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  1. Thanks Dave! It’ll certainly be tasteful I think. A throwback to British racing heritage! 😉
  2. Thanks Dave, agreed the plate off is an instant winner I must admit😂
  3. Thanks mate I appreciate that, it’s going to go through a big change soon which means it’ll be the opposite of stealthy😉
  4. It’s using the 2017 turbo that came with the new engine. The old one was in perfect working order, it was just decided that it was safer to use the 2017 after the engine went kaput!
  5. So decided to switch it up a little bit! Fitted an ABT grille as I wanted to stand out a little more, whilst it’s not to everyone’s taste in a big fan! Again not to everyone else’s taste but a light smoke on my headlights. Finally I’ve had the first part of operation stage 2 carried out, the milltek downpipe has been fitted and boy is she noisy😂
  6. 3dr hatch, being a 22 year old I only need 3 door, only ever have 1 passenger in the car! However if it was to have any kids, 5dr Golf R inbound😆
  7. BlackGolfR


    Can confirm I spoke to her about 30 minutes ago to pay the deposit on my booking, so if anyone is having problems I would try again.
  8. Yes stock turbo albeit the car is a 2014 car with a 2018 7.5 engine and turbo following an issue back in 2018.
  9. BlackGolfR


    I can confirm I had the same issue with calls being answered, so I dropped @[email protected] a message which she replied to very quickly and arranged a call the next day. I believe she is working at home at the moment as she does all the bookings so getting in contact is slightly more difficult than usual. I can assure you the wait will be worth it!
  10. I have my car tuned by Rick and I can't fault the ECU or TCU tune at all. I see on Facebook a lot of people talking highly of R-tech maps but I know 3 or 4 cars personally that have had severe issues with the TCU map and have took their cars elsewhere to get it mapped after. It just shows what peoples opinions are. I wouldn't be put off by some peoples here say on Faecbook and would go off of any information on here first. When you have mapped as many cars as Rick has of course it would be the minority of negative ones that come to the forefront but not the 1000's of good cars he has mapped!
  11. Thought it was a much better time to have a health kick as my office is full of unhealthy food on a daily basis. Eating cleaner and smaller portions and I’ve lost 1st so far!
  12. Yeah that is definitely a stunning combo. I know CLP Automotive recently had a Black 7.5R in with bronze wheels and that was stunning.
  13. Thanks mate. I would personally be choosing Matt bronze, I had mine refurbed in black copper but I think bronze looks really classy!
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