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  1. Didn’t sound stupid at all to me. I had wondered the same thing before.
  2. Thanks. Reading that article - the bit about what happens when a timing belt breaks on an interference engine actually made me feel physically sick. Even though I obviously know what happens. Reading it just makes it sound so much worse. “When a timing belt breaks in an interference engine, one or more valves may be stuck in the open position. The pistons will move upwards forcefully, crashing into the open valves. In the best case, your engine will have some broken valves and damaged pistons. In a worst case, the valves and rods can push through the engine cover. Pistons have even been known to crash through oil pans if the crankshaft twists and breaks in the process. The engine is now ruined.” [emoji2961]
  3. I’d heard that. I did a search and it depends who you ask. Either 60k change, 100k change or never change (just wait for the reassuring snap!) I’m still considering leaving vw servicing alone (I’d heard about the independent motorist centre in hersden http://www.motoristcentrekent.co.uk/shop/). Now it’s out of warranty it’ll make virtually no odds.
  4. Does anyone have any recommendations for a decent independent vw specialist in Kent to do a cambelt service on my r. Mine is out of warranty now and be want £500 for the cambelt change alone on top of the servicing cost. That’s their fixed price cost. Made me wonder if it’s time to go to an indy for servicing now. Thanks
  5. An excellent idea. I was going to give them a bell. We only need about an a3 size piece.
  6. I’m on the hunt for a small amount of mk1 gti tartan material. But I’ve really hit the stops on it. Short of buying some old seats... which seems excessive and is expensive. It’s for an art project my son is doing. What’s the spec and does anyone have any tips on where I might find some. I’ve tried google and eBay so far. Thanks
  7. +1 to that Keyless is great
  8. Agreed. It does look expensive to me for an indie. Remember that dealers mostly operate fixed price servicing these days. Therefore I think they’ve become more competitive.
  9. I can definitely vouch for the achem stuff. Goes on easily and really lasts. And it’s cheap. I use a curved foam applicator which means it takes seconds and gets great coverage.
  10. Thanks for this folks; once again VWROC has guided me in the right direction. I’ve gone with full vehicle replacement for my GAP and ALA as also got a discount code so saved a few more quid. Superb advice.
  11. I can’t recommend Reflect auto valet highly enough. I’ve seen I recommended him before but I don’t really leave any details for him and also since then he’s been back to us several more times and has done great work including some very careful work to a vintage VW. Ian Cannon is his name and his number is: 07706 682958 He’s based in Kent and mobile. He looks after all my cars, including my R, and does the most incredible work and his value for money is astonishing. He is pretty busy though and I know he’s looking after a few folks on here. https://instagram.com/reflect_auto_valet?igshid=bozn026z2q4u This is the last time he did my R: https://www.instagram.com/p/By-5ys-pQ-S/?igshid=ttzqnpx95zwz Mention the Golf R forum and I’m sure he’ll sort you out.
  12. Shame. I know a mobile chap down in Kent who is amazing and great value too. But I don’t think he’d travel to London [emoji3525]
  13. So, full disclosure, I can’t take the credit for this but it was a full day of detailing and it’s got me so excited I had to share it since it shows the incredible benefits of putting time and effort into properly detailing a car. I suffer with pretty acute back ache if I work away detailing for too long, plus I’m not an expert and don’t have all the gear. I have a mobile detailer comes round to the house and spends the day working away. He’s a nice bloke and works flippin hard. This isn’t my golf R, so not entirely related. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2cePAZJDhR/?igshid=1m1axjbw23x9w I’ve posted from his Instagram account because he got some good photos too. The car started off being super swirly. Clearly it had been polished a lot - but not professionally or correctly. The paint looked ok but was a bit flat in places and whilst from a far it looked alright, closer up you could see the marring. Turned out like this!
  14. I can happily say that won’t be me. The days of visiting places like that are behind me... I do like bars and live music though.
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