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  1. Nightmare man, sorry to hear! Hopefully VW will see you right in getting it sorted
  2. Yeah definitely. I’ve been thinking too and that has read 300WHP exactly (stated at the bottom). Now I’ve owned a few Evos in the past and in that community, a common fudge factor used is 24-25%, so 300WHP = 400FWHP. I also believe this is backed up by the Dyno Dynamics rolling roads using this as their measure. Not sure what make or ‘factor’ Ricks RR is/uses? That is converting at 17.3%. It would be interesting to get a couple of thousand miles in my tyres and have it RR’d on a dyno dynamics RR - 400hp I bet!
  3. It’s on 28k miles. Mines a DSG, so should be fine apparently, they work very differently to a manual so don’t really get affected by the additional torque. As part of the DSG map I’ve has he’s increased the clamping pressures, so it will handle the increase and get the power straight down. You can feel that aspect of the DSG map the most I think, I don’t really see the altered gear change points that he has set with the different modes yet (have only driven it home really though to be fair), but the car seems to put the power down more instantly when setting off, if that makes sense. Difficult to explain. Not sure about that, mine seems almost constantly when on the overrun 🙈
  4. Stock car apart from turbo intake pipe and a panel filter + the snow grate removed. About a 200 mile round trip, well worth it
  5. How much is this? I may consider it at some point
  6. I had my 64 plate R done today by Rick at Unicorn. She made 363hp/377lbft. I’m running a TT TIP, ram air filter and snow grate removal. It ran slightly less than it should at stock 294/297, and my tyres are only 700 miles old, so he felt they may well be causing it to read a little lower than it actually is, will probably be 370hp/380lbft. Feels awesome on the road though, has transformed it, tiny bit more lag but once it hits full boost about 3k it flys! Nice fairly flat torque curve and much more general area under the graph. It’s now a very quick but useable road car 👍🏻 I also had impulse mode installed, went for full chav mode; maximum duration and aggressiveness, it’s pretty ridiculous tbh but sounds good...missus hates it so I love it 🤘🏽
  7. Cool spot on. I have the TT intake pipe and panel filter + snow grate too, looking forward to seeing what it makes!
  8. Some pictures would be good too if anyone else has had theirs done 😀 hi jacking the thread a little there 🙈
  9. But Royal steering wheels seem to be the boys though!
  10. I fancy getting mine done soon too, it’s a bit gloss now which is doing my head in so going to with perforated leather, alcantara and blue stitch for my Lapiz Blue R 👌🏽👌🏽
  11. Nice! I’m there on Tuesday, can’t wait! Did you have anything else fitted/done at the same time or just a stage 1 on a totally stock car?
  12. Booked in for stage 1 map + DSG and this on Tuesday, cannot wait 😝
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