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  1. I used a car cover on my Octavia for a couple of years. It did create some minor scratching on the paint, but not as much as I feared. It was a bit of a faff putting it on and off, particularly if it was windy, so I wouldn't want to be putting it off and on weekly. I suspect some of the scratches were caused by the movement against the paint when putting it off and on. Like others, I opt for a good sealant/coating and regular bird poop removal. I've found softening with a wet paper towel makes poop removal easier. Clear coat marking can sometimes be improved with gentle heat fr
  2. Based on my experience with VW warranty I think they might try and wriggle out of anything to do with brakes (and clutches), by claiming any failures are due to the way the VW was driven, not a design, materials and/or construction error ...
  3. Hmm, I always thought that 504 was the petrol standard and 507 was the diesel standard, BUT all 504 oils are also 507 compliant (and all 507 oils are also 504 compliant), so they are all actually one and the same oil (and all the ones I've come across were 5W-30 viscosity, but I seem to vaguely recall mention of a 0W-30 variant). And they are suitable for both fixed and long-life (variable) servicing. I have been buying 504/507 oils for over 12 years now, and I have never seen one that was 504 only, nor one that was 507 only. Have things changed since I last researche
  4. Did that annoy him ? All primed up for an easy kill and then you deflated him completely
  5. Or one light might be aimed slightly high, so when on smooth roads the beam cutoff is just below the level of other driver's eyes, but over bumps it is momentarily high. Can you see any movement in the height of the cutoff line when going over bumps ? (you'll need a really dark road to see this)
  6. No problem, it is a bit confusing with all the different setups & options in different markets. I'm not certain, but I had an idea that late Mk7.5 Rs in the US do have GPFs. IIRC they lost port fuel injection a while back (and as a result carbon build up in intakes and on valves is a more common issue than other countries).
  7. Not quite all markets get GPFs after 2019. Because of our crap petrol (too much sulphur) Oz Rs still don't have GPFs (and still have dual fuel injection). We miss out on quite a few of the latest technology due to our poor quality fuel (and our diesel is even worse than our petrol).
  8. 4 miles without any ability to pull off at all sounds a bit odd. If a car/truck breaks down that would create an almighty jam, and if there was a crash and someone needed an ambulance urgently then how could the ambulance get to it ? If it really was 4 miles of single lane with no options whatsoever then whoever gave approval to that configuration needs a serious kick up the arse.
  9. If I couldn't move off to the side I'd speed up, and depending on how close the ambulance followed me I'd keep speeding up until it felt unsafe. It's not my place to try & guess just how urgent the call-out really is. In the unlikely event I got booked for speeding I'd be happy to explain the details of the case (I have an excellent record for non-speeding, so I hope that would help me get off with no penalty).
  10. My car driving career has been totally fine-free, motorcycling was a different story back when I was young and even more foolish ( I suspect a bit like NRW). I've been clean for over 40 years now, but my missus reckons it is only a matter of time before I get pinged (but she's been saying that for many years now in a vain attempt to stop me speeding) . Touch wood I remain unscathed.... I know cruise control has saved me several times since I got the R.
  11. As AHG saya, and IIRC in some jurisdictions the law actually provides for a very large financial penalty (and possibly putting the vehicle off the road) to stop keepers from claiming they don't know who was driving. These measures were introduced after some drivers avoided prosecution by stating they didn't know who was driving.
  12. Would the location and time give you an idea of who might have been driving ?
  13. As the T-Roc is based on the Golf platform it might be worth looking at dead pedals for Golfs. Maybe Aliexpress or ebay sell one cheap enough to be worth taking a punt on ? Otherwise the only way you will know for sure if it fits or not is if someone else has already fitted one to their T-Roc
  14. Luckily I'm only doing short local trips these days (thanks to Covid) but I've decided that from now on I will fill up whenever the fuel gauge gets to 1/2 full. That way if there are any shortages (real, artificial or panic-buying induced) I'm not going to be in danger of running out for a while. The reason ? Oz has very low stocks of fuel an hand in our country (this is the normal situation due to lack of investment in infrastructure and higher profits from imported fuels compared with locally extracted and refined fuels). So most fuels are imported, and very vulnerable to any
  15. You could try some Swissvax seal feed on the main rubber door seals (not the felt ones) to see if softening them helps. For the mirror wind noise you could try putting some painters masking tape around the joins etc to see if smoothing the air flow makes a difference. Another source of wind noise I've read about is a small misalignment of the top external door seal at the back of the front door (ie the back of the front door doesn't align properly with the front of the rear door at the top). Even if it is small (2-3mm) this can apparently cause a fair bit of wind noise at speed.
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