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  1. In the spirit of keeping this car diary up to date.... was a fantastic day for me yesterday, firstly was my birthday once again. Growing older disgracefully the R myself and the wife went for a rather spirited drive up my favourite mountain pass and then found a private driveway to put further smiles on my cheeky face. It’s been ages since I’ve opened the loud pedal fully and completely forgotten how well this car can perform on the bends. 34.5C heat in town and the top of the mountain pass was 27C . Cooled off with a couple of cold beers in town afterwards and those legendary
  2. The Wolf finally got a run up the coast last week.... It’s blue skies and camping weather down under. Long walks on the beach, kite flying, fishing, kayaking, bbq etc Saw a dingo and echidna which is always a treat when you live in the city and get out to nature. Not much else to report- It has been a nice first year of being in the VWROC
  3. Well the plugs arrived, might fit the plate soon. They threw in a free spare plug. Alas it seems I’m still 1 short.... anyone out there with a spare Oryx bumper plug or I could use touch up paint over another colour I guess - as I can’t justify the $80 hole in my wallet and bumpe🤣R ( can PayPal expenses)
  4. Love this journal. Gonna have to test my stock suspension this weekend on the twisties and see if my buddy can get it unsettled. Can I ask a question are you driving without traction control when giving it a good run though the bends. I say this because I feel the driver aid kick in a lot on the twisty road but have not had the courage to slip it into a more driver “pro driver” mode. Thanks Scotty
  5. You can get black gloss, sterling silver or gun metal grey Prets which is what is on these two 7.5 Wolfs in Oryx on a rainy day. I think the Rear mirror cap can throw discord into the aesthetic of the colour rim if not matched properly. The Wolf are running Carbon weave. Black cap works with black gloss pret. Silver cap with silver pret. Silver cap with Cadiz . LSG mk7 Wolf looks awesome in black Prets black wing mirror VW Aus got it right imo @Pipisskip
  6. Got a dull feeling that I did not order enough as I got no idea how many holes there are to fill on the front number plate only ordered 1 pair -can anybody confirm if I need 2 pairs?? Thanks
  7. I’ve seen the Cadiz blackened out too- looks great and stealth if you ever feel inclined.. not sure but leaving one of the last outlines silver can look quite custom on the Cadiz if you needed to... enjoy the clean look for now.
  8. Your car suits the Cadiz more. Those black Prets looked out of place in three door and silver wing mirror configuration.
  9. These pipes have won races for at least since my first trip to the TT in IOM the year 1999. Can’t imagine it was so long ago but yes , I was there. 🤣
  10. Yes , @PocketRocket I do agree- a mild tune, being my first tune was a big step into the unknown for me. Glad I did though, transformed the car for the better.. guys sorry for the topic hi jack.... back to it!!!! Thanks PocketRocket😎
  11. Two washes , clay bar , another wash and she is looking clean!!! Now time to apply product. Never used these before but getting ready for the day ahead.
  12. Hi @PocketRocket What do Norwegians think about Sedox your local tuning company? Any opinions or feedback you have come across regarding this tune? I’m running that Sedox tune on my 7.5
  13. @Pipisskip BPs ordered. Now the wait for the package to arrive.
  14. Hey Chris, I hate the euro big plate holder.... there is a local body shop who would do it properly for me as in bog it up, respray the front bumper like quality!! Just not had the courage to make the phone call to discuss the damage to the wallet... Cheers for the link, if I get that mod done it will look a lot better for sure.
  15. Took the car for a little burn today, sitting on 9460km - got a wash and getting prepped for a wax detail as she is begging for some TLC . I think a road trip is on the cards - might do a run of golf down the coast or park her off for a while . Here is me today playing in the rain before the soap wash, notice the mod?
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