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  1. no worries, i had hell getting mine sorted when i had my 7.5 car had less than 4k on it and had most the front suspension changed in search for the cure!
  2. Where i have marked in red is where vw pack in a load of expensive grease so start here, you could also add in a bit where i have marked blue. Try that fist if it still persists it can be top mounts or you could have a bad damper (shaft movement)
  3. BCS will be the best quality, i would rate Scorpion and milltek similar but would prob go scorpion.
  4. Sky insurance is well know in the mk5 gti modified scene, i cant recall any major issues so for a "being legal" should be just fine.
  5. Normally the other way round.. reduced pops and bangs could be down to exhaust temps getting to high it will cut them out for a bit until things cool of a bit other than that the only real control is the valves.
  6. Yea i know the chap, lovely R i have heard and see this issue a few times now and it seems to always be the DV swapping it for a new one eliminates the issue for most it seems. Fairly cheap part and easy to do so may be worth trying that.
  7. Does it sound like this video when he boots it? https://youtu.be/1_E94fnj2Iw?t=810
  8. Welcome. Looks on the face of it to be a good example, price is about right maybe a couple hundred high so room to bargain i'm sure , it has good tyres on it so the last owner did not just cheap out like some do so that is a good sign. As with any car have a thorough look all over check obvious things get a look at service history though this may be an online service book car i cant remember when that started exactly. Does not look to have any additional spec than standard but as it has no interior pics cant say for sure small fyi they are 18" cadiz alloys not 19" as they mention
  9. Supposedly the m3 is getting similar grills i'm sure there was a picture snapped up a while back of it in green
  10. PCW Exhaust mods does this kind of thing worth taking a look/giving him a shout.
  11. My bet is on injectors at that age more likely the port rather than the DI injectors but may make sense to have them tested as if they are leaking it could also cause catastrophic engine damage.
  12. Haha yep they are atrociously expensive.
  13. Until disk cracks or wears out that's only unless the squealing and poor cold performance does not drive you insane.
  14. Sequence


    As a small business owner we have had to shell out around £1000 on prep for reopening on the 15th. The money has to come from somewhere but we will just suck it up. i'm quite surprised a main dealer is not doing the same.
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