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  1. So long trip to Stockport to see Rick is completed and these are the results! If I’m correct 403 lbft equates to 546nm of torque which seems amazing compared to some other stages 1’s I’ve seen! Car is exactly how I want it to be so can only thank Rick for his expert work! Dyno print out below!
  2. I am very excited to say the least!
  3. Small update before a big update tommorow! One of my TD’s cracked so had to get that repaired. More importantly I’m taking the trip up tomorrow to see Rick to get a stage 1 map finally after owning the car 2 years!
  4. It’s the little subtle bits that make the difference, like the splitter kit and spoiler extension! But wheels are a must in my opinion if you have the Cadiz as they suit a stock car but now it’s got bits on it, they stand out like a sore thumb.
  5. The Twingo handled awesome but was too slow being naturally aspirated do you had to rev the nuts off of it to get it to move😂 what Renault have you got now?
  6. Thanks mate, that’s the only reason I went for the milltek was because OEM, I prefer the oval tips!
  7. Thanks mate, as far as I can remember they are from eBay, they are matte carbon fibre backing stickers which cost no more than £5 and just gloss black badges!
  8. Sorry Dave, should’ve put that in my update, it’s non res, non valve but still being a bit yobbo it’s perfect for me!
  9. Scott, that looks unreal man, wanted to see an R in this colour for a while!
  10. So I haven’t touched base in a while. Since my last update a cheeky little upgrade has happened! I’m now running a Milltek race catback exhaust and boy does it make a noise! Also looks fantastic, what made me choose this system was it looks OEM still but bigger!
  11. Thank you, hard work is key!
  12. My 2nd car is the R! Will be my car for many more years too😄
  13. Thank you, I think they are 8j 18inch 40 offset if my memory serves me correct running on pilotsport 4’s 225/40.
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