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  1. It has to be my worst nightmare 😂 Imagine giving it some in front of all the lads and this happens, it’s always in the back of my mind 🥺
  2. Personally I’m sticking with dealer oil for my next 2 free services then I will be swapping to Millers when I’m paying, I have seen a reputable VW specialist on socials who vouches for Millers oil in terms of cleaning the engine so that’s good enough for me lol
  3. I have done a DSG reset via OBDEleven and I personally think it done some good but could be placebo 😶 I can’t say I get much hesitation, I do if I floor it in D and it takes a second to think about what gear to select but everyday driving I’m perfectly fine.
  4. Im really interested in doing this for my 7R hatch but I’m sure the exhaust is oval shaped even after taking off the tips 😔
  5. Things to note at the differences in drone from the 7 speed MK7.5 vs the 6 speed MK7. The MK7 is suppose to be more worse off due to the high rpm it sits in while in gear.
  6. From what I’ve read in the past I think the bonnet is slightly different so not sure the front will fit without big modifications to it, not too sure about the back
  7. Is this a 7.5 thing? I haven’t noticed it on my 7R unless I’ve missed it 😔
  8. Not really 😂 only on weekends tbh but I do 100% city driving so I don’t get into the high 20’s unfortunately.
  9. Tbh im 99% sure it was there before the new springs went on but because it’s nothing major I have never really paid any attention to it but I have been listening out for it a bit more recently. I might try the greasing spray myself to see if it had any effect but I’m unsure if I need to be careful or use a specific chemical 🤔
  10. My DSG 7R gives me 24 mpg when I drive sensibly, when I had my manual 7R it gave me 26mpg.
  11. Michelin PS4 - You won’t be disappointed.
  12. I recently lowered my 7R on Eibach Springs and I’ve noticed I have a squeaky/creaking noise (nothing major) from the front when going over speed bumps. Now I’m pretty sure it was there before I put the Eibachs on but can’t be sure as I’ve always got music on which drowns it out completely... My question is - If I highlighted the issue to VW during my service, would they be interested with it not being stock? I’d also need to check if this is classed as wear and tear as I’ve got a years warranty (used car). On the other hand I’m tempted to buy some aerosol greaser and spray the area but is there anything I need to watch out for in term of the area or specific types of chemicals?
  13. Arnold Clark are cowboys, I bought a car from them and had nothing but problems and they were completely incompetent. I wouldn’t believe a word they say on anything.
  14. For the most part I found it great with the new on the front but I have to admit that oversteer was a horrible feeling 😂 is much prefer understeer
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