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  1. I use a hose pipe 😬. Although I do own a Nilfisk, I'm too lazy to get it out....
  2. The new one looks great and I bet with the new haldex it will be a real weapon.
  3. Racingline springs offer a nice look, I had these before I changed to coilovers.
  4. Now that is a good looking car, the styling is spot on. I really like the the new A3 but this is a step above. Can't wait to see a Carwow review of it.
  5. Cheers guys, she loves it. Not sure I'm going to enjoy keeping it clean, seems like a colour which will take a lot of TLC to look spot on.
  6. Look for spoiler for the 'non GTI/R' rear hatch. They are very similar in shape but you may have to trim the mounting points.
  7. Cars looking good buddy, are you coming to the caffeine and machine estate meet next month?
  8. Decided it was time to change the wife's car, picked up a new Ibiza FR Sport. I have to say I'm impressed with how it drives and the levels of kit for the money. Nice upgrade from her 1.4t Corsa E. The colour is mystery blue but I would put money on it being the same a lapis. The 1.0t engine is much much better than I thought it would be.
  9. Hi, the wheels are good, a few chips due to the offset I guess but I just touch them up. On the second set of tyres and still running true. Seem to be a good brand really.
  10. Plus I've bought the Mrs a new whip which we collect on Saturday, my 7.5 will have to last a few more years. Which is fine as I still love it as much as when I first bought it, its been faultless so far...... touch wood. 🙃
  11. Yeah it'll be too expensive for my taste as I'd want options. I couldn't bring myself to pay over 40k for a Golf but I guess that's where car prices are going. I'm looking to invest my money in a new VW Camper in a few years and that will set me back near on 50k but at least I can live in that on holidays :D.
  12. It looks good, the rear end looks better in those shots for sure. Love the chunky sideskirts.
  13. Up to you, I can't see anything and the wheels will get chips/damage over time even without curbing them.
  14. You'd probably be better investing in a good set of coilovers which are designed for the R. The RS3 would have different axel weights which may ruin the ride if the car it lighter. Sent from my S20 5G using Tapatalk
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