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  1. I would definitely wait until after Stage 1. IIRC some (not all) tuners improve the throttle response, so you might not need the pedalbox after a tune.
  2. Obviously you need to be in the car when they start it so they can't pull the hoary old "We can't hear anything unusual" routine. That might just "improve" their hearing ....
  3. Why is a faulty sunroof not covered under warranty ? And now it still leaks ! Have a look at grommets etc on firewall, especially if any extra non-standard wiring has been fitted.
  4. Well that's a very good indication that there is something wrong with that particular tyre or wheel, and it needs to be checked out properly in case it is about to suddenly fail.
  5. Being an Aussie I'm more direct (some would say blunt). I say (regardless of whether they have started their scripted patter or not ) "Sales, religion or charity ? The answer is the same - NO THANKS ! " If that doesn't shut then up I say "Have a nice day "and shut the door in their face, and go about my business
  6. I think mine does it every time I start it up in my garage, not sure about outside starts. I would have thought that if it is doing the normal calibration start-up "dance" it should do all of it , including the side to side movement as well as the up and down. Any chance someone has swapped out your fancy LED matrix headlights for the regular headlights (I hope not) ?
  7. Sounds like it might be a patch on the inside of the tyre, rather than the usual plug that goes in the hole. I would still be concerned about how much tyre flexing there is on the outside shoulder of the tyre, and whether that would dislodge the patch.
  8. If I need a straight edge applicator I just cut the round ones in half with scissors. Cheap as chips and I can just throw them away once I've finished the job.
  9. If it isn't changing down a gear then I'd suspect something to do with the AWD system (front power takeoff, haldex, propshaft, rear diff or rear driveshafts). Exactly what, I have no idea, sorry.
  10. I agree with JRock_247, you'd have to be unlucky for it to get caught up on something, but if it did catch on a driveshaft or something it could do some serious (and expensive) damage. If you still can't find it after another quick look, buy/borrow a "snake camera" and do a thorough inspection.
  11. It depends on how much night driving you do on highways without any street lighting. My R wagon has the fancy matrix headlights (ie with the variable shutters) and I find it useful to fully illuminate the roadside verges without dazzling other drivers in front of me. Mind you, where I drive there are lots of kamikaze kangaroos and suicidal wombats, so it is helpful to see them before they leap out in front of you. Around town it is no different to regular headlights.
  12. Or a bulge in the tyre ? As blower suggests, I'd be having a really good look at that tyre (after taking the wheel off the car so you can see all tread & both sidewalls) to make sure it isn't about to suddenly fail.
  13. That's my current work-around solution too, but it would be nice to use the full amount of torque without the dreaded kick-down. Maybe TVS or someone else will eventually find a TCU tune solution (possibly by ignoring the kick-down switch whenever in either M mode ? ) It feels really nice to surf that lovely wave of torque from 2 to 3,000rpm (without kick-down revving the engine).
  14. You aren't contradicting what I said previously. I said if you select M mode via the paddles (ie not touching the gear lever), then the DSG WILL kickdown, whether you like it or not. I would prefer that it was programmed to not kickdown when M mode is selected via the paddles, but it seems that (so far at least) no DSG tuner has been able to provide that functionality.
  15. It might not be an issue for you, but it is definitely an issue for me (and other people as well, including a very well known Oz tuner who has admitted to me that it would be preferable if it didn't kickdown when in "paddle M" mode, eg like Porsche do) Steering wheel paddles are MUCH more convenient for changing gears than taking your hand off the steering wheel, moving the gear lever and putting your hand back on the steering wheel (and that's without firing up the discussion that on a DSG the + and - operate the "wrong" way round). The instrument panel confirms you are in manual mode by displaying the same "Mx", so there is no indication that there are two different manual (M) modes, and they function differently. The documentation from TVS for DQ381 Stage 2+ omits to mention the fact that the 'box will still kickdown in "paddle M" mode, it simply says: "Full Manual M mode (optional) Kick-down deactivation" so it is reasonable to expect that when in either "M" mode the 'box won't kickdown.
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