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  1. Clutch replacement advice

    I often drive my friends mk2 focus rs, that has a 6 paddle race clutch so I’m quite adapt to the difference and noises they produce, will definitely keep you updated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Clutch replacement advice

    Thanks for that @camelsac2002, this is helpful information and has confirmed my theory that even the organic isn’t strong
  3. Clutch replacement advice

    Yes they’re about an hour and quoted £840 but that was the organic so you might be bang on with the price for sintered mate
  4. So as you’re all probably guessing the dreaded time has come and my clutch has slipped a couple of times🙄 i am am running a JB4 on map 6 so that didn’t help, it slipped twice, the second time I had to confirm I wasn’t seeing things. As as soon as I confirmed it I’ve set myself back onto Map 0 (stock form). I need advice on what clutch to get, if I’m honest it’s a call for help as I can’t make my mind up because the Internet is so divided on opinions! I’m stuck between Sachs organic or sintered; from what I’ve heard the organic is ideal, but after stage 1 it’s on it’s limit. I keep convincing myself the sintered will be future proof as it does hold an impressive torque figure but I can’t decide!😅 And another question for all you mechanically minded people out the who have taken on this job we’re there any difficulties removing the gearbox? Or have you any links to guide me in the right direction. thanks in advance, Dom
  5. JB4 is literally no joke!

    I couldn’t be a pain, I’ve been searching but no luck. Could you point me in the direction of the threads you mentioned? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. JB4 is literally no joke!

    I had one custom made for me by EMP, oh I never knew that, that sucks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Afternoon guys and girls! As you can tell by the title I’ve gone and done it, I took the plunge and brought a JB4 (thanks to @roberth for the quick delivery) It’s seriously no joke, I proudly own a 2016 Lapiz blue manual Golf R and after fitting it (which was actually easy, yes you have to plug a connector at the bottom after removing the tray but that took 5 mins). The next morning I drove to work, after a few miles I hit the dual carriage way and opened her up, she went like the clappers, honestly day and night difference! Since then I’ve moved to map 6 as I’m told it’s a bit easier on the clutch, the output still blows my mind and having my catback system makes it sound amazing when it peaks boost, even the odd pop off the throttle! Now I haven’t played too much with the settings as they do throw me off so I’ve come here for some advice, what’s the best thing/s for me to change in the app, the only mod I have is a cat back, I’ve sent off a couple logs to @george@BMS for some feedback too. Dom👍🏼
  8. Pressure Washer, Which Is Best? K2 or K4

    My R never sees much dirt so I opted for the K2, works fine for me, hasn’t failed yet.
  9. Are we too old to own an R?

    You’re never too old! I took my girlfriend to Brighton this weekend on the trip I saw many R’s most of you put a thumb up now which is great👍🏼 But it was nice to see a few older boys out there enjoying their car! Grow old and do what you enjoy, because I know I certainly won’t let age differentiate me the older I get!😊
  10. New member

    Welcome @Rmick
  11. New Member Glasgow

    Welcome @Markon 👍🏼👍🏼
  12. New user

    Yo yo! Welcome to the Lapiz gang @Gareth Drewery !!
  13. New Member.

    Welcome @Jon-Paul
  14. Hassan’s 7R

    apprently @george@BMS is the guy to know when it comes to Jb4 tuning. I asked a similar question not too long ago as I’m looking to go down your route at some point, you can enable auto clear of cat related fault codes from Jb4 by setting 'Future Use D' = 90. but apparently that stops any other codes from being thrown up unless I’m wrong, regards, Dom
  15. The dreaded rev rise!

    43k! Do you mind me asking what year your R is, mines a 2016, Ive alway though maybe the later MK7’s had a stronger clutch...?