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  1. Thanks mate, shame it looks like this now then haha!
  2. So here we go, some pictures in the light at a recent event at Caffeine & Machine! Before anyone asks no that windscreen isn’t tinted green it’s the climate windscreen😉
  3. Thanks mate, definitely glad it works😂
  4. Yeah definitely! I’ve seen a few in purple which look absolutely amazing! Lapiz, white are very common around my area!
  5. Thank you, means a lot that!
  6. Definitely go stage 1 and then stage 2 so you can experience the different stages in there full beauty!
  7. So understated it’s absolutely lovely!
  8. Thanks @Stobsie for that! Green is an absolute winner.
  9. Thank you mate, VW missed a trick not offering more colours tbf!
  10. Hey mate, I’m sorry to hear what has happened to your car! It’s absolutely heartbreaking when it happens and then you hear people trying to charge your ridiculous prices to fix it. A very similar thing happened to my R in 2018, VW at the time wanted 8k for a new engine which of course I wasn’t willing to pay. Another forum member found me a 2017 engine with under 10k miles for £2.5k which came with all the internals such as turbo and intake. The garage I bought it from fitted it for £500 so 3k all in was a decent price I believed! My friend with an S3 also required a new engine and he sourced his via ebay and it has been spot on too! I would recommend to do some research and see if you can find an R that’s been in a rear end smash with low miles and take it to a reputable garage to be fitted! Much better than any option VW have! Good luck and let me know how you get on and if you need any other advice!
  11. Thanks mate, I appreciate that a lot!
  12. Thanks Bec, I am glad you like it! Hard to beat Black but as mine was nowhere near as immaculate as yours I thought a change was needed!
  13. So here we are everyone. The new look Golf R! Now you can see why the wheels were done in the black copper to match the wrap! I can’t give away the official colour but it’s very close to Racing Green/Forest Green! Hopefully it’s kept it tastefully OEM too!
  14. So today was the day the Golf left me... She has finally been dropped off to be wrapped and I pick her up at the end of the week. To say I am excited would be an understatement! The colour is classy in my opinion and should hopefully suit it perfectly. We shall wait and see😍
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