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  1. Just let them sort it all out, it's all being paid for? It does sound like you have a bunch of clowns working on it but if it's covered... try not to worry. Just make sure they do a good job in the end.
  2. BobbyT


    I don't like how Teslas look, I feel they look really dated and thats the new ones. They need a good facelift or re-design IMHO.
  3. They rode really well comfort wise, i just didn't think they were sporty enough if that makes sense. Great for road use. I went for B14 on the golf as i wanted firmer damping. The A6 had a heavy backend which made the rear feel a little soft but it wasn't a sporty car. As the Golf isn't that heavy at the rear they'll probably be fine. The trouble is most coilovers are designed to fit all models in the range. I don't think they do any fine tuning for the estates. Sent from my S20 5G using Tapatalk
  4. I ran ST's on an A6 Avant many moons ago. They are good coil-overs, they go low and give good comfort levels. Just keep the bodies covered in light film of anti corrosive and they'll be fine.
  5. Well as the threads a little slow at the mo, I did this last week... Fitted some door stripes. I may lose the door handles at some point and go back to white but I don't mind them at the mo.
  6. Very nice. [emoji2] Sent from my S20 5G using Tapatalk
  7. Good luck with the new car, what are you going for if you don't mind me asking?
  8. I ran these for a while but ended up going for coil-overs... I wish I'd just gone straight for the coil-overs. The springs give a good level of drop but I never thought much of the dampers. You'd be better off getting the springs and fitting B8 shock IMHO.
  9. Looks like Lapis.... what colour is your car?
  10. I have two spots I like in that car park haha. That's one of them
  11. I've just taken this out, not a bad deal really.
  12. I've had a few sets of Goodyears now, really rate them.
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