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  1. Look at what error codes are recorded to see what is going on. My guess is that collection of error messages suggest a problem with the ABS sensor (either wires disconnected or faulty sensor).
  2. Seeing as it has the same viscosity rating at cold temps as the VW recommended oil (both 5W) it shouldn't put any extra load on the oil pump when cold. Slightly more drag when hot (40W vs 30W).
  3. I used Gyeon rim on my R wheels, but was slightly underwhelmed with the gloss, so I added an extra layer of Nv Lustre - I was happy with that combination.
  4. Personally I'd do it later, that way there is no potential problem with wheel weights, and you can clean off any tyre mounting lubricant the fitters may splash around. Also you can ensure your lug bolts (or nuts) aren't loose or over tight from not enough or too many ugga-duggas on the air impact wrench
  5. If it just etching from bird crap then sometimes gentle heat from a heat gun or hair dryer can improve it. Not furnace hot ...
  6. It is also a good idea to check the cost of insurance before committing yourself to buying a higher performance car,
  7. I quite like my DSG R wagon (the extra cargo room comes in handy often)
  8. If you have to negotiate steepish driveway to road "dips" you might find you scrape more if you lower your wagon. I've had mine scrape (lightly) a few times with std suspension (and no load), and yes, I do try to drive diagonally to reduce the scraping, but sometimes that just isn't possible.
  9. This ^ I've read that the RS6 can be quite expensive to run, and not just fuel costs. It might be worth doing some in depth investigating before committing to buy.
  10. If the surface material is actually lifting/blistering (as distinct from lumps of foreign material on top) then that sounds like some kind of chemical contamination has caused damage. What sort of products have you used on these surfaces ?
  11. In theory we have reasonable protection, (goods must be "fit for purpose"), but in practice the Govt body responsible (ACCC) seems to be rarely interested in individual complaints, so unless you are prepared to take VW to court yourself (very expensive & time consuming) you are mostly SOL.
  12. Is it actually parts of the car rusting ? Or as aldfort suggested, it might be iron particles settling onto your car. Do you park near a railway line, busy road or some kind of industry. You could try a rust converter such as IronX and see if that removes the rust, if it does then it is likely air-borne iron contamination, otherwise look for other causes (eg constant dampness, salt laden sea air etc) .
  13. Just received some Nv Clarity and CarPro Eraser (post polishing panel and/or glass cleaners)
  14. IIRC it was only the fronts on the Mk7/7.5 and I would expect the Mk8 to be the same.
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