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  1. BlackGolfR

    Understanding and using your DSG box.....

    Yeah from the videos I’ve captured of it so far watching them back it appears to be rev matching. Earlier when engine oil was under 50c I had come to a stop and the gearbox was still in 2nd and it revved to 1.5k rpm for two seconds then dropped into 1st. Do we think it would benefit from a DSG reset?
  2. BlackGolfR

    Understanding and using your DSG box.....

    I think I’m making a problem of what you have described. Best description is I’m crawling/ under 5mph which my car will drop from 2nd to 1st then the rpm will go from under 1k to just under 1.5k. I’ll try and capture a video of this if I can and upload it later!
  3. BlackGolfR

    Understanding and using your DSG box.....

    After owning my R 18 months I still like to look through this thread to make sure I’m driving the R to the best of its ability! HOWEVER I’m hoping somebody can help, when I slow down whether fast or slow going from 2nd to 1st I find the revs pick up to around 1.5k rpm. I am unsure whether it’s because I have coded the exhaust open so it’s louder so I am able to hear it or whether it is an actual issue with the DSG. I have had the oil changed recently and it still persists. It’s more predominant when the car is cold but does it sometimes once the car is warm. Please someone tell me this is usual behaviour! Thanks
  4. BlackGolfR

    My Bittersweet 7R

    Great choice of steering wheel! Carbon mirror caps look great too👍🏼
  5. BlackGolfR

    Blocked when on 4G

    @Booth11 I’ve reset my phone and it is working now🙄 still may be worth looking in to it though sorry!
  6. Hi Moderators, Unsure what’s going on but when on o2 4G it says I am blocked from the site (picture attached) yet when I am on my WiFi my account works as normal. I will contact o2 to see what’s going on but thought I would flag this also. Thanks
  7. BlackGolfR

    ROB2k68 Lapiz R Collection & Build thread

    Great choice Rob! Jack does a fantastic job, let me know if you want me to send over his cleaning guide for the wheels👍🏼
  8. BlackGolfR

    The best colour

    DBP for me too, I’m biased mind🙄 if I was to have a MK7.5 R it would be white silver. However in US I would have to get Racing Green!!
  9. BlackGolfR

    Ultimate Green Focus RS

    This is a beaut Ian! My Dad had one back in 2013 remapped to 380bhp he said it was quite a handful.
  10. BlackGolfR

    What did you do to your R today?

    Absolute class number plate!! Car looks a serious weapon.
  11. BlackGolfR

    Dans oryx 3dr

    That would be helpful and much appreciated bud if you could!
  12. BlackGolfR

    Happy New Year..!!

    Happy New year VWROC - it’s a pleasure to be part of such a helpful banterous forum, long may it go on!
  13. BlackGolfR

    Back again 😂

    back bud! Bet your excited to be back in an R!
  14. BlackGolfR


    bud make sure you get some pics up when you can!
  15. BlackGolfR

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Pukka two car garage that😍