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  1. If it's a nice sunny day I would think the TCR would be a superb car, it would have the edge over the R much like a Cupra will due to the lower weight. As soon as the weather is normal UK rain the R is a machine. I've never had a car that just shrugs off the wet weather so well traction wise. If you take the car on the track the TCW would be better than the R too, again much like the Cupra is.
  2. Lets be honest this is just a Leon Cupra but in a Golf shell. Great car no doubt.
  3. Maybe had a stolen engine, it a bag'O Turd made up of stolen parts no doubt.
  4. How much is the map setting you back if you don't mind me asking?
  5. nice, I bet you can't wait! Should be a rocket after that
  6. I think you'll have to buy a new wheel. VW will know what spec your car left the factory with so I can't see them paying. You may be lucky and get a good will gesture of a few quid off. Good luck Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
  7. The planet is ruined, it will shrug off the human race at some point and move on.....
  8. Looks very nice inside, not sold on the headlight design but it might grow on me.
  9. Yeah VAG must be his achilles heal 🤔
  10. I was shocked he has an R8.....I don't think I've ever seen it on his channel Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
  11. Haha he's not massive in that respect Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
  12. Its activated through the infotainment on the 7.5. Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
  13. Is that the massive BMW fanboy?
  14. Not keen on the lights but they may look better in the flesh, I guess they're to make the car look wider..... I'm sure the 8.5 will look much better haha
  15. Yeah give all the seals a good clean. I used Autoglym rubber/vinyl stuff on them and it stopped the noise for me a few months back.
  16. Wash, fuel and a shop [emoji4] Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
  17. Great looking car. Like the Leon Cupra but a Golf.....
  18. It's been done, a few youtube vids of it. I'd think you'd need a new harness but you may be able to buy one so it's plug and play. You can't have swopping indicators on the Estate due to the design of them. The face lift tails are much better than the pre for sure though.
  19. Looks like it's missing the cover, they just click into the caliper, the other side seems fine
  20. BobbyT

    New R Logo

    Sorry looks like someone has already posted this 🙃
  21. BobbyT

    New R Logo

    "The new R logo symbolises the performance brand’s fresh start. It is more modern, distinct and sleek: Reduced to its essential components, it can be used for various purposes, remaining particularly suitable for digital media. The new logo was developed at the Volkswagen Design Center. The team surrounding Klaus Bischoff developed the new R logo together with Technical Development and the Volkswagen R Marketing team.The new company logo is characterized by the pristine line width and a clearly horizontal arrangement featuring dynamic curves. Moreover, the prominent diagonal line serves as a stark contrast, thus underscoring the brand’s overall progressiveness. The elongated R creates a broader, more powerful impression and defines Volkswagen’s commitment to performance and exclusivity." Seen on anther forum... not sure I'm sold.
  22. Didn't he make 50k last time [emoji102] Sent from my S9 using Tapatalk
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