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  1. That's right, wagon(estate, hearse) owners don't have any exhaust valves to be concerned about (well, apart from those 8 in the engine's head, anyway)
  2. If I still had my Doberman "Ruby" and if she had opposable thumbs I suspect that I possibly could have have taught her to use a multitool - she was the smartest (and quickest learning) dog I have ever come across. Sadly she is no longer with us, but I'll never forget her smarts. Too smart for my purposes a lot of the time, she kept on coming up with new (and often unwanted) variations on trained behaviours
  3. Most definitely not skilled in that particular area. But if you want to talk dog agility or multitools then I'm your man ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. Greg from my name Oze person from Australia (phonetic "Aussie") Dobe from doberman (dog breed), the first forum I ever joined was a dog agility site (circa 2003 ? ) and I had to come up with something unique So nothing really amusing or creative, but it has served the purpose for many years.
  5. My Golf R has the LED headlights with the dynamic masking feature. On this car it only functions above 80kmh with no street lighting (and not at all in Eco mode). It's action is very obvious as soon as there is a car in front of you (either going the same direction or approaching you) as it masks out a portion(s) of high beam to prevent dazzling that car (or cars). If it is active but on low beam (because of too low a speed or street lighting) the the headlight dash indicator is white, it goes blue when the dynamic hi beam is on. Sometimes I seem to need to push on the left (indicator) stalk twice to get it, other times that just seems to turn on fixed hi beam. It does seem a rather complex user interface and takes some understanding to get the best out of it. I like the side of the road coverage and whiteness of my LED headlights, but the throw (long distance) isn't as good as the aftermarket HID hi beams on my T5 van.
  6. I believe this is possible via a setting somewhere (but I can't remember the details, sorry)
  7. I thought in the US the fixed service regime (10,000 miles/12 months) specified VW502/505. IIRC it is runnier (0W-40 ? ) and therefore reduces fuel consumption by .01mpg or somesuch (or maybe it is more suited to cold engine starts in very cold weather). Of course my memory for such details has been known to be wrong sometimes In Australia it is always fixed serving using VW504/507.
  8. Also hatch exhausts are different to estates(wagons) as the estate is longer.
  9. I thought it was a "Flexible" servicing regime, not an "Extended" servicing regime ? Depending on how the car is used and driven it can be up to 20,000 miles /2 years, but it can also be much shorter/sooner if the car is driven in heavy traffic and/or has lots of cold starts. So unless you only ever drive long trips on the motorway (where your engine is warm almost all the time and is just cruising along) you are unlikely to see anything like the max distance or time before your "Service Now" message appears. IIRC flexible servicing also requires that you use VW Approved 504/507 (long life) oil, not 502 or 505.
  10. Actually, going by what you said in your earlier post it seems you do prefer (and use) a two-stage process: Step 1 tap the throttle lightly (to start the engine), then when the engine is running, Step 2 set off as it is smoother (presumably pressing the throttle pedal harder to get moving). Some people (eg me) prefer to only press the throttle on a DSG car at the time we really do want to move the car forward, otherwise there is a chance the car will start to move before you want it to. I solved the whole issue by switching the pesky start/stop function off as soon as I've started the engine. I don't drive in heavy stop and go traffic, so auto stop/start isn't much benefit for my driving conditions. But you do whatever works best for you ๐Ÿ‘
  11. I had an idea the spacing between the exhaust tips was different between the Mk7 and the Mk7.5. If that is the case then the answer is no (unless you want to mod the exhaust)
  12. If you give the steering wheel a small wiggle the engine will restart (and no chance of moving forward).
  13. Get a custom tune (remap) minus all pops & bangs ? I assume that seeing as some tuners can add more pops & bangs that they could also remove them all if asked to (and it'll be better for your Cat as well).
  14. Look at Individual mode - you can set the different things to whatever you prefer (try engine sound Race or Sport)
  15. These days the US marketing people only want to sell either a big truck-like Ute (F150 etc), or a pseudo Off-Roader (SUV) so the driver can sit above the rest of the other road users (but there's so many of them on the road now that they no longer get the visibility advantage).
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