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  1. Mick R....I have just fitted to a mk7.5 and the wiring was easy to sort... The tweeters are all over the show but I'm hoping that is due to programming. The balance front/ back left/right required no changes.
  2. GE90.....could I please rent the helix dongle from you. I cannot message you yet as I'm new. Thanks. Please contact me via [email protected]
  3. No programming has been done yet. Just curious as some suggest it comes with file for golf hatchback. Is this a typical problem prior to programming ? I used the instructions that came with the box.
  4. Hi guys. I'm having tweeter issues following a self installed helix box. The tweeters seem to distort when I get above 40% volume. Could this be down to lack of programming or a wiring issue ?
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