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  1. Seems a little low on the hp but torque is decent i would say with better fuel you would be closer to 350/360 which seems to be where a lot of OPF cars are hitting so i would not be to worried. Some OPF cars have hit 370+ but its will always vary with tuner and dyno. Don't get to caught up with numbers but look more so at how it drives it should be very different still even if the numbers don't suggest so.
  2. Its not something that will cause you any issues for quite some time so i would not be to worried? its also not massively expensive for cleaning...
  3. Finally gave it a much needed clean, was so filthy i thought it would never come back but alas she was fine especially after trying out fusso great stuff! Yes the tyres were done after!!
  4. Where is the dammn pictures!!!! Good move they are great cars and the pre WLTP face lift cars are the sweet spot in my opinion.
  5. And now the VW R brand goes to shit every model now seems to be getting an R maybe if we are lucky we will get a Sharan R!!!
  6. Can take a min or two sometimes to go off totally normal.
  7. Yea full removal of the box to allow fitment of a clutch so possibly related.
  8. Not seen anyone do this on a R looks pretty neat and ties in with the headlight styling, now if only it was black 😁
  9. Wows that is certainly odd uncommon issue but i have heard of issues with them generally from wear and tear/faulty from factory. hope it is all sorted quickly for you.
  10. Certainly an odd issue and time for it to come up. Yes there could be a haldex related issue as generally its very very difficult to get traction light to flicker, i would get the car scanned to see if anything shows up in the fault codes as a first step chances are it will lead in the right direction.
  11. Ah well still has fluid and is much less likely to show up any issues if it suddenly lost all its oil. Hope you get it resolved.
  12. If the engine oil is still at the correct level then i would say this is possibly DSG oil? Very odd needless to say avoid running/moving it until figured out. Mk7 is fully electric steering so no such fluid like previous systems afaik .
  13. if i remember correctly the correct full parts is something like £4/560 then you have about 3-4 hours labour so nearing on £1K
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