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  1. Cheers. Just followed you back. Looks good blacked out. I'm not too far. I'm near Bury.
  2. Killer brakes have always been very good. Because of Brexit, does it mean we will have to add an extra 20% on non UK purchases from the EU?
  3. @Edmo123 here are some sound clips of the resonated Remus on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/B6yyKgXnM1d/?igshid=betnfvcirrv2 This 2nd link it without the resonator. The video doesn't justify how loud it was. You could feel the explosions and it sounded like somebody letting of hand grenades! It was embarrassingly loud. https://www.instagram.com/p/B53rx3pnIUW/?igshid=w85ql84rxyhd
  4. I have a rear diffuser now because they looked a bit out of proportion without it. My paint isn't too shabby 😉
  5. I've not looked to check the welds to be honest. I just turned up at the garage, had it fitted and drove off. I think they come with a lifetime warranty if I remember correctly. Ill have to have a check at some point if it's a common issues.
  6. I've been really happy with the Racingline OEM+ stage 2 software. The low down torque is great and it really pins you back in your seat. My car is running 398bhp and 588nm of torque. If you drive it normally you can't tell the difference but when you press the loud pedal it's a beast. I had a standard exhaust with a res delete and it sounded like a wasp in a tin can after fitting the sports cat. It sounds much better now with the Remus. I'd recommend you go resonated rather than non resonated though.
  7. I'm Racingline OEM+ stage 2 with a Remus resonated and valved exhaust. Perfectly acceptable with the valves closed when cruising on the motorway and sounds great in race mode with the valves open. I'm running a Scorpion sports cat and originally had the Remus fitted without a resonator. Non res the pops and bangs were way OTT and the tone wasn't good and sounded hollow. I had the resonator fitted and it gives a much nicer tone, the pops and bangs are good without being way OTT and it just sounds meatier.
  8. One positive thing about the bad weather this time of year is that you get to see a bit of beadage.
  9. I bought some compounds and pads with the intention of giving my car a good going over whilst I was off work over Christmas. Unfortunately it was either icey, snowing or raining. Yesterday was 4 degrees and clear so I managed to at least get a little bit done. I managed to do my roof. Chemical guys pads, Menzerna compounds and the no longer available trusty F11 wax
  10. I saw this advertised on progressive parts Facebook page. Seems a very good price for all hardware, software and labour.
  11. It's a Remus exhaust. Yes I also have Racingline springs. More information on my car here 👍
  12. Thanks. The car was filthy when these photos were taken on the dyno. I spent the day with Racingline and had been bombing down an airstrip at 170mph a few hours prior 😄 there's some photos with my car clean on my Instagram @dan_mk7.5r
  13. I only went on to wind people up in the premier league thread 😄
  14. What happened last night 😄 I don't miss the VXR. I only bought it because it was something cheap and had a turbo whilst the missus was on maternity leave. You should map your Golf. I found the Golf dull stock. A tune really wakes them up.
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