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  1. I just had my 65 plate R serviced at VW and they did the recall and pushed new software to my Nav Pro, seems to be slightly smoother but could be just in my head. No negative sides anyway.
  2. I dropped a screw from the stock intake housing and it took me a good 30 minutes to find it, luckily it dropped right down to the engine under tray and I just kept hitting it from underneath until it bounced out.
  3. I decided to go with Bilt Hamber Auto Foam, can’t wait to try it. Was really torn between this and ValetPRO as beck suggested, I might go with that next time
  4. I have just purchased this to replace the Karcher K2 I had which was pants. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/7904996 Managed to pick it up for £100 from Argos last week
  5. Long story short my jetwash broke early December and I have only just got around to buying a new one, a week or two ago I went to a petrol station to use the jetwash there and I did a quick contactless snowfoam and wash which looked nice and the next day it was like I never even attempted to wash it. Im a bit worried due to the thick grime that even if I snowfoam twice before contact with a mitt (Lams wool) it’s gonna to be like rubbing sand off my paint. Does anyone have any product recommendations? I have tried a prewash before which I did not rate one bit but it was autofinesse from Halfords 😂
  6. Agreed - I do believe out the box the R is a better package for most, I have put some lowering springs on and done some small mods like pedal box, coding exhaust valves etc. And I am happy with the way it is now. I wanted to tune but made the tough decision that if something goes badly wrong I can’t afford to put it right so I’ll keep it stock performance wise. Ive always preferred a coupe to a hatch and I do like the M240 but the annoying thing is now the M2 is out it makes the 240 look too bland, the M2 has a lot of road presence. Its a tough decision, I think I need to fall in love with my R again on a nice spirited drive out as I haven’t done that in a while with the weather being a bit dull.
  7. Another point is the price of a pre owned M240i, you can pick a nicely spec’d with 20k or less for around £21/22k list price with room to negotiate. The new M135i is not for me especially with it being a 2 litre, makes no sense vs my current golf. I think the 3 litre engine is what’s enticing me, I do love an AWD because you can chuck it into anything but I’m up for learning to back off and balance the car.
  8. I have owned my 7R for 2 years now and while I do really enjoy the car in every way I am getting slightly bored, I would love to go RS3 but I simply can not afford it. I drove my friends M135i a year ago and I remember it being very aggressive power from a standstill, I know they are well known to produce more than stock stated figures with typically around 350 which would be nice, the seats in the M240 are a bit naff but the rest is okay IMO - I think the sound of the straight 6 is much better than the R. Can anyone shed some experience on the M240i?
  9. I have the older style one and I’m also running Amber +2 green which is the perfect one for me. I had to work up to that though I first started with Amber -2 and slowly moved up. I did try it on Red (race) -3 which was pretty good but for daily might be too much, I turned it off out of interest and I thought my car was broken lol I could never go back now, can’t believe I didn’t think I needed one before I got it 😂
  10. Hi Dave, I’ve just had this exact same issue - Got a warning light come up so I pulled over and the coolant was way below the min so I opened it up got hissing and it shot back up to in between min and max! Did you have to get any work done to yours or was it okay? My warranty is over so I’m hoping it’s not a major repair/cost.
  11. I would say most weekends are busy, unless it’s torrential rain!
  12. you will have to double check which spec infotainment you have, I think you can only do it with MIB2. You will need a large enough USB (and a slot in your car of course) and if you google VW Infotainment software you will find it, from there it’s really straight forward and the software will do it all for you, takes a while but then plug it into your car and it will come up a download install. Should be tutorials online.
  13. 😂 sound pal, keep the annual mileage to 5k and it’s a deal
  14. Definitely know what you mean with the technology, JLR seem to have only just joined the party in term of their infotainment, Apple car play etc. I seem to prefer the overall design of the XJ vs the 750/S8 models but then not sure about handling and drive. What is it with these cars on depreciation, are they priced way too high brand new? Can pick them all up for very little after a few years it’s mental really.
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