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  1. Thanks for the info. That chart is pretty handy 👌
  2. I’ve just ordered a DAS-6 V2 and now need to get some compound/polish and pads. I quite like the look and sound of the Scholl Concepts products so am going to give them a go, but being a newbie to machine polishing, am not sure whether to go for the S20 which seems to be badged up as a one step product, or whether to get a combination of S40 (which I think is more of a finishing polish and fine swirl remover) along with another product with a bit more cut. Similarly, what pads would be most suitable for each, in other people’s experience? I see they do a couple different ty
  3. Yes, just the looks, and only from some angles. I didn't notice any difference at all in the way that the car handled or drove.
  4. Having spent the last month with the spacers fitted, I decided that with the stock ride height, the 11/16 spacers were just a bit too much. So I’ve moved the 11’s to the rear which looks pretty spot on to my eyes, and the front is stock. At some point I may consider the smallest possible hub centric for the front but for now I’m happier with the look of it. So I’ll probably have a set of 16mm Forge spacers, extended wheel nuts (black) and McGard locking wheel nuts (45mm) going up in the classifieds section at some point soon.
  5. For the rears, with 16mm spacers I got the 28017SUB (45mm) M14 (radius seat 14mm). For the fronts, with 11mm spacers I got the 28025SUB (41mm) M14 (radius seat 12mm). I queried the radius seat difference between the two models above with Mcgard and they said: “Safety wise it does not matter if you use a lock bolt with a 12mm radius or a 14mm radius. Especially as you are just replacing on bolt per wheel. I think VW usually uses bolts with a 13mm for the original bolts. So they vary from 12mm to 14mm.“ I’ve done about 500 miles on them so far and all good. I
  6. My car was 10 months old when I bought it and I didn’t mind whether it had the sunroof or not. It wasn’t on my ‘must have’ list, but then having test driven two indium greys, I decided I preferred the look of it with the sunroof. I also liked how much lighter the inside felt. The missus sometimes gets car sick and has found having the sunroof really helps with that. I’ve not had any creaks, squeaks or issues with it and it’s just over two years old now. Was lovely taking it for a drive today in the sun with the roof opened up. As some others have already said I think the
  7. I have to admit, I really like it! I’ve been quite negative about the styling of the Mk8 until now, but seeing Bec’s one, I’m a convert 😊 Some of the angles I wasn’t initially sure about, now seem to look really good to me, and I think that the back-end looks amazing. It’s so much more aggressive. The only remaining niggle for me is the interior (mainly the dash), but again, maybe that will grow on me a bit over time. Stunning car, Bec. Congrats! 😁
  8. Ive just ordered the Mcgard 28017SUB 45mm locking bolts which match the length of the extended bolts for my rear 16mm spacers but am having trouble finding the suitable Mcgard that are about 40mm, to match the 40mm extended bolts I have for my front 11mm spacers. Does anyone know if Mcgard do a 40mm (or 38/39)? Or even better, know a product code? My understanding is that the stock bolts are 27mm + 11mm spacers is 38mm, so Forge supplied me with 40mm extended bolts (which are installed and fine). I have just found 41mm Mcgards (code 28025SUB) but not sure if
  9. Same here, albeit with a Docka wheel mitt. I can just about run my index or little finger behind each spoke.
  10. I’ve finally got round to getting some wheel spacers. I’ve been thinking about getting some for ages. Mainly to fill out the rear arches as I think the front are actually fine as standard. I ended up going with the Forge kit from Awesome, complete with black extended bolts. 11mm front / 16mm rear. Even with stock ride height I think it looks much better now. Arguably the fronts don’t really need that much but I wanted hubcentric and the guys at Awesome recommended minimum 11mm as they’ve seen loads of issues with the spigots coming off anything thinner. Admiral didn’t charg
  11. Looks great. Yeah lovely wheels in that colour 👍🏻 Do you have wheel spacers fitted, and has it been lowered?
  12. Stunning job as always Bec! What a difference! 😄
  13. My car went into a different dealership today for its second annual service. Whilst it was with them, I asked them to investigate this whine that only presents itself on cold startup and doesn’t last very long. I previously had two other dealerships look into it but they weren’t able to get to the bottom of it. Some people thought it was a heatshield resonating and apparently that can sound very similar but the master technician at this new dealership today told me that it is the oil pump in the newer models, building up pressure or something (can’t quite remember the specifics but
  14. I spotted this in the car park of my dealership when picking mine up from its service today so I just took a few very quick snaps (please excuse the poor quality).
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