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  1. Hey 👋 A fellow Indium Grey owner. It’s a lovely looking car with the black Prets.
  2. I noticed this too. I have 3 'Repair Events' showing. The first was from the original owner and I have no idea what that was for, but the 2 other 'Repair Events' were not repairs at all, simply investigations into some rattles and noises. It also then shows a 'Service Event' (1st year service) and a 'Warranty Event' (replaced bonnet liner which had shrunk). I was also curious, is there a way to get more information about those repair/warranty/service events that are logged? I'd like to be able to click on them and view the details, but I can't see any way of getting that information via the MyVW website or app?
  3. I hadn't really considered that to be honest. Food for thought, thanks.
  4. Yep you’re right. I mailed them earlier and they confirmed just that.
  5. Thanks for the link. That's actually the one place that I'd found that did borderless, but they state 'Please be aware they are slightly oversize and will not fit plate holders.'. I'm not sure why they would have to make the borderless ones slightly larger.
  6. I'm interested in getting some (legal) pressed plates but I'd prefer not to have a border, for as clean/minimalist look as possible. So far I've only come across one place that does them, but they state that they're slightly oversized and as a result won't fit plate holders. That's not ideal for me as I have a plastic plate holder on the front, which I'd like to continue to use. Does anyone know where you can get legal borderless pressed plates from, that are standard size, that will fit plate holders?
  7. I’ve found that ‘Mammoth powerful grip tape’ is also really good for plates. Mammoth Powerful Grip Tape - Re-enforced double-sided tape - 25 mm x 2.5 m - Clear https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00FXRJG7S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_-ScLFbS6F2N8C?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I took the car out just now to see if my efforts yesterday with the panel wipe and gummi paid off. Thankfully I appear to have no creaking door seals on the off-side now, but plenty coming from over the near-side, though how much of that creaking is from the child seat in the rear I'm not sure I'll give the near-side the same treatment over the next few days. If there's still creaking on that side then I'll be chucking the child seat out Now if I could just stop that front suspension from creaking! 🤦‍♂️
  9. Stunning car, in my favourite colour Looking forward to seeing any vids you post up.
  10. Spent my lunch break cleaning all the off-side door seals/rubbers with panel wipe then applied a load of Gummi to hopefully get rid of the annoying creaking that started last weekend. Amazing just how much dirt was lifted from them prior to using the Gummi! Unfortunately I ran out of time so I never managed to take it out to see if the creaking has gone.
  11. Great, thanks for the info. I'll give it a go later 👍
  12. Since getting the car in January with 5.5k miles on it, I’ve always put Momentum in it but I’ve got a Shell slightly closer so I’m going to start filling up with V-Power every time going forward. I like the sound of the Shell app. Just downloaded it. Does the app automatically know which station I’m at when I get to the pump and I just have to enter the pump number? How do the rewards work? Does it just automatically assign points via the app upon completing a fill-up, then the app occasionally offers you chance to redeem those rewards when you go to fill up?
  13. I have an intermittent faint rattle from the off-side B pillar area. It sounds like where the top of the seat belt comes out from (the adjustable slider). The creaking from the door seals currently overpower it though 🤦‍♂️
  14. I’ve hit a few fairly nasty holes in the last 10 months of ownership (albeit with DCC in comfort mode on most occasions) and from what I can see (having checked them afterwards), they’re all still looking ok. I hope by saying that it doesn’t come back to bite me in the backside on my next trip out! 😬 If ever I do buckle or crack one, I think I’ll probably get some CM replicas, having read good things about them on here. I don’t know how robust they are compared with OEM Prets, but they’re certainly a lot less expensive.
  15. I think you can use the ‘RES’ and ‘SET’ buttons on the LHS of the steering wheel for 1mph up/down.
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