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  1. Sometimes VWs get error codes if the engine is switched on while a sensor is not connected, and you will need to clear the error to make it stop displaying.
  2. Yep, connecting the charger to the +ve terminal on the battery is fine. Note that not all cars have the special -ve terminal on the firewall. AFAIK only Golfs that were made with Auto Stop/Start have the BMS with the special -ve terminal on the firewall. If you have the -ve terminal on the firewall it should be used (not the -ve terminal on the battery) whenever charging the battery in-situ.
  3. Be aware that drone at highway speeds can irritate some drivers, particularly without the anti-drone tube some manufacturers can supply.
  4. It's all about personal preferences, there is no objective/absolute right or wrong on this subject (despite what some people may strongly believe about "their" opinions being the only ones that matter). ETTO and all that. As an example, while you may think your GT3 with straight pipes sounds absolutely fantastic, I'll bet there are more than a few people (and probably some animals) within earshot who hate it with an equal amount of passion for being too loud. I have a strong dislike for most "fake" things (eg fake exhaust tips, fake engine noises, fake cooling inlets etc). I also prefer a quieter car, so I really don't like the fake noises and rattles the soundaktor produces.
  5. No, it definitely is not OK. The "recon" function is designed to run at a special high voltage to de-stratify a lightly used lead acid battery with liquid electrolyte by bubbling the electrolyte. AGM batteries do NOT have liquid electrolyte, so using the recon function may (in fact probably will) damage an AGM battery because they then overheat. If you want a more detailed explanation I suggest you do some more in-depth research and you will see why I say this. Always connect battery chargers to the special -ve terminal on the firewall to allow the Battery Management System (BMS) to keep track of how much charge has gone into and out of your battery, so it can keep the battery charged appropriately, otherwise it will think the battery is undercharged and try to overcharge it.
  6. The 7.5 R wagon exhaust tips are also welded on.
  7. I'm also in the sceptical group. I wouldn't be buying one without some good evidence (from an independent source) that it is actually worthwhile.
  8. You might want to sort out a charger every week or two. Letting a lead acid battery go completely flat is bad for them. In fact yours may be unable to hold a full charge already which is why it is going flat so quickly.
  9. Is it the design with a silkat pouch built in ? ie not removable and therefore not separately removeable/replaceable IIRC there was some discussion somewhere that indicated this was one design of VW coolant bottle.
  10. AFAIK the Akra exhaust was only available as a factory fit option for the Mk7.5 and when some people tried to buy them as a replacement part (using the VIN of a car that had one fitted at the factory) VW figured out the dodge and refused to supply them. From what some people have said there are better exhaust systems available aftermarket for lower cost than the Akra was as an option on a new car..
  11. The first time I tried my R out on wet roads I was deeply impressed. I call it "Just grip-n-go', no mucking about, very surefooted. I'd have real trouble going back to a 2WD car in the future.
  12. AFAIK it would only need one, but don't have any certain info (ditto on replacement interval).
  13. No problem, happy to help 👍 If anyone else has been looking for the part #: Mfg Part # 4E0121176 or 4E0 121 176
  14. IIRC There is also a plastic tube/cartridge available which functions like the silkat bag (ie extends the life of the coolant). But I think it needs to be replaced at certain intervals. https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-volkswagen-audi-parts/silicate-cartridge-for-expansion-tank/4e0121176/
  15. Thanks. These didn't show up for me because I was searching for PS4S 225/40 R18 (the size I want for my Octy). Hopefully Michelin will wake up and start selling PS4S in that size in Oz soon.
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