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  1. I've had my thermostat changed and I noted the coolant level has dropped from max ever so slightly, I had thought it was just a bedding in issue, but it has done it again 6 months later, anyone else found the same? No sign of leaks anywhere. It's a tiny amount so probably nothing to worry about but annoying nonetheless.
  2. If you know someone with a sewing kit they can probably pull the threads back through.
  3. I've got the revised foam base I got on warranty on eBay if anyone wants one. I ended up with another seat base as I had a mark on the cloth so changed it out. It's easy enough to swap over if you know upholstery.
  4. The bolster on the base got saggy. The original version crumbles over time, material wise it was fine.
  5. They did my seat base under warranty. They have changed the part number of of the foam pieces so they know there is an issue.
  6. You can open the calliper manually by opening the electronic unit. Very easy.
  7. Mine had this problem but they managed to fix it with the grease. They said they had to completely remove the lower arm and apply. Hopefully it lasts.
  8. My car is back in for another claim. Leaking coolant from the theromstat housing seal (suggest everyone in warranty unscrews the undertray and has a look for traces of red/orange fluid as it's almost 4 figures to repair at the dealer), broken bushing and the arms being removed and greased for creaks.
  9. The problem area is inward of the lights so this may work. I'm going to try another place so will ask if this is possible. Thanks
  10. I decided I'm going to get the bonnet painted as it has some rash above the grill and some larger chips further up. The VW body shop are saying I should get the wings blended also but i'd rather just paint the bonnet as I would rather not have wings in two tone. Does anyone have any experience with tornado red,is it an easy match or should I get it blended to be safe? Quote for the bonnet only was around the £350 mark. Cheers
  11. daz05


    I ended up with the oem ones from tps, they cost me around £20 more so no big deal. Fitted them by myself, you can remove the electronic handbrake easily and turn the fixture so you can use a normal tool to open the caliper.
  12. daz05


    Hi, does anyone have experience of the brembo or pagid pads at eurocarparts. About to change my rears and wondering if they anyone has experience. Car is used for commuting really so not interested in track performance I have something else for fun. Also, does connecting a battery to the calliper wind it back as per the videos I've seen on you tube or do I 100% need obd11? Thanks in advance
  13. I had logic 7 in my m3 and while this isn't as good it's acceptable, good clear sound but it doesn't do bass nearly as well.
  14. The fabric on the base is attached with fastening rings which are attached to rods that run through the seat foam piece. I had my base replaced under warranty and it didn't appear to be something they did quickly. Not sure about the seat back.
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