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  1. Cant wait for all the comments saying you have an R and dont know what wheel weights are, thats exactly what I got a few months back when I asked the same thing lol But yeah its wheel weights to make sure the individual wheels are balanced, they come in all different sizes, shapes, colours etc.
  2. You should be able to source some OEM Cadiz for pretty cheap, when I had mine I badly wanted Prets but the resale on Cadiz was pretty low.
  3. One time I was on the way to Bicester flowing with the traffic and this young lad in a Skoda estate was bullying everyone in the right lane by flashing them and going really close so I decided to give him a taste of his own medicine 😂 I got up his arse for a good 5 minutes, flashed him a few times to move out my way and he wouldn’t even when it was clear so I waited until all the lanes in front were clear and undertook him 😂 After I slowed down he caught up and was too shameful to even look at me bless him. Job done.
  4. When someone tailgates me I always deliberately drive slower than I was and then when it clears pull into the left lane, out my foot down and cyaaaaaaa 😂 (unless they have a faster car 😔) Nothing is more embarrassing for a tailgater is to try and intimidate someone by speeding up there arse and getting left by them, I usually find whenever I slow down back to normal they go past and keep their eyes straight and don’t even look into the car 😂😂
  5. Has anyone managed to do a custom job on fitting aftermarket exhaust tips over the OEM oval exhaust tips? (MK7 Hatchback) I want to keep the OEM exhaust but I find the tips sit a bit too far in under the bumper and I’d prefer some angled pipes, can’t find much online at all 😔
  6. What would the nail varnish do, would it clean the area?? Plus is it safe for the alloy in general? I keep the alloys pretty clean as they get wash either weekly or bi weekly with safe alloy cleaner
  7. A few weeks back I accidentally damaged my pret with a torque wrench rushing 🤕 I know it’s a need of a proper repair but I’m wondering if it’s going to be okay in terms of not rusting over time? If so do I need to look for a filler type product to give it some protection until I get can it refurbed? Might be hard to tell in the photo but I have scuffed the top layer and the alloy underneath is showing slightly
  8. Do the math but from the info you've gave I personally would stick with the current R.
  9. Definitely not, I dont get why people think using built in launch control ruins cars... If the manufacturer built it in then its safe in my eyes. I get the idea of stress on components but thats only really a case if your launching it every time you pull off.
  10. I’ve watched Calvin’s videos for a while from seeing him from LLF, he seems like a nice genuine guy to me but his knowledge in some of the cars he gets seems very vague.
  11. Took mine off ages ago and just have the plate on now, looks way cleaner. When I took the surround off the pins behind fell down onto the tray but I couldn't be arsed to get them out but I suppose they've found their way out after a few spirited drives.
  12. Only thing I can suggest is if your looking into a manual gearbox R then test drive both as I went with manual first, kept it for a year and then swapped it for a DSG. For my DSG suits to car more and has added bonuses
  13. I do agree I would never go to kwikfit for any work doing like servicing or upgrades but they seem to be the only place nearby to me with a Hunter machine which seems to be top tier in the alignment world, at least it seems.
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