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  1. Arrived Today

    Love the colour, bet it's a lot more nimble that the 5 series which seem huge these days, even the 3 series feels bulky compared to the golf.
  2. Another day another R owner

    Good looking car, any pics on the interior as I'm keen to know how well the leather holds up to wear and tear.
  3. swap implications

    Interesting to hear about the 19" without DCC, as I'm looking for and estate with leather seats the few that have them also have the 19" prets, seen various mentions of these being harsh without DCC but doesn't really sound like a problem.
  4. Hi, Currently watching out for an R Estate within budget (24K) and unsure whether to hold on for the most optioned-up car, or accept what's on the market at the moment. I like the idea of the pan-roof as have had this on an estate in the past, leather has been a feature on most of my cars but appears to be quite a rare option on the R Estates. Was cost the likely only concern which stopped new buyers adding leather, or is it not as luxurious as merc/bmw leather ? Any thoughts ? Thanks, Tom
  5. Selling Stuff Online Is The WORST

    I have an image of the two Ronnies for some reason 😂
  6. Hello everyone, Having run a Mk5 GTi for a couple of years and had it modified it to "stage 1" I'm keen to try the R, which needs to be an estate as it'll be the only car to share with my wife, so it needs to do shopping trips and get the dogs to the vet. Now that the estates are finally filtering onto the second hand market it's daily trawls of autotrader/ebay with alerts to find something suitable, really just want leather and metallic paint. Maybe there's someone in the club wanting a change, so fingers crossed. Cheers, Tom