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  1. This is the bit some people seem to have trouble with ....
  2. I use the "need to dry" as an excuse to just have a fun drive for 1/2 hour or so after a wash, and if I "need" to go around a few roundabouts with extra enthusiasm to fling off any lingering droplets of water, well that's a price I am prepared to pay .... Bonus is that my brakes are dry when I get home and I don't have to worry about my pads sticking to discs when parked (I suspect it is rust that bonds then together).
  3. I'm surprised there hasn't been more comment on this: https://www.whichcar.com.au/news/exhaust-noise-cameras-are-being-fitted-to-existing-speed-cameras The British Department of Transport is set to initiate a seven-month trial of ‘noise cameras’ aimed at curbing the decibel levels of vehicles and motorbikes on the road. Essentially a crackdown on modified cars and ‘hoon’ behaviour, the laws are said to be an attempt by the transport department to deal with excessive noise that “makes lives of people in communities across Britain an absolute misery”. Numerous locations have been selected across the country to test out the new camera/microphone coupling; however, no fines will be issued in the seven-month trial. If the outcome of the reported plan is deemed successful, it could be rolled out nationwide. Interestingly, the level at which a vehicle/motorbike is considered to be illegal has not yet been confirmed despite the existence of a working prototype device. To catch offending motorists and their loud exhausts, a microphone is fitted to an existing speed camera. In much the same way a traditional camera works, it then captures the passing vehicle’s registration and relevant images via the camera and automatically issues a notice to the owner. The current legal noise limit for a car in the UK is 74 decibels (that figure is mirrored in Australia for passenger cars). Motorbikes, which have a higher dB limit, aren’t exempt from the proposed plan either.
  4. WHS^ I'm not aware of any methods to make it stay in S mode after switching the engine off. If you have the gear displayed on the dash you will see either Sx or Dx which can be a useful reminder of which gearbox mode you are currently in.
  5. I suspect in the long run most govts will have to move to some kind of usage/mileage based charges (taxes). They will not be able to afford to give electric cars the free/discounted charges/taxes they currently get (in many countries) once they become a significant proportion of the car population. In Australia we have very high taxes on fuels but no corresponding tax on electricity used for vehicles. I don't believe my govt will be able to resist the temptation to gather some revenue from electric cars once they become more common, and it also contradicts the principle of user-pays.
  6. That would have been the front radar sensor for ACC on a Mk7, the Mk7.5 re-located it to behind the VW badge (that's why the Mk7.5 VW badge looks different).
  7. The haldex filter may have been blocked, this is known to burn out pumps (the fluid is supposed to circulate & cool the pump, as well as actuate AWD)
  8. Furrymuff, no-one within hearing range to annoy, so knock yourself out 👍
  9. And you wonder why some of your neighbours won't help you out when you need it ......😒
  10. Is it the power assistance pushing against the lock stops ?
  11. This seems like good advice. I'd get an independent assessment anyway, that will help you decide whether to persist with VW or not. If VW won't come to the party with a substantial goodwill contribution I'd definitely spend my money elsewhere.
  12. I think this is the most important principle, and it applies to both VW dealers & Indies. It all comes down to the ability, knowledge, quality & integrity of the person who actually lays hands on your car.
  13. They can be tricky, especially if they move to a position where they aren't scraping sometimes. I suspect it is more likely to be something else, which is why I suggested you investigate quite soonish. Hopefully the rub marks will be easy to see.
  14. Possibly a small rock/gravel caught in a caliper or backing plate ? These can cause strange scraping or squealing noises. But I'd be investigating by looking for something rubbing somewhere quite soonish, I wouldn't wait until September.
  15. I suggest it is BS by someone, and you need to push them a bit harder. Tell them them to demonstrate the exact same behaviour with an identical car if they truly believe it is normal funcionality ? (spoiler alert, I'll bet they can't)
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