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  1. Good to hear he got it sorted in the end! I'm sure there was some shouting when they realised they left the 'paper work' in the car 😆
  2. That colour is lovely! It just looks angry!
  3. Some stunning views around the Highlands.
  4. Has anyone had issues with the surround on the ACC sensor in the front bumper coming off? About two weeks into owning the car the ACC deactivated completely while driving and wouldn't re-activate until I turned off and on the front sensor. Physically checked the sensor and everything seemed clean and fine. A week later after coming home from work I noticed that the surround had fallen off the sensor completely and was stuck between the sensor and the front grill. None of the tabs were broken and I hadn't hit anything. The car is still under warranty (2 months left) and VW replaced the sensor surround but I can still easily remove the surround with little to no force. I would have thought by design that the four tabs on the back should have to be prised open to allow the surround to come off but the dealership mechanic disagreed. Now i'm a bit concerned that they are they fobbing me off till the warranty runs out as I've read on here that they are notoriously expensive to fix.
  5. tahiblue


    Autoglym Aquawax applied last week. Started to rain just after washing it today.
  6. None, hate wearing a watch. A clock or the mobile phone is never too far away.
  7. +1 on the manual choke. Security on our old mk2 Vauxhall Cavalier and Ford Sierra was drilling a hole through the floor in front of the drivers seat, bolt down through a chain and welded up the nut below. Chain went through the bottom of the steering wheel and a yale lock to secure it!
  8. They seem to get mixed reviews in terms of quality across different forums. Would like to hear what one sounded like on an R first.
  9. That video is insane. They just look totally calm during the whole thing like it's no big deal.
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