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  1. Coming up to five years with the old girl. I thought I'd treat her to some new brakes. They would of lasted another year I'm sure. I've gone for EBC discs and pads.
  2. Had mine since new..... will be selling later this year to fund a T6.1 camper but all cars are different. One owner could be the garage which sold it. My wifes Seat Ibiza was pre-registered by the dealer to meet targets, she's the second keeper but the car only had 25 miles on the clock when you bought it so she was the first owner really. I bought a one owner Audi once and it was far from perfect..... you pay your money, you takes your chances. White does hide a multitude of sins, you can't really see swirl marks unless they are really really bad. It does show tar so after the winter you have to give it a really good going over to look good.
  3. I get between 25 and 35mpg on my daily commute depending on weather and how clear the road has been On a motorway run I see 35 to 40mpg but that's with the 7 speed DSG non OPF tuned car. Quick question, when the car is at idle, can you remove the oil cap? Is it easy to do so? How does the car run once off? I have seen that a faulty PCV can cause poor fuel consumption. How's the cars performance?
  4. How do you find them? Do they look good fitted? How are the pads?
  5. wow nice, I had a Mk3 VR6 many moons ago in 'Hot Chilly Red Pearl'. Great car, sounded amazing over 5k revs. It did feel a little slow really so with the extra poke of the 36 engine it could suit it well! Are you going to trubo it? Now that would be a flying machine. Good luck with it all!
  6. What had you gone for this time around?
  7. I feel you, the standard car is still faster than 95% of cars you'll meet on the day to day run. It's epic. Stage 1 does make it better for sure but you're right, you don't get to use the power that much It does lead to most overtakes being ones where you're in hot watter if the old bill see you, it gets to three figures far too quickly.
  8. I haven't launched mine in the near 5 years I've onwend it. I have seen enugh youtube vids to see what it's like. Looks far too brutal for me. The worst I do is plant my foot to the floor.
  9. Happy Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a fab time. Ho ho ho!
  10. I would have thought it's a coding change within VCDS. Have a hunt online, if so, you would just need to alter some parameters in VCDS to fully change the clocks.
  11. @R32sy I think these are the same ones...... https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/821010191/vw-mk7-75-illuminated-extended-steering If not then they look very similar.
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