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  1. That size should be fine. I had 225/40/18 not long back on an 8j rim. Looked normal.
  2. Yeah it does help if people are thinking of mapping. Was it one of the large companies or a small operator?
  3. I always think the Teslas look like a car from ten, fifteen years ago, the styling looks dated. Will be interesting to see what the next ones look like.
  4. I have pre facelift on my 7.5. I bought them before they started producing the 7.5 ones. The bumper has only changed once at the facelift, you will be fine with the early type.
  5. Has anyone who has an Estate on Coilovers had a good wheel alignment set up carried out? If so, could you post a pic of your settings. Looking at getting mine re-done and the garage wants to know what settings I want as it lowered and VW specs will be out. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  6. I've had issues with cheap spigots before, might be worth looking at those after a re-balance. On a side note, did the wheels come with new bolts? VW wheels usually use different bolts to aftermarket. I think VW are radiul head and most aftermarket are conical.
  7. Are you using spigot rings? Have you run the wheels before this or are they new?
  8. Quick shot before I washed and waxed it again [emoji28] I then took it on one of its favourite journeys.. .a tip run. Sent from my S20 5G using Tapatalk
  9. If you have warranty on the car I'd get it done just before the 10k, try not to go over or they could use that if you need to claim on something. If not, then just get it done when you can.
  10. I run B14, great for a daily but if you want to track I'd go B16. I have also run B8 shocks on other cars and they are really good too.
  11. Managed to give the car a good clean and wax today. Liking this milder weather [emoji108] Sent from my S20 5G using Tapatalk
  12. Who mapped your car in the first place?
  13. BobbyT

    PCP question

    I think they had to pay as they didn't finish the full term and wanted to change the car early. I've never used pcp or leasing so I'm a little naive to it all. Sent from my S20 5G using Tapatalk
  14. BobbyT

    PCP question

    It also depends on what the car is worth at the end. I've known people who hand the car back at the end but still owe a few K.
  15. Seen a few things on FB recently saying that the DSG can't take a stage 1 without a map.... Pictures of burned out clutchpacks. I always thought stage 1 was fine on standard DSG tune?? Not sure if it's just tuning companies trying to up sell or a genuine issue.
  16. How are people finding their selftune? Anyone with a stage 1 only, no DSG tune? If so, how do you find it?
  17. If the Haldex needs doing you might get the traction control light more. If the pump has gone then you are running as a front wheel drive only. I'm not sure it would cause a noise unless something has really gone wrong. Might be worth getting the car on a trolley jack and seeing if you can hear/feel anything when rotating the wheels by hand.
  18. Could it be the DSG map? Is it a reputable company? Might be worth dropping the car back to them to investigate. You don't want to do any irreversible damage as the box is very expensive. Sent from my S20 5G using Tapatalk
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