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  1. Coming on really well now
  2. I'd have them haha. Don't really mind that pattern 🤣
  3. He's realised he can make a huge profit on 'selling' cars this way..... If people want to spend their money then fair enough.
  4. I've run 20's in the past (A6) . When I sold the car and put the OE wheels back on I realised just how much the 20's had ruined the ride/handling. When they were on I thought it was alright. On a Golf I suspect you'd have to run a 30 profile to prevent rubbing... they are like rubber bands. If you really want 20"s then go for it, they can look great as long as you get the ride height bang on. Depends how you use the car I guess.
  5. At least it will get sorted Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
  6. Yes... I'm selling one too. Just need to sort an add out
  7. gutted, where did that happen? Are you going to claim through insurance?
  8. Read about this in the Sun today.... yes I know, it's very high brow
  9. Yes it will fit, or you could get your R seats re done?
  10. R estate is a rare beast haha
  11. I've been waiting for a NIP for two weeks.... think I got lucky 🤯
  12. When i washed my car the doors, roof and tailgate fell off and dissolved. Took it in and the VW tech just said 'cost cutting' I was fuming
  13. you'll poop all over the 370z.
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