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  1. Admiral have always been good for me, was around 1400 when i was 19 on a 2016 golf r.
  2. Do some quotes. the only way to really know but yea should be fine. I was.
  3. Media and in person, I had a good look over a club sport in moonstone grey and sure it had some shine to it but nothing to the levels of previous golf r's imo. Maybe I'm wrong and it is just that colour in person and as you say media is skewed.
  4. Yea not sure I could stomach 20k down in a few years.. you certainly did well with yours. 1 year on with my RS3 and I'm down 1k if I were to sell today 😆
  5. Maybe, but what I keep coming back to is how awfully poor the overall quality is of the mk8's, the design has grown on me and early reports on performance seem promising but the quality does not justify the price tag. Almost ready to start calling them 30k drivetrain 10k for the rest a bit like jap cars 😬
  6. Orange peel is nothing new but they new mk8's are also very flat, almost no gloss/shine to them.
  7. As long as it is the same engine/engine code there should be no issue.
  8. Odd, it is not far off and some variance +- is normal. Personally I would recheck all clamps if you have an intercooler upgrade to make sure they are nice and tight encase they are leaking when under pressure or get it leak tested though I don't think this small of a loss would show up easily. When logging try running with traction/esc off and see if this has any effect. How does ignition advance look/any ignition retard?
  9. Ok good could also add a panel filter. How many times have you logged it and had this occur?
  10. Could be a small boost leak but what other mods do you have ? i presume inlet elbow and intake?
  11. Sequence

    Audi Rs3

    I concur with this statement 😆
  12. I personally would not bother with one.. but if you must then the china forge clones are actually pretty good for £15 😆
  13. Lower fuel efficiency would also be a symptom of a vac leak. Is the car under warranty and was the previous work done so under warranty? if so i would have them take another crack at it alternatively if they are not much help get a specialist to work it out and go back to vw with their findings.
  14. Sounds like a vacuum leak which is where VW have gone by replacing pcv and throttle body. Some simple things you can check that can affect this is oil cap, make sure it clicks into place properly it can seem like it has and actually be lose. Does the car perform normally or does it seem down on power?
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