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  1. Sequence

    Car drying

    Kind of expensive but i hear they do a very good job (https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/metro-vac-vac-n-blow) they also do a smaller one i'm sure someone who owns one will chime in.
  2. There shouldn't be any imperfections really..
  3. This is possibly what you read (https://www.autoinstruct.com.au/manufacturer/volkswagen/mk7-golf/mk7-golf-clutch-delay-valve-removal/) i cant speak to its effectiveness but i believe this is one of the main things.
  4. Nice i would be happy leaving it there and be done with it most seem to suggest that's a nice safe level.
  5. Sequence

    AMG A56

    TBH an RS3 any day over the A45 even the new one i doubt will that spectacular, they are achieving good things with a little 2.0 4cyl but they will never have the sound and if the gearbox is anything like before... hah
  6. There seems to be a common issue with front suspension creaks and squeaks, i had to go in 4 times to get it sorted. One possibility is the lower control arm bushes there is a TSB on it that includes applying grease this is the most common fix for most. This did not solve mine and in the end i had half the front suspension replaced 🙄 to solve it.
  7. Have recently hear a lot of good things about the new goodyear range including the f1 super sport which is a PS4S competitor available in 18" unlike the PS4S
  8. Yea, surely higher would make it worse ?
  9. MK5 GT Leather although the headrests are different some country's have different headrests so may not be from a uk car?
  10. Could lead to carbon build up over time though i'm no mechanic it is an easily solved issue when it does happen even if it is a few hundred bill. Could also affect economy also.
  11. To try and beef the sound up gain after the new GPF/OPF and to give space for the filters themselves.
  12. Not a bad car, good mileage and sunroof is nice i think you could get a better spec for similar money though. I don't think DCC is a must i have had non DCC mk7 on Cadiz 18" and now on mk7.5 Prets with no DCC and its ultimately fine but its personal preference. Quite a change coming from an M2 to a golf r i'm looking to go the other way in a year or two either M2/M3. whats the reason if i may ask?
  13. There should be no play at all in the turbo, get that looked at ASAP
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