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  1. Could you have possibly warped the discs? I know after tracking you shouldn’t apply the E-brake whilst they are hot.
  2. The RacingLine stuff is advertised well and looks really top notch but I think it’s nothing new that the others aren’t doing (Revo etc.) Theres not much on here because I believe they were somewhat late to the party compared to the others.
  3. You could look to source some on eBay but you may find it hard to get a full set and might have to resort to buying separately when they become available and if used get them refurbed which isnt much of an issue but bumps price up... I was thinking about getting some VW GTI Austin alloys on my 7R, not sure how they would look but I like the alloy in general, 19" would be preferred option but these are more common so would be able to get genuine's for a decent price. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Volkswagen-GTI-VW-18-Austin-Alloy-Wheels-for-MK7-VII-Golf/312747322455?epid=2143263169&hash=item48d1316c57:g:FoYAAOSwu~xc~VtN
  4. I had a manual 7R for a year before deciding to swap to a DSG 7R. Personally I prefer the DSG, it feels quicker in stock form and you get some benefits like dsg bangs and launch control. I do miss my manual on country lanes but 99% of the time DSG suits me and the car IMO.
  5. I believe they have a forum discount as they are sponsored, last time I checked it was free delivery so was a decent saving. As you’ve got midnight blue I think the black/silver would be nicer, the gun metal was suit a lighter paint IMO. Upload some pictures of you end up buying & fitting them!
  6. They look great in person, they are the only other VW alloys I’d put on my R CM wheels sell them 4 for £500, they are reps but CM seem to have a good reputation, worth a look into it if the VW prices are too high https://cmwheels.com/product/19-vw-clubsport-style-wheels-gun-metal-machined/
  7. Different is definitely Clubsports then... I have only ever seen 1 R with them on the street
  8. Ive got Prets and think they look the best but I think the clubsport ones might be a better option... Cheaper, look nice, don't see many and they wont buckle from a slight crack in the road!
  9. Interesting to hear the anti drone pipe has drone lol
  10. No bother, that will come off with a dry wipe of a microfibre cloth - Remember circle motions.
  11. Funnily enough I was thinking about this yesterday wondering how much BHP the engine itself would produce with no Turbo. I guessed around 200 BHP
  12. That sounds pretty bad, mine was more of a single click/tick when on full lock going slowly but turned out to be my Wheel bearing/hub area because a new bearing and hub assembly resolved the issue, I did however also have 2 new CV Joints done under warranty prior to that which didn’t solve anything. I believe mine was done from a pothole hit, I can remember hitting a pretty bad one on the clicking side, good luck anyway.
  13. Maxton spoiler extension is pretty good, think you can get it in carbon effect too.
  14. Looks super clean, was this a totally custom job? Also do you experience any drone with this setup? Wondering if the fact it’s inside the oem housing affects anything.
  15. Anyone had exhaust work done at PCW Exhausts? Just found out about them via a YouTuber but they seem to be big in the M crowd, got in touch and they mod the OEM back boxes and resonator internals to sound more aggressive. Thinking of taking my 7R there but haven’t seen any flyby videos which would be good, was quoted £300 for the back box and res internals mod.
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