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  1. You're better off with just springs and OE shocks over budget coilovers for sure imho
  2. I'm sure they will look fine but for that money they'll ride like crap. I'd save up a little more and go for ST if you're on a budget. They are basically KW but with a non stainless body. Buy cheap, buy twice is definitely true with suspension as I've found out in the past Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
  3. Good luck with it all
  4. That's good news, how are you finding the B14's? I'm either going for these or fitting B8 shocks with my racing line springs
  5. Might be worth getting hold of one and making sure it's all torqued at the correct spec?
  6. Are you sure the top mounts are in correctly? Did you use a torque wrench?
  7. I still can't fall in love with that front end Seats look great though
  8. do you have a 7 or 7.5? The 7 has HID and the 7.5 LED.
  9. What sort of results would you expect from a 7.5 DSG stage one map? If I just went for stage one I'm guessing the DSG will be fine? You say you can get different maps, could you get a normal stage1 and then a crackle map on one unit?
  10. Looking good, are those military quarters?
  11. Looks great, can't beat the Wagon as an all round epic family car.
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