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  1. I raised my B14's at the front to 10 threads showing under the collar from 7. Randomly it's improved the damping no end.
  2. Looking good, how many threads do you have showing from the bottom of the front coils?
  3. Welcome, sounds like a nice car you've bought.
  4. He's a decent guy who tries to sell good cars, good for him. He stands by his name so if he sells a bad one he tries to sort it. Shame he seems to have bought bad examples.
  5. Just had a watch, lets be honest he's just been unlucky. He got a bit of a lemon to start with and we all know the manual clutch is chocolate. The DSG issue was a bad tech. I've had mine two years and it's been perfect so far except for a sticking fuel cap which VW sorted. I'll be making sure I get the DSG service before 40k though as I took the 5 year warranty when I bought mine. Crafty gits..... As for paint, my Oryx paint is look spot even after two years of hard driving, think I have about 3 chips..... which I'm happy with. Paint seems very hard. I had a Arden Blue VXR which I owned from new and after two years I had to have the front bumper resprayed as the paint chipped like crazy. It was perfect after the respray for another two years. I think paint colour seems to make a difference, I guess the make up of each shade must differ.... any way I'm getting off topic
  6. Where did you get it from?
  7. A 1.4t will soon have a full 'R Conversion'
  8. the 310 with res delete does add some nice pops and bangs when pressing on.
  9. R222 is good if you want a nice wet look. Very easy to use too
  10. Random one, what sort of mm drop do you think I have over standard? Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
  11. I really like the look of this, the arches look great on the standard car. The RS version should like epic https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/audi/a3/352083/new-2020-audi-a3-saloon-arrives-take-bmw-2-series-gran-coupe-pictures
  12. It's grown on me a little, I like the spoiler but the front and rear lights leave me cold still. Rear looks like a Tiguan. The blue calipers look better and I bet the seats are an improvement too. I guess it may look better in the flesh
  13. new unit I would of thought, once cracked they are fubar
  14. Is that a whole new unit? Where did you get it from?
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