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  1. Hey mate, you can try this. Note that the intervals will get reset back to 365 days/15000 KM from the current date/mileage Enter your car and close the doors Insert your key into the ignition (in the off position) Press and hold the "0.0" button on your dash With the "0.0" button pressed down, turn the switch to on (electrics only) but don't start the engine When the electrics are on then release the "0.0" button Press the "0.0" button again and it should reset the reminder message
  2. As far as I can see it will use whichever photo you have manually set on your contacts, and if you had previously synced contact photos from other apps like facebook or whatsapp etc. then it will use those. I don't think it goes and "searches" for contact photos for your contacts unless you force it to manually. At least I believe this is the case for mine. Maybe it takes some time to sync? It seems like the case for some people here, ie not showing up straight away but randomly it will. Not sure if the Audi software are better than the VWs but that could be the case.
  3. Definitely, the cost is significantly lower which makes it even more attractive and the finish looks to be of quality. Sometimes I wish I'd gone for a darker R so these things aren't as noticeable 😅 Do you recall if the spoiler was somewhat flexible, like if you could push it in more to cover a bit of the edges of the paint? I know carbon fibre can be a bit tough.
  4. That looks great!! How's the fit? I noticed a lot of these spoilers don't get right up to the side edges and show a bit of the car colour on the side. I've got a white R so I think it'll bother me too much 🤔
  5. I can confirm that removing and readding the contacts to favourites worked for me. infotainment system is the old MIB I. They never used to show, but for some reason after upgrading my iPhone to iOS 11 I noticed the calls showed pictures but not in the favourites menu. It drove me nuts for a while! Now it's all happy days.
  6. Managed to snap one of the bars off! But no matter, I don't think that's going back in Received it on Friday and installed it over the weekend. So far so good. Can't say I feel a huge difference although I noticed response is slightly quicker and there's a little bit more of a pronounced spool noise. Have to listen carefully when inside the cabin/music off but I'd imagine the outside noise would be more audible.
  7. Picked up a Ramair filter to replace the stock filter and will remove the grate. Still waiting on it to arrive via post though.
  8. That clears it up - thanks!! Look forward to doing this mod 🙂
  9. Well done mate, thanks! I just ordered a pair of modules. Just a question (excuse my lack of knowledge on electronics) - is the intersection where the purple/green > + and terminal 3 > NO spliced in together or separate?
  10. I look forward to this! I watched zed4me's video but figured it would be different when doing it to the OEM led's so I didn't want to risk it. How do you find the 'clicking' sound when the signals are on, is it very audible from inside the cabin?
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