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  1. Dominic

    JB4 - CANbus

    I think @ellixtt asked that at the start
  2. Dominic

    MOT fail - lambda outside specified limits?

    Yes, if you havent done it before, get someone to check for you i.e the garage. Replacement plugs are inexpensive
  3. Dominic

    JB4 - CANbus

    Un sure on your question regarding Autowatch Ghost but i purchased my JB4 second hand and recieved great support with a custom map 6 from George @ bms
  4. Wouldn't have thought so, i mean, as long as you give it a good run to make it hot and get them to test emissions first then it should be okay. As long as you have 200cel cat it shouldn't be an issue. I can't comment on 100cel as i havent used one
  5. Dominic

    MOT fail - lambda outside specified limits?

    Like what @tuono said, make sure the test is done when hot (oil up to running temps) as this is when the cat is most effective. See their print out for the failed test to see if it states oil temp at time of test...
  6. Dominic

    MOT fail - lambda outside specified limits?

    My argument would be that the resonator doesn't affect the cat, all it does it resonate the noise. If you had engine issues and a decat, then yes they're more likely to send you on your way
  7. Dominic

    MOT fail - lambda outside specified limits?

    No reason that should fail, is it deffinitely catted? Anyone else think the cat may have gone bad? If its first mot did you have 3 years warranty, if so I know it would be out side the 3 years but i would challenge it with vw maybe...
  8. I want stage 2 😎 Just need to book in my sintered clutch and out some money aside for downpipe and mapping !
  9. Dominic

    New Clutch Advice

    How is it to drive, im going to get one soon
  10. Dominic

    New Clutch Advice

    Was it the sintered one you opted for?
  11. Nice one, any noticable sound difference with the sport cat?
  12. Dominic

    Best black VW badges

    How did you wrap the surround white, i did mine in black and it was difficult, need to re do it some time soon. Any pointers to avoid creasing?
  13. What remap did you go for, i have a custom cat back but now considering a downpipe?
  14. Dominic

    New Clutch Advice

    I would love to know how you get on with this mate, report back to thread for me when you have a few hundred miles on it. I have 21k and experience slip no and again, Regards, Dom