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  1. How many miles has your car done now mine is about 4400 and have you shown the dealer the video of the noise. Hopefully you will get it sorted or it will go on its own but it's just so annoying. Thanks Mark 🍻👍
  2. Mine doesn't seem as loud now here is new video this morning. Thanks Mark 👍https://youtu.be/zuWUfsVoUtY
  3. Will check to be 100% in the morning when car is cold. Wife got the car at the moment and I can't drive just had back operation last week 😥👍
  4. Mine doesn't seem as loud now 👍
  5. Anyone got a jb4 on a new wltp car if so what's it like and any issues. Thanks Mark 👍
  6. My 19 plate shows m1 m2 m3 m4 m5 m6 m7 when in manual mode 😁👍
  7. I have had a similar issue might be the same. Any time I pull off quite quickly only does it in manual mode in race or individual when you go into second it makes a bang like noise. If you drive away normal through the gears for a few meters then do it again it won't do it and yes the car is warm. 👍
  8. Don't sound too bad. Wait till it reaches 99 100c then put it in race and rev it to about 3k or over then let off Pops and sometimes a bang when driving 😁👍
  9. I have stop start turned off does not make any difference still a whining pig until 50c is reached 🙄👍
  10. Can't recall it doing it on my 7 R 👍
  11. Seems quite a good deal maybe useful for someone 😁👍 https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/4-x-michelin-pilot-sport-4-22540-r18-y-92-cheapest-ever-32194-black-circles-3219987
  12. Ok must be the wltp filter working as long as it's just not mine. Thanks for the reply Mate. Cheers Mark 👍
  13. New wltp Golf R has whining noise when I start it up and doesn't seem to go away till temperature reaches 50 is it alternator or the new filter. Thanks Mark https://youtu.be/9gx1p9B5KDE
  14. Hi can you change the ambient lighting on the doors on the new wltp r already changed the dashboard colours to 30 to choose from. Thanks Mark 👍
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