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  1. It's happening already in some form or another, anyone else read this article on pistonheads recently ??? https://www.pistonheads.com/news/general-pistonheads/volvo-to-fit-all-cars-with-112mph-speed-limiter/39744 The technology to track you is becoming more and more widespread and cheaper to implement, the motorist has always been a big tax generator for governments. Enjoy the R while you can!
  2. As others have said, I wouldn't allow it to influence a car purchase decision. I drive mine in many forms of aggression and have just clocked over 44k. I bought mine a 3 yr old with 30k on it already. Always warm her up gently though !!!
  3. After reading some of the reviews am going to place an order for one of these kits. Cheers
  4. That looks like something a dental surgeon would use !!
  5. Having picked up an annoying chip on the front edge of my bumper over the weekend, can any of you resourceful people out there recommend a touch up stick/pen that actually works and lasts ?? Having done a bit of research there is a vast amount of companies offering products to do the same thing. My current forerunner is the MPEX colour match touch up pen, Is the official VW offering any good ? Any experience/feedback welcome. Cheers Mark
  6. Its one reason I only do a food shop in my wifes 8 year old polo. I did see someone on a BBC website a while back who had put swimming aids tied to the doors of their SUV to protect from idiots !
  7. Has anyone in forum land tried BP's 102octane ultimate, I believe from a bit of sanity checking on the web it was originally sold in a few garages primarily near circuits. Not sure if it still is though!? I believe there is currently a Gulf garage within the confines of Silverstone that sells 102. Would be interested if those who have gone st1,2 or 3 have ever tried it as it makes for some serious power gains!
  8. Good to know they do what they say on the "tin" switched to LV 2 weeks ago - £330 in TW12 full NCD 51y.
  9. 2 exhaust tailpipes instead of 4.........
  10. Anyone out there got the Nextbase 312 GW ?? They are doing some tempting offers with "black Friday" approaching. I like the sound of the hard wire kit going to the fuse box making all things neat. Any feedback welcome
  11. Had my haldex service and filter clean done by RD garage services near Chertsey this morning for 90quid - can't recommend them enough. Cheers Mark
  12. Had to replace my tailgate drain pipe yesterday which meant removing the trim to replace a pipe. Its a known issue on the Mk7 tailgates, need a few brave pills to yank the lower trim off as in the online vids out in web land the panels come away without any bother, never the case in real scenario !! You'll know when it needs doing as you'll hear water sloshing in the tailgate after a downpour/car wash and when you lift the tailgate up it will stream into the boot space on the right hand side. Where it connects and old v new drain pipes in other pic (4quid part from local stealer) and where it connects to. Cheers Mark
  13. This is true - running on the French autoroute at 95mph in early July with ambient temps of 37C engine oil was 108-109 Running same speed middle of Sept with ambient temp of 24 engine was 103-104 It has also hit 110 crawling through London during August. Cheers
  14. Interesting topic - bought a 64 Sept 17 with 30k on it now have added another 11k with no issues. Would be interesting to here what the high milers have experienced with theirs as I intend to keep mine for a few more years yet Cheers Mark
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