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  1. Thank you both for the replies and that link is useful, thanks. I think that given the low mileage and seeing as I will be asking them to look into a couple other things whilst it’s there, I may leave the Haldex until next year then. If I give them too many bits to look at they might they might just rush over it all and be more dismissive of things I want properly looking into (a pessimistic view but accurate based on my last experiences with my local dealership who I’ll be avoiding going forward) 😬
  2. Apologies if this is covered in other threads. I did have a quick look but didn’t want to hijack someone elses thread not specific to the second service. My 2019 R has just 8k miles on it and had its first service in Feb 2020 (at around 6k miles). What stuff should be carried out by VW at this second service, or things that I should insist on being carried out? I also see mention of people getting their Haldex serviced before VW are meant to do it. Is this something that’s worth me requesting they carry out at the same time? There are a few other things I want them to look at while they’ve got it (slight creaking from front suspension and a couple other little bits). My next decision will be which VW dealership to take it to as I’ve had some mixed experiences from my two most local dealerships last year. One of which I am definitely going to avoid this time round. If anyone can recommend from experience a decent dealership within 30mins ish drive from Hayward’s Heath in West Sussex, that’d be great too! 😁
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    For the first few months of driving my R with DCC (and 19” Prets), I was convinced it wasn’t working as I really couldn’t feel any difference between the drive modes, and having test driven another (older) R with DCC, where I most definitely noticed the difference between Comfort and Race, this just convinced me even more that my DCC wasn’t working. I took it into the dealership for them to investigate. They monitored each corner of the car whilst driving and changing modes and confirmed that the DCC WAS working as it should be, which just confused me (they could see the current draw at damper adjusters were 0.3a in Comfort mode vs 0.7a in Race mode). The lead tech there also confirmed he could feel the difference in ride when changing between the modes when he took it out. After driving it on various road surfaces over the next month or so I’m surprised that I was previously unable to feel the difference where it’s now so noticeable between modes. I think it just came down to more time driving on different surfaces that lent themselves better to feeling the differences.
  4. That looks stunning Booo! Nice job 👍🏻
  5. I’d be interested to see some more pics from different angles of the spoiler on Indium grey too.
  6. I hadn’t actually considered this for my Akra as I too was under the impression that if it came out of the factory with it fitted, then it was not considered a modification. I’ve not told Admiral that I have an Akra exhaust for this reason but perhaps I should give them a call to ensure they consider factory fitted items (regardless of what they are) as standard components and don’t require you to declare them (otherwise where would you draw the line with what you need to declare on a factory build? Metallic paint, pretorias etc!
  7. Just ordered 2 x large Gyeon Silk Dryer towels for the bodywork and 1 x small one for the wheels. I’ve never tried them before. I’ve been using the big AutoFinesse Aqua Deluxe towels for the last few years for the bodywork and WoWo towels for the wheels. The silk dryers seem to get great reviews though and fancied giving something else a go.
  8. OK thanks 😊 Before you posted up the pics, I was thinking that, as OEM and great looking as they are, I might prefer S2T’s, for the feeling of a metal and fairly OEM looking shifter (at least compared to all others I’ve seen out there to date). I’d want it to feel fairly solid and robust. But seeing the new ones installed 😍 I think I could live with the plastic construction, so long as they still feel fairly solid.
  9. Ah yes, love them! Hmm, I’m very tempted to get some.
  10. I think they look awesome. I love the OEM look. These are what VW should have done as standard. Really, really nice 👌
  11. Also looking forward to hearing how you find them once you get time to fit them. They look great in your photos 👍🏻 Maybe there’ll be some gloss black S2T’s up for sale in the classifieds section soon!? 😉
  12. Spotted a Lapiz blue Golf R hatch on the A22 Uckfield bypass right next to the Sussex National golf course. It was pulled over in the lay-by with another car and the drivers were out of the cars having a chat. The R had a very minimalist number plate (not standard size). What really caught my attention was what looked like the Oettinger rear spoiler on it (I think it was in black or carbon). It was the first time I’ve seen one in the flesh and nearly turned around to go back for a chat but was in a hurry to get back home. I thought the rear spoiler actually looked really good 😎Something I might get for mine one day as I wish the rear was a bit more aggressive.
  13. An observation from today’s drive. Since buying the car in January I’ve always filled up with Momentum. The car only ever pops and bangs if I am in ‘S’ mode (and have engine sound set to Normal or Race, or am in Notmal or Race drive modes), but the key thing is that it must be in ‘S’, no exceptions. Then it pops and bangs like crazy. A week ago I filled up with vPower for the first time ever. Today was the first time I’ve had a proper drive since that fill-up and all of a sudden I’m getting quite a few pops and bangs in ‘D’ which has never happened (when engine sound set to normal or race). Not as constantly as when in ‘S’ but especially noticeable when manually flicking down through the gears when approaching junctions etc. If the gear change takes the revs up to about 3.2k or above, it’s almost always popping and banging 😊 I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not but it seems strange that this is the first time the car has started doing this when in ‘D’, and it just happens to be on its first ever full tank of vPower?!
  14. Hey 👋 A fellow Indium Grey owner. It’s a lovely looking car with the black Prets.
  15. I noticed this too. I have 3 'Repair Events' showing. The first was from the original owner and I have no idea what that was for, but the 2 other 'Repair Events' were not repairs at all, simply investigations into some rattles and noises. It also then shows a 'Service Event' (1st year service) and a 'Warranty Event' (replaced bonnet liner which had shrunk). I was also curious, is there a way to get more information about those repair/warranty/service events that are logged? I'd like to be able to click on them and view the details, but I can't see any way of getting that information via the MyVW website or app?
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