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  1. Cheers Jonny Some interesting stuff out there and yes I’ll take you up on that offer of an expert eye if I’m in your neck of the woods
  2. I’m considering buying a classic vw bug convertible. Obviously there aren’t that many out there on the likes of eBay or autotrader. Has anyone got any experience of a decent owners forum in the uk for me to start to hook my brain around the whole scene? Similarly good online resources to find one. Thanks
  3. markR


    Love the way the lapiz blue really gleams in the sun.
  4. I’ve had 2 karchers that ended up doing the pulsing/leaking trick. Both out of warranty. That’s why I went nilfisk. It just has a better feel and general reputation.
  5. Wow. That’s helpful to know. And I completely take back what I said based on that alone. I thought I’d be on amazon customer service country with mine if it goes wrong.
  6. I hadn’t thought of post wash maintenance [emoji2955]
  7. Yes, agreed you can get it cheaper on amazon but supplied by nilfisk direct with their warranty backing rather than amazon - I’d pay a bit more. And I bought one from amazon. At about the price you said above.
  8. Excellent question. I’ve got a ceramic coating: Wolfgang Uber ceramic.
  9. I’d snap their arm off for this one at that price!
  10. Thanks Becs but it looks like that link isn’t available anymore or can’t be viewed [emoji3166][emoji2955]
  11. [emoji23][emoji23] Good call. I should’ve asked what the recommended “car shampoo” is?
  12. I’ve been using Bilt Hamber shampoo for some time now but ran out this week. Before buying more I thought I’d check whether anyone has thoughts on the current best shampoo and why it’s better than BH.
  13. I’ve got a nikfisk 135. Bought it off amazon for less than £100. Fantastic piece of kit - easily the best washer I’ve ever owned over many years. Consistently powerful with a real quality feel. My only criticism would be the snow foam attachment supplied with it. You’ll need to buy a proper one - I got one recommended on here and it produces perfect foam.
  14. Yep. The same for me! But atleast it does protect the boot and will capture spills etc. The lesson for me though - buy right. Wish I’d just bought the official one.
  15. As the title says really. I’ve just bought a nilfisk 135 (very impressed with it). It came with a shampoo/foam applicator which is [emoji90]. What are the recommendations for a decent value snowfoam applicator? Thank you
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