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  1. Gives it a bit more of a whoosh and throttle seems a bit more at ease but think that’s the libido effect in full swing 😂
  2. Maxton spoiler extension is a great piece of kit, however I’ve heard awful things about the splitter kit so I went TRC. I’ve dropped some pictures below! I’ve hit my splitter lots and it is still in great condition.
  3. Just a small update on what’s happened with the R, I treated it to a TTE turbo elbow, and believe me I can definitely feel a slight difference in the throttle, as you can see it’s considerably bigger aswell. Plus I thought I’d chuck in some more pics!
  4. I’ve got one of these on my car and for the price you pay it’s a lovely bit of kit and it just sets the back off a little more, it’s a nice middle ground between standard and an Oettinger spoiler!
  5. I don’t know whether you are on Instagram at all but have a look at QStuning, they have just had one in as pic shows below!
  6. I’m going to put the TTE elbow on and see how it goes, it’s not going to make the performance any worse!
  7. OP, sorry to hear about this, something similar happened to my engine last year! It was identified that mine had been ran dry of oil by the previous owner and it had ruined my crankshaft and pistons! It required a complete new engine! I would advise to maybe search for second hand engine than a brand new one!
  8. Hi all, was wondering whether anybody else was running a TTE turbo elbow on their R’s without the actual TTE upgraded turbo? I’m already running a VWR intake hose and modified airbox. Are turbo elbows a good modification over stock? Any help is appreciated!
  9. Hey Mark, welcome to the forum, we are a sound bunch! Thanks very much I appreciate that, would be cool to meet up to get some shots of them together!
  10. Instagram - @vagsocietyuk & @jarededwards_
  11. I’m gutted after reading all you guys feedback on LV, I gave them a call and they wouldn’t insure me as I was under 25!
  12. Thanks mate, she’s on VWR lowering springs!
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