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  1. There's no such thing as a good sounding mk7 golf, If you're inside the car you can't hear the difference. Don't waste your money trying to impress others if you can't enjoy it for yourself.
  2. Sounds decent! I've said it on many different forum posts that the downside of the Golf is the exhaust, and no matter what you do to it you still can't seem to hear it inside the cabin, I don't understand how people think it's too loud. What does it sound like inside?
  3. Can't hear any difference when you're inside the car. It's just too well insulated. Noise to onlookers makes a huge difference, but personally I buy an exhaust so I can enjoy it, I don't care what others think
  4. I get the high pitched whine too. Doesn't seem to affect performance, I think it's just an unwanted side effect of the air being sucked in. *Side note: older folk might not be able to hear the noise due to high pitch and old age 😉
  5. I remember a while back going to an Audi Stealership looking at S3's. Firstly they weren't interested in my business unless I was looking at buying new, they're not interested in cash offers because they can't maximise their commission, and they outright told me that if an S3 was out of my budget then Audi isn't for me, as 'we prioritise our S customers'. On a second visit, I went with a family member to have a sat-nav issue looked at. They told us all the technicians had gone home and that he would have to book his car in. They asked him what car he had, and when he said 'an R8', they said 'oh in that case, a technician will be right with you, sir'. That settled my dealings with Audi. The reps at the dealerships are completely up their own backsides and I honestly believe that they think that Audi's are the best cars in the world.
  6. There is no real answer to this. It's about how much you value the warranty. If you go for a service and the dealer picks up on the mods, they can flag the car and you lose your warranty. However if one does not care about this, then so be it. I know I've been lucky enough when going for a service and I have the VWR intake on full show in the engine bay, the dealer said absolutely nothing. So it could be down to how much they feel like checking on the day too. If it really is an issue to you, either don't mod, or take the car to an indy to do your services and work if things ever start going wrong, then the dealer will be none the wiser.
  7. Maybe I'm just spoilt after having a couple of very loud cars, or I might just be extremely chavvy! 😂 I was looking myself looking to either swap the sports cat out for a decat (but I've been told this isn't much louder anyway, its purely for further power gains), or go for a res delete (but I don't want to cut up the pipes). So apparently, getting a cat back is the way forward. My poor wallet 😢
  8. Contrary to the above comments - a downpipe does practically nothing for noise in the Golf R. I have had a scorpion sports cat and downpipe recently added on my DSG, and I'm hugely disappointed with the results, it doesn't sound any different to stock at all when you're in the cabin, and to me that's all that matters. No point in buying something if you can't even hear it for yourself. Apparently it's quite farty on upshifts and crackly on over run as told to me by people following the car, but the Golf is too well insulated to hear anything. Seems like the downpipes are for extra power. If you want noise, either go for a res delete or a catback.
  9. Depending on extras, around 21-24k mark is about right for a private sale I would say. If you use Parkers or Carwow or similar for estimates on current value, you will get the rough price that traders/dealers will offer you for a PX. Add around 2-3k for a private sale.
  10. If you're really looking for a deal, go into a dealership. New car prices or demo cars can be negotiated massively. I'm not a believer in buying new cars as I can't justify the depreciation, but I helped a friend get an 18% discount on a BMW M2 over the weekend and I hardly haggled. BMW are doing finance at 2.9% on some demo or pre-reg cars at the moment. I don't see why VW can't offer you something similar. If that isn't possible, just throw in a stupid offer for the car off the list price after you spec the car and see what they say. Worst they can say is no...
  11. Interesting this. It says that VW advise to do a check if a car comes in for a service. I just had a service and first MOT, and the engine bay clearly has a non-OEM intake (VWR600). They didn't say anything to me at all and even asked me to consider extending the warranty! I consider myself very lucky indeed!
  12. My Cooper S turbo blew up after a couple of weeks. Not sure on the boost pressure, for such a small car though at stage 2 the power was tremendous. Pretty sure that's what killed it so quickly. I never took the car back to him to have a look. As someone said above, the maps are generic and not custom as advertised. Will is a cool guy and he was well regarded in the modded Mini community due to the low price of the maps he was selling, but after a few mishaps people started going elsewhere. I guess you get what you pay for.
  13. Do yourself a favour and avoid P-Torque like the plague. Trust me.
  14. If you stop accelerating after just giving it some, the computer's natural reaction would be to gear up if you're at high revs. I think the only way to stop this is to put it in manual mode or use the paddles.
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