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  1. As my car is now a couple of days old, I decided it’s time to mod it. So I installed an Integrated Engineering cold air intake. Was a bit of a sod to fit and I had to modify part of the box for the crash sensor, but I’m pleased with the outcome:
  2. Just found out my car arrived at the dealer yesterday and will be ready from tomorrow, so I said I will see him then, to be told he can’t do tomorrow! Really not been impressed with Beadles of dartford, they have been very bad at communicating throughout and I have had to email them several times when I have a question, just to get a reply. My brother was going to go to collect it with me but he’s away for a long weekend from Thursday, bloody typical!
  3. On the tracker, what does ‘nearly there’ actually mean and how long does it normall take from this point to collection?
  4. My car has today gone to ‘Nearly there’! What does that actually mean and how long is it likely to take now?
  5. Just got a notification that mine has arrived in the U.K., not long now 😀
  6. Mine has just gone to ‘In Trasit’ too! heres hoping my cheap runabout lasts long enough.
  7. Looks like Pedal Box+ will be my next purchase.
  8. I’m not on there much as it’s a daily quiet forum, although as my 208 has just gone back, I have quite a few goodies to sell on there.
  9. I’m guessing it might be this one Click here a bit out of my price range at the moment.
  10. Welcome to the site. Ive had many different makes of cars in my years of driving and one thing you will notice is the build quality, especially over a vauxhall. However, due to the quality, it may not feel as quick or fun as the vxr’s but it will make a much nicer daily driver.
  11. Thanks, that gives me a bit more to look into.
  12. Thanks, I hadn't heard of them, basically the same product but if it's tried and tested on the R's then I think I will go for theirs.
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