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  1. I wonder if the front end will get a change, always been the part I didn't like. The rest of the current car looks spot on. I guess the interior quality might go up too. Quite interested in seeing the end results of the 8.5.
  2. That sounds a good spec, you can raise the suspension height if it's too low. Only takes about ten mins a side once off the ground. Stage 2 will fly, just find out who mapped the car. Good luck
  3. No there are differences, you'd be better getting a cupra or S3 engine.
  4. That sounds terrible, and the police didn't take any interest? Where did this happen?
  5. Trip completed. Covered 1600 miles and the car was faultless. Even swolled a load of beer and wine. The cars incredible. Looked good fully loaded and still drove well. Had a turn of pace too lol 😆
  6. A few shots so far. Currently in Souillac, covered around 900 miles so far and thankfully the old barge has been perfect. Saw a fellow brit white R wagon whilst walking today....small world. Next week is Saumur.
  7. So the cars all ready for the South of France, been waiting for this for a long old time. Gave her a clean mid week, wash, wax (Fusso99) and a quick hoover inside.
  8. Well done a few miles due to work and it seems fine. Pulley running smoothly, no noise. Funny how it happens a week before I take her to the South of France. All cleaned up now though, I'll just have to keep an eye on it. Cars are random.
  9. Hey all, I was checking the car today and the alternator pulleys dust cap seems to have come off. It's sprayed the grease all over the washer bottle. I've read this can happen and it's not a big issue... has anyone had the same thing happen to theirs? Will it be ok, it sounds normal or should I look to getting a new cap? What type of grease should be in there?
  10. Why wouldn't the insurance pay out if you damaged the front bumper?
  11. The Cupra estate isn't as pretty as the old one, I think the Golf wins this time around for me.
  12. I nearly bought a Superb Sportline estate with that engine when looking to buy. It was very close between the Seat Cupra ST, Golf and Superb. The interior quality of the the Superb really surprised me as it was soft touch plastic throughout and reminded me of the Audi A6 C6 Avant I owned a few years back. At the time they didn't have LED lights and digi dash which put me off a little., Plus they are a very large car which I decided I didn't need. If the Cupra R estate had been out I very may well of ended up with one of those as they came with digi dash and some bespoke parts but hey.... I went for the golf lol Welcome, the Superb really is a great all around large family car. The 280 is a Q car. Are you going to tune it?
  13. BobbyT


    Very nice, they seem to be very fast if a little heavy. That's a nice colour choice.
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