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  1. if it works its way cheaper than coilovers and adjustable too but then that's the issue
  2. Can anyone explain the fastest way to launch a tvs mapped dsg car? I see you can launch with traction control still on so wondered if its as simple as pulling back the lever and getting into sport. Also, I think the chosen launch rpm is controlled on the accelerator but how (in stages or continuously variable)?
  3. Get a t.i.p. makes a surprising difference to a std car let alone s1. I went to vrs Northampton and they fitted it in about 20mins on the spot which was a nice surprise and did the air filter mod at the same time. https://www.vrsnorthampton.co.uk/home/127-mqb-large-bore-intake-hose-and-bell-mouth.html
  4. If you look here and usa there are many posts complaining that dsc sport controller gives fault codes which seems to be the main complaint. I think tractive use a different unit so - not to be confused. It seems dsc have never answered the criticism leveled at them which seems a real shame as the concept is so attractive. They seem reluctant to offer money back if unsatisfied and reluctant to have someone from the community test sample either.
  5. mine 7.5r is otherwise standard but I got the tvs tune today. it keeps the car in 7th when cruising on the mway which is great, it no longer dives into 6th at every opportunity. Ditto pulling onto the mway from a service station. it allows the car to use more of its torque. I hadn't expected to find the changes actually smoother but they are. no doubt they're faster too but it's not immediately obvious imo. Good mod I'm pleased with it. Now to try my local roundabouts where it'd normally enter them still in 7th. I'm hoping I no longer have to compensate by manually changing down and then bac
  6. I've no clue how that's done can you explain?
  7. thanks, it's reduced power at ambient high temps that I find rather than it being heat soak so I'll go without, cheers
  8. Been wondering this for a bit now. I've noticed that with a pikey airbox and tti, a 7.5r at Unicorn seem to run 370-390! horse. I suspect the 390 had some other mod, prob. an intercooler. but various posts indicate not. I've also noticed my standard car has always pulled performance back on even vaguely hot days (v power). Question is, what benefits are there to adding an intercooler for a custom stage1 tune (with intake)?
  9. 034 whiteline et al do adj balljoints. would be cheaper and without added nvh
  10. Would you mind expanding the initials rps for me?
  11. ..cos mine used to do that on its own
  12. so is it fair to say that everyone has to manually page past this screen to access aa?
  13. am I alone? every morning I'll plug in my phone, then I have to press the app button on the car hmi. that then brings up a screen telling me it can't recognise something or other so I have to press the android auto button and not the carplay button. from there I might have to repress that button 3 or 4 times before phone and car have a proper conversation. When it was new I recall the luxury where I plugged the phone in and the car just straight connected to it. no fuss. is it just me?
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