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  1. I never use any kind of wheel cleaner. I just use normal car shampoo, this should be all you need if you clean the car weekly. Any wheel cleaner is harsher than a normal shampoo. I used to use them and I could see what it was doing to the wheels and the brake discs. I wax the wheels once a year a least just so they have a little something. They have a hard life with all the brake dust and heat. Will that polish out? Then wax and rethink using wheel cleaner every wash.
  2. Hope you find a good one!
  3. That car looks like a non GTI/R hatch though as it doesn't have the OE spoiler on it already. Make sure you get the correct spoiler for the R/GTI or it won't fit.
  4. I quite like the brushed caps on darker colours but the black look also looks good.
  5. Manual adjustment works fine. No issues at all.
  6. They look alright, the bolsters look the same, it's only the integral head rest which differ. Shame there not like Recaro wing back's.
  7. They are perfect, you could maybe fit 5mm at the rear if you're really after that kind of stance but I've left them.
  8. I must be the only one who likes to enjoy the performance of the car from time to time....
  9. I'm running 19x8.5 et42 and they fit perfectly with 235/35/19 rubber.
  10. My car has been feeling a little front wheel drive now it's at 37k miles. So had a go using this thread, I jacked one side and then the other as I only had two stands. Took a little while longer but all good. I wasn't keen on being under the car so long as all I could think about was my head popping like a grape if something went wrong... but, it didn't. Car feels much better now. Random question, can you overfill the haldex? Would it cause issues, I put in just over 700ml but I was lazy and filled when it was lifted on the passenger side so I didn't drop it to let excess run out.
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