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  1. Bought H3 YJE a couple of years back and first of all ran it illegally spaced saying H3Y JE, but after being given a stern warning by the police thought better to change it back to normal!
  2. Bet you were all thinking from the username I have a Black Golf R?... well you’d be correct😂 seemed most appropriate when joining!
  3. Looking good with the splitter Dave👍🏼
  4. Alright Frank! I have them fitted to my 7R and the ride is OEM or maybe a slight bit stiffer than the original springs. Obviously it looks fantastic too!
  5. Finally got the full stealth look now, unsure whether I prefer the silver or black badge however. Would highly recommend if your near the Bristol area to head up to the Aston Martin dealership after hours to get some wicked photos!
  6. Update - Springs are on! Nice low drop and still ride OEM, definitely a great choice for anyone looking to lower their R. Pictures don’t do it justice really! Little before and after below.
  7. Thanks Ian! I will I’ll definitely have a look when I renew! I’ll be over 21 when I renew so I can use company’s like that we previously they have refused.
  8. It’s all good, it’s looking gleaming now! That seems a lot for the bonnet I suppose it’s one of the biggest panels on the car! PPF seems to work wonders!
  9. After following a concrete lorry to work😬
  10. Cheers Rob, I’m looking forward to seeing what it looks like, apparently it rides as close to standard as it can get!
  11. No, it was only as it was cheapest on Compare the market, will do my research next time round😂
  12. Thread revival! I have had the warning pop up today while trying to open the boot. I had just refitted my rear carpet in the boot due to a leak and once locked the car came back an hour later and the car would only unlock with the key fob. Now this isn’t a problem as I don’t tend to use keyless but it’s pings a warning up every 20 seconds of driving which is infuriating. I have tried the above fix and this didn’t work, has anybody got any other ideas or solutions before I book it in? Thanks
  13. I know odd as, they are the worst insurance company I have been with and will not be renewing regardless of price. Awful customer service and don’t ever understand clearly what you are trying to discuss!
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