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  1. One of the stumbling blocks for those living in the London or any other heavily populated area, is the amount of people like me that have no driveway and have to park away from their house on a regular basis. I also do not work from home so also have to be out and about wherever I am required to go. I have no plans for changing my R anytime soon even though its now on 54k. Given the range limitation and expense of these purely electric cars - no chance. I read somewhere that a new Mini E has a range of only 100 miles! Although a friend has ditched his S3 for a sparkly new A250 EQ which I thought he'd never do it is however a nice place to be and is saving a fortune in Fuel costs on his trips back home apparently. Who knows what the future will bring.
  2. This would be my first car id go hunting for after a lottery win...…..
  3. So I have had my quote in from LV - an increase of 85 quid. - No claims in the last year, and live in TW12 postcode for reference. Just logged into my comparison search website as all details still held and update automatically year on year- will be saving myself 180 quid this year on my renewal going elsewhere..... (53yr old - with 13yr Protected NCB)
  4. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/general-pistonheads/vw-golf-r-mk7--ph-used-buying-guide/43314 A few useful bits of information in this, but no mention of the waterpump/thermostat housing issues!
  5. Yep, they same happened to me, regards leaving it a while to renew according to a The Martin Lewis show I saw a while back the best time to renew is between 21 and 28 days before expiry. As we both now know. The quote will be emailed to me in a week according to LV, will let you know the quote increase!
  6. Insurance renewal time soon, guess I wont be renewing with LV again as they have just emailed me this, anyone else had the same ? Thank you for choosing to insure your Volkswagen Golf R Tsi with LV= over the past year. We’re writing to you to let you know about some changes you’ll see when your renewal documents arrive. Our pricing approach for your vehicle type has changed, and this will impact your next renewal price. Over the past five years, there’s been an increasing rise in thefts of the Volkswagen Golf R Tsi, which you may be aware of via articles in the press. The costs associated with insuring these vehicles are something we can no longer sustain without making changes to the way we price for them. Even though you may not have made a claim for vehicle theft, there is a higher chance of theft for this particular type of vehicle. The large increase in the number and cost of claims we’ve received for these vehicles has meant we’ve made the difficult decision to increase our pricing for them. This will have an impact on your next renewal quote, which you’re due to receive in the coming weeks. We wanted to give you plenty of notice of this increase and understand you may wish to compare your renewal premium with quotes from other providers, but we do hope your renewal quote will still be competitive. We’ve created a webpage with more information, which will hopefully answer any questions you may have about the price increases. You can find the page at https://www.lv.com/gi/qa. Unfortunately, we’re unable to discuss your renewal price with you until you receive your renewal documents in the coming days, when it will then be updated on our systems. When it arrives, please take the time to review your quote, and if you’d like to discuss how we can help lower it in other ways, such as removing add-ons or changing mileage, then please get in touch. Heather Smith Managing Director, LV= General Insurance Direct
  7. Cheeks50

    Newly bought

    They are great to drive, my wife had a Cooper S in 2006/7 and it was a joy to blat around in. Only reason she got rid was the need for more space with a newly acquired dog. Miss it as does she
  8. As already been mentioned -that fluid has not been changed.
  9. Feel for the pain Joe, though as pointed out on this forum over the years is VW's reputation of cost cutting in all aspects of manufacturing and design over the last few years is going to bite them back at some point. Your gearbox disaster does seem pretty unique though, may worth also sending an email over to "Honest John" who often takes on consumers car issues. Hope you get some satisfactory resolution to this. Cheers Mark
  10. Interesting chat this one, I test drove an UP Gti with a view as an replacement car for the Mrs' Polo back in Feb and loved it. It was genuinely more fun in everyday driving, you could use more of the performance more of the time in it and not worry about losing your licence every time you gave it some beans. It felt like a proper sorted go kart with very little understeer. I love my R but the places you can open it up fully are far and few between these days, especially living within the confines of the M25
  11. Be warned, the dealer you ultimately use WILL offer less in trade knowing, major service is due, tyre tread low etc. don't assume you will get near the "book price". Although I have succumbed to using "man maths" principle before to justify a car purchase.
  12. There is a article today on pistonheads outlining the new Mk8 gti chassis/suspension changes that make the car quicker and a better drive still utilizing the same power output as the previous model. (Perf. pack GTi) Interesting stuff Still not sure on the new shape though.
  13. Cheeks50


    Ladies and gents, Don't believe everything you read on the internet, there is far to much hysteria and political bias out there to sometimes offer an objective impartial view. Saw an interview of someone that had been in lockdown in Italy for the past month whose best advise was to stop watching the news so much! I am still as busy as ever in my work role travelling to data centres between Docklands and Slough (made key worker status as soon as required) so feel lucky to still have a secure job in these turbulent and unknown times. Work in IT as a Storage/server solution engineer and at the moment every organisation at the moment that has a fault or issue with their IT infrastructure wants it working back at 100% as soon as possible despite usually having multiple backup systems. Stay safe out there folks Cheers Mark
  14. If you are buying a used R from a VW dealer (as I did), you can ask to view the service history before your purchase as I did the salesman did even to offer to print it out for me. It showed all the work carried out at each service with details of service tasks. Stay safe folks, Mark
  15. My first track day at Brands - luckily this month no rain either!!
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