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  1. Well an extra 20bhp over the 7.5 is good, I wonder how well the lump will tune? The trick diff at the back could really make it a better performance car if it works well.... or loads will crash trying to drift into maccy D's.....
  2. Mine lasted six months.... but my car did sit for three months after I collected it and went flat. Was shot after that lol I've had a Halfords AGM since then. Didn't want to try the warranty as I thought it was a bit cheeky as I'd left the car for so long, plus I didn't think much of the OE one after that.
  3. Don't know but looking at the DSG and steering wheel it's done high mileage or not looked after imho. But who knows, buying a stage 3 car will always be hard. You don't spend that cash to drive it like a grandma do you? You pays your money, you takes your chance. If it was my hard earned I'd go for a standard car and go stage 1/2...... good luck whatever you do. It could be perfect.....
  4. Can't help with Bristol but the main VW dealer in Bath is spot on. Sent from my S20 5G using Tapatalk
  5. God too many times to list .. and I always ended up drinking again. If i have a very heavy one which makes me ill I've been known to stop drinking for a while. I stopped for eight months after one time [emoji15] I'm still not a fan of sambuca shots after my 21st.... I'm nearly 40 now [emoji28] Sent from my S20 5G using Tapatalk
  6. I'm not sure how the new Bilstein range compares to the B14/16 which they will still be selling. I have the B14 and for fast road they are perfect. If you're going to track then the B16 might be worth the extra cash.
  7. I'll keep the MK7 for a few more years at least, then look at the T7 Combi and get it converted to a camper for family duties. I may chop the estate and get a newer A3 Saloon but I doubt it would be an S3 version but you never know.
  8. No I won't, just doesn't do it for me. I'm looking at getting a T7 when they come out, I might just run the Estate into the ground as even after two and half years I still love it. If they change the front end at some point I may take a look but I have to like how a car looks to buy it. The Mk8 is a ten pinter for sure, but I can't drink that every time I want to go for a spin 🤣 I much prefer the new A3 so that might be an option if I do change the Wagon when the Bus arrives in a few years.
  9. First single: Mr f***ing Blobby........ 😬 First Album: The Prodigy -Experience
  10. Your car looked good [emoji106] I was going to say hi but you were taking to a couple and I didn't want to interrupt. Sent from my S20 5G using Tapatalk
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