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  1. It could be axle tramp (wheel hop) where a tyre loses grip, spins, and then regains grip, causing the engine & gearbox to move so much that it hits against something in the engine bay. It can happens when there is uneven grip from side to side, and also if not in an absolute straight line. This is very common with GTis, and some tuned Rs. There are a number of stiffer engine and gearbox mounts designed to reduce the movement sold by after-market suppliers. Be aware that some increase NVH considerably.
  2. Same for me. I have a vague idea that the Mk7 didn't, and a TCU tune was needed to enable the display (but I might be mis-remembering)
  3. It's only money. If you can afford it then it isn't a problem. At those low miles covered per year I (like several others) would also cast my net a bit wider, and possibly consider s'hand "special" cars as well if you are looking for fun driving.
  4. Sounds like leaving is definitely the right thing to do. It might be worth seeing a lawyer who is expert on working conditions, you may be entitled to more than you think eg payment in lieu of notice, long-service leave etc.
  5. Drivers who don't slow down in thick fog don't annoy me, they scare the cr*p out of me. I know they can't stop within the distance they can actually see, so I'm constantly worried about being hit from behind. We don't get a lot of fog where I regularly drive, so some drivers ( a minority, thank goodness) obviously don't get enough regular scares to re-educate themselves about appropriate speeds when there is poor visibility. I have lots of other pet peeves, but have listed them in another thread ages ago. "Other drivers doing dangerous or inconsiderate things" pretty well covers it.
  6. Also you can't trust the build date that VW quotes for backlog WLTP Cars. IIRC VW decided to give the same build date to all the backlog WLTP cars, regardless of when they were actually made. So build date is no help in knowing what inclusions were on the car when it was made.
  7. 4 days to replace the gear lever !! ??? Are they being paid by the day and have no other work ? More likely they are holding your car while they wait for the parts to arrive from VW.
  8. If you want to stay with a yellow I think something with a bit less orange might complement the purple better, possibly a buttercup yellow or similar. Maybe you could temporarily change it with water soluble paints and experiment until you found what you liked the most.
  9. I'm liking the look of that purple very much 👍 Have you considered re-painting your calipers the same purple, or would that be too much for you ?
  10. I can't think of any "mainstream production cars" that would edge it out. That rear glass house is epically hideous, and appears to have been designed by someone after they made the pressings for the rest of the bodywork. 🚾
  11. I'm hoping you mean she drives the car daily, not that she uses LC daily !!!! I found it a bit brutal, so probably used it less than 10 times, and not for a while now.
  12. The brakes are most likely NOT made by VW, they will be made by an outside manufacturer and purchased by VW, like many, many OEM "VW" components. So unless supplied by VW there is no connection to and therefore no potential responsibility or legal liability by VW for any problems. Is it possible the noise was the movement in the front hubs that other people have reported that VW have fixed under warranty ? IIRC That was a clicking noise caused by the wheel bearing moving slightly in the hub, and the fix was to put some kind of adhesive on the mounting surface to stop the slight movement.
  13. Why would you ask VW to give warranty coverage on something they didn't supply ? Just seems wrong to even consider it to me
  14. I guess the VAG management had to give all those creatives something to do now they have finished with the new "VW" logo. I remain steadfastly unconvinced, but hey, ETTO.
  15. The styling didn't worry me, but maybe I had become severely desensitised by seeing some pictures of the Civic Type R ? 😲😂😅
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