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  1. Clutch spring instructions here, not hard but a bit of a back twister. 5min job https://www.autoinstruct.com.au/manufacturer/volkswagen/mk7-golf/mk7-clutch-assist-spring-removal/ Clutch stop is the small circlular black 'button' thing in the bulk head. Simply pull/prise it out (small screwdrive/trim tool) and push the new one in. 2min job. This is the one I got from the US and am now selling: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-AUDI-PERFORMANCE-CLUTCH-STOP-GOLF-MK6-MK7-GTI-R-SCIROCCO-A3-S3-TT-SEOTLEON/331207149596?hash=item4d1d7c081c:g:zvwAAOxyF0pTgS2v:rk:2:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  2. Remove the spring that'll make the clutch more predictable and less prone to random jerkiness and springy, fluffiness. Fit a higher clutch stop in the bulkhead to help remove excessive travel......oh look, I have one for sale in Classifieds LOL. 😉😀 That was enough for me, never bothered with the delay valve mod. I've heard no negative reports on any of the above mods effecting clutch life, infact it might prolong it!
  3. 10,000 miles running a JB1 and no issues. Never launch the car or floor it at low revs in high gears.( like you shouldn't do anyway but you'd be amazed how some people drive these cars and then say "ooo, me clutch is buggered". Some common sense should prevail. The clutch feel isn't the greatest in the world tbh as standard. There are mods you can do to help it. (clutch stop, remove assistance spring, remove delay valve etc). Some have just had bad clutches though regardless. It doesn't seem to be VW's highest priority. I can see 99.9% of VW's being DSG in the future.
  4. VW dealer retro-fitted mine as part of the purchase deal. Probably explains a lot tbh 🙄
  5. Mine has occasionally done that, generally after very little time between engine being switched off and then restarted. Ironically if you switch engine off and back on again it'll clear and work fine again. Another annoying 'bug' in the system tbh, but its always sorted itself out.
  6. SIMK7.5

    Back in an R

    Much cheaper from Aliexpress mate. Pretty much guarenteed to be identicle too. Heres the ones I got, they fit and work perfectly, semi-smoked as well so you can still see the inner square dot flashing from inside the car: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Kibowear-for-VW-Golf-MK7-7-5-7-GTI-R-GTD-Dynamic-Blinker-LED-Turn-Signal/32853969226.html?spm=2114.13010708.0.0.25e54c4dtgjGcp
  7. Mines a early 17 build 7.5 and you also cannot leave the keys in the boot. Left my key in a holdall that I just chucked in the boot. It just opens back up and refuses to do anything until you take the key out the boot.
  8. Got those ones as well as they are direct from Amazon, be turning up today. I'll probably leave mine until after the worst of the weather passes then fit them. Ones on there are fine but for less than a score its a no-brainer to fit some new ones.
  9. It took me months and months to realise that you can adjust the ermmm "blowiness" of the A/con fan once you press Menu on the central dial. The tap the top right hand icon on the screen. Thats really handy, I set mine on the lowest now and its way less intrusive.
  10. Love a red Golf R, if I hadn't picked up an already built car I would definitely ordered a Tornado Red. Looks amazing!
  11. What are you filling up with? A jerry can? 😄 There is loads of clearance on Shell Pump nozzles?!
  12. Nope, daft isn't it Climate windscreen is a £300 option on a new order, the one feature I miss from my Fords is a heated front screen as standard.
  13. It steers well compared to a lot of cars on the market right now. I've got steering in Race Mode constantly here as well (with 19" Prets). Tbh I'd prefer the steering even heavier.... As said its subjective, after driving the wifes Clio which feels like the front wheels and steering wheel are completely disconnected getting back in the R feels fantastic.
  14. I sold my silver ones on, what they sold for basically paid for the gloss black ones! As long as they are in mint condition they sell for well over £100. There is a (rather strange imho) demand for them on eBay, i guess from non-R owners looking to jazz up their cars?!
  15. 5G0 072 530 A A few on ebay right now (from European suppliers)
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