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  1. SIMK7.5

    Satin Silver to Gloss Black Mirror Caps

    I sold my silver ones on, what they sold for basically paid for the gloss black ones! As long as they are in mint condition they sell for well over £100. There is a (rather strange imho) demand for them on eBay, i guess from non-R owners looking to jazz up their cars?!
  2. SIMK7.5

    Satin Silver to Gloss Black Mirror Caps

    5G0 072 530 A A few on ebay right now (from European suppliers)
  3. SIMK7.5

    jb4 TB1 at dealer ?

    All this talk of "clearing codes", does that just mean doing a usual OBD11/VCDS scan and then just clearing anything that comes up or are we talking something more in-depth? erm...asking for a friend 😄
  4. SIMK7.5

    USB music reset

    +1 Had to take mine in to VW to get mine sorted so not entirely sure what they actually updated but it seems to have sorted it.
  5. SIMK7.5

    Why did you buy a Manual?

    Because I've never driven anything else! And in a sad old fashioned way.....I like using a clutch/gearstick. Would happily have a DSG next if I need to though. (I hope this thread doesn't descend into Manual Vs DSG)
  6. SIMK7.5

    Show me your AliExpress purchases

    Fitted those door latch covers as well, they look good and haven't moved but I swear the rear doors now need a bit more of a slam to fully shut properly. Maybe coincedence.......no biggie though.