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  1. CLP Auto in Sheffield will tvs tune your dsg. Best thing I've done to mine. Did it on the std engine map and it was a great improvement. Equally a TTi (vrs) and K&N panel makes a decent difference without touching any maps.
  2. Anyone else notice is getting harder to find? Spent an hour in Manchester the other day before finding it, local stations in Brum were out yesterday..
  3. APR have been supposed to be selling a version if the dsc unit for years. it's taken this long to launch it. They still have yet to show anything in the press or illustrate that the unit doesn't bring up fault codes or to visualise how well it works I.e. video.
  4. any idea how/if the unicorn tune changes between diving modes?
  5. trying to add some -ve camber but without nvh. I like the balljoint solution for that reason but the 034s add too much (will take me to 2.4 degrees) and any seller I've asked has steered ne toward top mounts. I don't want top mounts (nvh concern) and also installation cost. There are camber adjust bushes and there are lca's. All seem to use pu.
  6. had pu on a bmw. always felt loose. can't bring myself to go back tbh
  7. not sure but there's a dcc control unit required which the other R would need fitting
  8. Can anyone confirm whether whiteline bushes are /are not just PU in any other name? I've had pu bushes before and they knocked and squeaked.
  9. engine bay photos seem to have gone missing
  10. I've c used silicon blades for 2 years now (same set) and they're good. I have a heated screen so don't suffer any cold weather issues and I'm driving on dual carriageways or mway most of the time so they suit my usage. you do use then less as the water sheets off until the rain is fairly heavy and as a result you set your intermittent wipe very low too. I'll keep using piaa silicone but the bosch are the best I found before then
  11. me too but I replaced the spray unit without improvement
  12. I've been using prestone. it seems to be cited in several examples. I've switched back to my original screen wash and seen an improvement. I did wonder about citric acid crystals but too scared to try. my bet is the tubes themselves are gummed up
  13. Looks like Revo are selling an intake, ecu, tcu and intercooler pipes to make 400 brake. Anyone tried the pipes? and is fitment easy?
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