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  1. ellixtt

    DSG Tune

    I haven’t got a map yet but I’ve researched them somewhat in the past, to me it seems like loads of big tuning companies offer a great DSG tune which will be Generic (shift points, true manual mode etc.) but if you went to a tuner who does custom maps then I’m sure he/she would be able to tailor it to your needs within reason for example choose your own shift points and so on. Theres only so much you can do with the gearbox.
  2. ellixtt

    Heavy Steering - 7R Estate

    It’s the hire car!! I had a brand new 1.6 Diesel Golf as a curtesy for a week and when I got back into my 7R it felt like I was stuck in the mud lol
  3. ellixtt

    jb4 TB1 at dealer ?

    Does it say if the guy bought it direct from VW or a third party? If it’s from VW as an approved vehicle then that means his JB1 allowed them to see the data changes?? I’m sure I read on here that the JB4 and JB1 show different data and JB4 being the more undetectable option. Correct me if I am wrong though 🤒
  4. ellixtt

    Which number plates?

    Gel Resin for me, pressed looked great but I’m not a fan of the 4D 🤢🤢🤢
  5. ellixtt

    JB4 - CANbus

    For the record George stated that support with custom mapping would come with original purchase only and not with second hand purchases which is fair enough.
  6. ellixtt

    Anyone using MST Turbo pipe

    Seen comments about the stock pipe being the way it is due to allowing flex with engine movement which silicone pipes do not do... Whether or not this is a real life issue I don’t know, put me off buying one for a while 😂 no doubt I’ll end up with one soon though.
  7. ellixtt

    JB4 - CANbus

    I messaged George hopefully can get a reply but sounds good from Rob!
  8. ellixtt

    JB4 - CANbus

    The AWG taps into the wire harness so it doesn’t occupy the OBD port, would this still cause problems between the two?
  9. ellixtt

    JB4 - CANbus

    Okay that’s good to hear! I was about to purchase a second hand one but I’m sure I’ve read online in the past about only getting custom support if your the original purchaser, I wouldn’t want to spend money on a device and not receive support 😔
  10. ellixtt

    JB4 - CANbus

    Hoping for some wisdom on 2 things, firstly if I purchase a JB4 pre-owned will I still get the help with a custom map 6 or is this only possible if purchased from new? Secondly I was scanning around and found this on the JB4 thread: “Can I run the JB4 with another device connected to the CANbus? No, any other device connected to the OBD port creates latency on the CANbus. The CANbus was designed to allow one device at a time and further data being pulled may create safety issues on the network as well as bad signal to the JB4” I have Autowatch Ghost fitted to my car which always runs off the CANbus, could this great issues for me or does it simply mean when the JB4 is fitted do not use the OBD port?
  11. I am also interested in the OEM+ map so would appreciate any feedback once you get yours done.
  12. ellixtt

    Standard equipment on 2019 300 R

    Res delete as standard 🧐 Wonder how this will sound? Or possibly as much smaller resonator box?
  13. ellixtt

    Euro Trip

    I’m trying to pursuade my friends to do something like this but non of them have ‘performance’ cars lol 😴😴😴
  14. ellixtt

    Drive Mode Percentages

    I used to use ‘normal’ in the engine mode on Individual but I’ve changed it to ‘Sport’ but keep it in D. Interested to see if the MPG goes down as a result 🤔
  15. ellixtt

    19 inch wheels turning circle?

    The turn circle seems to be slightly bigger but not really noticeable tbh same goes for the steering feel. Only noticeable thing is ride harshness IMO.