be like the mk5 and mk6, shapes I never really liked. Miss my old R32 Turbo. Guess time will tell. Maybe a 2nd hand 18 plate will pop up, but unless its got most of what I quoted and £5k less, no point.
  10. Check the link I posted earlier in this thread they've got a very similar spec to that. I cant bring myself to pay more for a second hand 2yr old model than what I can get it new for.
  11. Well I am gutted to say the least. Wanted an R for ages and managed to get a fantastic deal. Brand new 5 door dsg, lapiz blue, 19" prets, dcc, dynaaudio and climate windscreen. £30300. Will be cancelling tomorrow
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