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  1. BobbyT

    VAG specialist in Wiltshire

    Which VW did you use? Mine needs its first service soon, no idea who to use. May give Bath VW a try if you think the local ones are poor?
  2. BobbyT

    Estate R rear spoiler - options?

    Feel free to send SRS-Tec an email about it. The more that ask... maybe they'll come up with something. There needs to be another choice really
  3. BobbyT

    MK4 R32 v MK5

    Seats in the older car are much more special, I really feel the Mk7 R got short changed with the GTI seats
  4. BobbyT

    Estate R rear spoiler - options?

    Nope, I emailed SRS-Tec about making one but they said their isn't the demand Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
  5. BobbyT

    De-ice, de-frost, de-snow

    I'm only messing
  6. BobbyT

    Rusty discs

    My wife's Corsa E has painted hubs, why on earth VW couldn't of done the same is beyond me.
  7. BobbyT

    De-ice, de-frost, de-snow

    I back it out of the garage
  8. With the Carbon on the airbag.... what happens if the bag goes off? Won't the carbon break up and get pressed into your face?? 😬
  9. BobbyT

    Jared’s DBP

    Nice work
  10. BobbyT

    GTi TCR.

    If so... i need to save for some skirts
  11. BobbyT

    GTi TCR.

    I like it all, looks great. Seats are class as well as the side skirts! Shame they don't make a 5 door or would be getting a set of those
  12. BobbyT

    Selling my Golf buyer wants to pay cash

    Do the transaction at your bank branch. Let them pay the money straight into your account and fill the paperwork in there and then. If he won't meet you at your bank.... smell a rat Why can't he get a cashiers cheque? I sold my old A6 for 13k, met the buyer in the bank once he wanted the car, he paid the cheque straight in... checked with the teller it was all good. Gave him the keys and filled out the paperwork. Walked him to the car
  13. BobbyT

    No Golf R on VW Website

    Europe don't get active info as standard, it's an option
  14. BobbyT

    Flip key metal blade snapped

    I guess you could now sell the car as having keyless? 🙃
  15. BobbyT

    Petrol Cap Cover comes off!!

    I wash out cars weekly. Have done since 17 😬