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  1. Merry Christmas everyone! New front discs, pads and lines fitted this week! MTEC C hook discs with Ferodo DS2500 pads with Goodridge braided lines! They certainly look the part!
  2. Some more pictures for your pleasure! Ordered Mtec C hook discs, Ferodo DS2500 pads and Goodridge brake lines to help improve the brakes over stock for Black Friday!
  3. Shades Wraps in Bristol did my R and did a top job!
  4. Having a slightly similar issue to this at the moment with a Unicorn stage 2 tune. I am getting slip in 6th at around 4k revs. I have been suggested to carry out a DSG reset which I will do this weekend and then Unicorn have kindly said if this doesn't resolve the slip to visit them and they will look at it free of charge and hopefully resolve it for me.
  5. Must have had lots of work done to it, I think supercharged takes them to 300bhp roughly!
  6. Easily one of the best looking cars ever imo. Will be my next car to run alongside the R!
  7. Haha Green is an extremely underrated colour! It is a Teckwrap!
  8. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I'm glad the car can be appreciated on the forum. Definitely a great place to show off my R!
  9. Thanks mate, shame it looks like this now then haha!
  10. So here we go, some pictures in the light at a recent event at Caffeine & Machine! Before anyone asks no that windscreen isn’t tinted green it’s the climate windscreen😉
  11. Thanks mate, definitely glad it works😂
  12. Yeah definitely! I’ve seen a few in purple which look absolutely amazing! Lapiz, white are very common around my area!
  13. Thank you, means a lot that!
  14. Definitely go stage 1 and then stage 2 so you can experience the different stages in there full beauty!
  15. So understated it’s absolutely lovely!
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