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  1. They look an awful lot like an Alcon caliper. Worth checking their website for pad types maybe.
  2. Ru certain you want it? Afaic it's an over active pita
  3. Cheers. Snow grate is also gone but can't help thinking maybe a 5hp gain once mapped?
  4. Now a proud owner of a turbo technics intake pipe and find no additional noise, a slight flat spot low down and a bit faster in the mid range so all good. If I fit a performance panel filter (they're £70!) A) Does the car get noisier - bad; Are there any gains to speak of? Thanks again all
  5. It all sounds good - is there a catch?
  6. Interesting question dazb. Why do you ask?
  7. I was hoping for a mini review really. There's power/torque but also noise to consider and if the 4" keeps the turbo cool that's got to be worthwhile too. Got to wonder if it'll rattle though.
  8. Just interested to know, I see a fair but of chat on here about bcs' downpipes but can find nothing searching on 'Trackslag'. Does anyone here run one?
  9. Cleaning of haldex filter basket. Generally vw wont do that at all but it does need doing
  10. Just to check but did you do intake pipe and elbow together? Which elbow did you go for?
  11. Just wondering if anyone was aware of live or pending deals on Turbo Technics or Forge intakes esp with black Friday coming up?
  12. Thanks Penguin. Odd about the offer, sure I saw it on insta on the day of the post. Still. Not enough in the piggy just yet.
  13. So if you take both ecu and tcu software it's 30% off the total price. Can anyone here advise what that comes to?
  14. I recall there was a write up from Rick describing what his dsg tune includes, does anyone have a link?
  15. What's the best thing for you about the tvs dsg tune?
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