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  1. Yes same here don't even get a sound through the car looked at all the settings 🤔👍
  2. Have you tried a launch in it recently then see if it goes 👍
  3. I had the 7 before as well first time out in the dark last night and the lights are amazing build quality seems a lot better compared to the 7 😁👍
  4. Love the 3 spot lights on the front 😂😂👍
  5. She's here with all the extra goodies on for free bonus. The smell of new car just needs a clean now . The guy wanted to take it to the car wash. I said no your ok thanks 😁👍🍺
  6. Cheers Mate much appreciated 👍
  7. 9 o'clock tomorrow morning mine is arriving 😁👍🤞
  8. Cheers Mate much appreciated 😁👍🍺
  9. Thanks but is getting wired into a box to turn off if battery gets low 👍
  10. Hi when new R comes tomorrow I will be hard wiring a dashcam and will need some fuse taps what size fuse taps will I need is it the mini blade or other. Thanks Mark 👍
  11. Car now insured ready for Wednesday delivery 👍😁🤞
  12. Yes sorry pedal box lol had one on my 7r 👍😂
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