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  1. Some may slate me for this but Kwikfit usually do a free alignment check and most have Hunter machines, if you need adjustments you’ll be charged per axis. I had an alignment done 6 months back and I had it checked recently and it was out by quite a bit on the rear but in the end the guy did me a deal and sorted it all for the price of 1 axis, I think it was roughly £55 instead of £98, he was a real petrol head and knew his stuff on VAG cars, you get the usual Hunter print outs of course. Whether it be a top spec Hunter machine or a guy with string it’s only as good as the person doing it so just go with somewhere with excellent reviews and you’ll be okay.
  2. I am tempted to go to Millers too but not sure if to go for the 30 rather than the 40, my R is standard. I have seen online Will from VRS Northampton rave about Millers oil on MQB cars saying the engines which run it tend to be cleaner throughout. Worth noting that it’s more suited to be changed earlier than standard oil so worth doing it between 5-8k
  3. Some days I think they look good, other days I think it’s tacky so at the moment I’m in limbo 😂
  4. I also usually avoid cosmetic mods like these, I have to say I did look at them when I had Cadiz but decided against them in the end. I have just got some cheap Germany flag plate stickers, I’m 50/50 if I like them or not 😂 so advice appreciated!
  5. On the road I can tell the difference between ESC on and ESC fully off (long press) but I can’t tell the difference between ESC on and sport. I prefer the feel of the car with traction’s fully off but I only ever do that on very dry warm days, normal days when it’s not wet I’m in ESC sport.
  6. These guys seems to be the shooting flames experts https://instagram.com/infinit.performance?igshid=1xt343xzz9gdx
  7. If your going to be creeping forward then I’d recommend turning off Auto Hold as it will keep bringing you to a stop, just remember not to let your foot of the brake before the handbrake 😂
  8. Highly recommend this guy (WhiteDetails) for learning, while he doesn’t necessarily do tutorials here does do lengthy videos on an entire detail over a few days which is good to watch to learn the process. https://www.youtube.com/c/WhiteDetails Also Pan The Organiser is great for more product comparisons and tutorials, can’t go wrong with him either. https://www.youtube.com/c/PanTheOrganizer Final recommendation is Chicago Auto Pros for a mixture of the two above https://www.youtube.com/c/ChicagoAutoPros
  9. It’s a hard choice with these two but for me here would be my pros and cons VW Scirocco R - Discontinued so may hold value. - Not many on the road (at least by me) - FWD but maybe has better steering feel? - Less power - Smarter interior VW Golf R - Faster and more ‘modern’ - AWD - Much more common on the roads - New model coming within now and next year
  10. Bad news for such a big name especially 50 years in business, I have to say I’ve never purchased BBS wheels although my Prets are BBS made. https://www.carthrottle.com/post/wheel-manufacturer-bbs-has-gone-bankrupt/ It states COVID as a contributor but I wonder if this is just a long time coming.
  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124263698531 It was near enough a kit like this and at the time I just used an electric drill, if you do go ahead with it be mindful that the mix of cerium oxide splatters all over the car so have the jet wash ready 😂
  12. Ouch that’s terrible, is it just a badly crushed bumper or has it bent anything in the engine bay?
  13. I just bought a kit online and it was very inexpensive.
  14. For reference I tried the Cerium Oxide with a machine polish and at first it seemed the scratch was less visible but it quickly came back once it was wiped down plus the splatter id the stuff went everywhere 🤯
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