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  1. You forgot the most important ingredient ... much labour and elbow grease
  2. Yes. PS4S all round (an unrepairable puncture on the OEM Conti 5Ps was a good excuse to change to a better tyre), fitted to a Mk7.5 R Wolfsburg wagon. The PS4S's have been on the R for a couple of years now and I'm still very happy with them.
  3. That's more like the immaculate Booth machine that we are accustomed to...
  4. I strongly suspect that while doing that might allow you to feel more comfortable, the effect of the slope (ie gravity pulling the car down the slope) is unchanged, regardless of which end you jack up.
  5. Have you investigated other potential causes ? The Haldex controller failing, the rubber "donut" on the rear driveshaft, or the gear inside the transfer case/bevel box slipping on its shaft can also cause a lack of drive to the rear wheels .
  6. It is possible Kumho use a mold releasing agent when making their tyres, which means their tyres may be quite gripless initially (until it wears off). I suggest you drive some more (gently) and see if the grip improves. I was told Michelin no longer use a mold releasing agent on their car tyres, and I have driven "enthusiastically" out of a tyre place immediately after fitting new PS4S's to test this theory out, and grip was good so it seems true.
  7. It depends. If you are covered by warranty then get it done under warranty. If not, there is now a cheaper repair that involves adding a piggy-back sensor to replace the one that gets clogged by silicon. Previously it required replacement of the complete gear change assembly (an expensive exercise). There are plenty of youtube videos around that explain how to install the fix kit. IIRC There are two different kits, so make sure you get the correct one for your car.
  8. Sorry, I don't think you will get a reply from ASRman, as he last logged on here back in December 2019. Last visited December 5, 2019
  9. Tell VW the quote was higher than you expected, and could they please provide a more detailed breakdown of the costs for parts & labour so you can decide whether to proceed or not. The extra info may reveal VW believe something extra is needed than what you are thinking. It will also make it easier to correctly compare quotes from other repairers.
  10. If it was me I would talk to the people/company who sold/applied the ceramic coating on your car, asking them for suggestions on what is good and what products to avoid.
  11. How did you ascertain that your " Haldex etc all good." ? The best way to tell if your haldex and transer case/bevel box are functioning correctly is to take off hard on a low traction surface while someone outside the car observes if both front and back wheels are spinning. If only the front wheels are spinning then you have an AWD problem (and that could cause lots of traction issues/lights etc when driving "semi-normally"). If you have proper AWD functioning but are still getting lots of traction warning lights I'd have to suspect that maybe your tyres are worn/crap, and/or the roads are wet, cold & slippery, and/or you are driving significantly too fast for the conditions. Also I strongly suggest leaving ESP active when driving on public roads (ie don't long press the traction control button). If you have a crash with ESP disabled (and disabling ESP makes it MUCH more likely that you will lose control & crash) then it is quite possible that a crash investigator may check, find out what you did contributed to the crash, and possibly deny insurance coverage and/or cause traffic charges to be laid against you for disabling a car's safety feature. Even experienced race car driving instructors tell their students to leave ESP enabled on race tracks [edit: on most cars, but VW's may overheat brakes on some circuits if car senses a possible "loss of control" situation).]
  12. If you aren't getting anything you like it is quite appropriate that you leave, so 'Bye Bye.
  13. Sounds like the "the All-In warranty" should be called a "Some parts but not others -In warranty". [face palm emoji]
  14. What BS ! I suppose they are trying to claim that a bonnet insulation pad is a "wear & tear item" in an effort to avoid having to replace an item that is clearly not fit for purpose. Typical VW wriggling out of a legitimate warranty claim.
  15. Shiny !!! Very impressive for a 6 year old car 👍👍👍
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