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  1. Very nice. They do look great.
  2. I also left LV after two years, saved about £150 with Admiral.
  3. Let's be honest they are very different cars to compare. The MQB chassis will be far more advanced than the Audi as well as all the tech. The Audi will be more raw to drive and will be great fun but I doubt you could trash the RS4 like you could a modern R due to age. Older cars need to be looked after and can turn into money pits. I used to have a Mk1 Golf GTI but I'd never have another old car unless I bought it completely rebuilt. You can end up sinking a lot of cash into a classic. The Golf R estate is a great all round car and once tuned will show most cars a clean pair of heels. Add in all the modern tech and it's unbeatable in its price bracket. It might be worth looking at the Cupra ST 4 Drive, the later ones are basically an R estate in a mini skirt. They are even better value for money. The B5 is an epic car no doubt but times have moved on and unless you really just want a classic you could be taking on a large project.
  4. The Insignia GSI is a good looking car with nice seats, but it was underpowered. I've always had a soft spot for Vauxhalls though, owned a few in my time. Shame they cut ties with GM, I'm not keen on the new cars coming out so not sure I would ever buy one again. Vauxhalls and Peugeot will be the same cars in indifferent frocks from now on though.
  5. Looks good but 55k??? Not even that quick. Reminds me of the Insignia GSI tourer, style over substance.
  6. BobbyT

    Hyundai i20N

    Yeah I don't mind this either, apparently the engine isn't quite as sweet as it could be. I'm not keen on all the red bits but they could be blacked out.
  7. I bought a touch up stick for mine, it does the job. Just take your time, it may show a little but will blend in better and protect it.
  8. I've only had issues with one set of wheels over the years on a VW CC, I just couldn't get any spigots to fit correctly and I tired metal and plastic. They used to fit OK when first put into the wheels but when hot they would become loose. Drove me insane and ended up selling the wheels. I run aftermarket wheels at the mo and have plastic rings but these clip in as you say. Might be worth measuring the the holes and seeing what others are available. Can you go back to where you bought them and ask for a different set of spigots? Some are definitely better than others.
  9. ahhh I see, I read some blurb a while ago which I thought mentioned different skirts on the PP. I'd still get it though
  10. The better looking side skirts and spoiler are worth it alone. If I was to change it would be the first option on the list, then maybe the up-rated sound.
  11. Do the spigots fit OK? Nothing wrong with plastic ones normally. Are the wheels correctly balanced? Did you get new bolts supplied? Some wheels use different bolt seats which, if you use the wrong ones will cause wobble.
  12. Spanked it's bottom on the way to work... only good thing about early starts
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