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  1. Loving the side profile of this beauty!
  2. It was then time... the pro race 1.2’s are now on! What a difference they make, the car is fully stealth mode now. May I say they look the dogs doo-dahs!
  3. Thanks Rob, I’ll double check with them, what time you planning on turning up, could meet in Chippenham before hand!
  4. I’m planning on turning up around 10am I assume that’s okay? No track time for myself, I’m awaiting my pro race 1.2s to be fitted along with a fresh set of PS4!
  5. Coming up with the goods lad, really looking forward to seeing these in person!
  6. You are the man! I’ve booked my tickets for me and my partner! My car has just been stage 1 detailed, I’m really excited for this!
  7. I know this sounds daft but can you send a pic of where you have put this as I have the same problem on my R!
  8. Hey man, I have these fitted from FleaBay, they are quite subtle!
  9. Yeah man have a little look, not done as much as some but she’s coming along nicely!
  10. Hello mate, sorry for the late reply, here’s one from further back!
  11. I used this paint from B&Q https://www.diy.com/departments/rust-oleum-stove-bbq-black-matt-spray-paint-400-ml/128291_BQ.prd
  12. She’s just had day one of detailing done to bring her back up to her best! Only rear quarters and doors done but she is looking much better!
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