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  1. I assume you have checked that it isn't the stability control (ESC) cutting power as it is worried about you losing control & skidding. Does it only happen when turning a bit sharpish (like 90+ degrees from rest) ?
  2. Just don't get your hopes up too much, it seems to be quite difficult to make a turbocharged 2L Golf engine sound "good" (loud and obnoxious is easy, "good" is much harder).
  3. Battery or ABS issue most likely cause. If ABS then communication with an ABS sensor seems to be a common fault, maybe look at the connections to the speed sensor (front wheel arch). Please let us know what was the actual cause once you resolve the problem, it helps with the corporate knowledge.
  4. What was actually wrong with your original engine ?
  5. TVS Stage 2+ TCU tune for the DQ381 (Mk7.5 DSG) works very well on my friend's R.
  6. I usually suggest to go for a local tuner that has done lots of VAG cars and has a good reputation. Are you aware that extreme pops&bangs tunes can damage your exhaust system ? As well as annoy the crap out of almost everyone in earshot and also attract attention you don't want (Police, MOT/EPA and/or self-selected vigilantes).
  7. Usually the first thing to do is check for any error codes, then look at what they point to.
  8. Any chance it is odd wear on rear tyres (eg sawtoothing) ? Are the rear wheel bearings OK ?
  9. That points more towards drive train to me, eg gearbox, driveshafts (especially the rubber donut on the driveshaft to the rear diff). If it was the flywheel than I'd expect it to do that when in neutral as well (unless it is something that happens on overun load only ie engine related deceleration).
  10. Does anyone live/work close to BCS and can physically check on them ?
  11. Another vote here for a medium silver (not bright) or shadow chrome.
  12. Try pressing on the accelerator while stationary in neutral to 2800-3000rpm , that will tell you whether the problem is truly engine only. If it doesn't vibrate the try again with the car moving to see if it is more drive train related. If you have access to another set of std wheels (that won't require wheel spigots) that could eliminate wheels/tyres as the source of the vibration.
  13. Given that all the misfires are on cyl 4 I would try swapping the spark plug & coil pack with another cyl to see if the misfire moves to the other cyl. It is a cheap diagnostic action.
  14. Hmmm, you would think it has to be something to do with the engine or gearbox input side. Only happening on the over-run seems like a good clue, but I have no idea what it might be, sorry. Does it happen if you select neutral as you back off ? Are there any error codes recorded ? Is there a pops-n-bangs tune gone wrong on the ECU ?
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