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  1. Thats good... thats really good maintains the tone that so many systems lose and the res delete just finishes it.
  2. Thanks, Will give some tar remover a go.
  3. So tried some of this stuff today on the R and it did not go so well, car was cold just washed and aqua coat applied as instructed ( clean car, rinse, apply, rinse again, dry) and i am now left with a car almost covered in watermarks that if rubbed with a microfiber do come off but its takes alot of effort and its more scrubbing than i would like to inflict on my paintwork. What could i have done wrong? and more so what the hell do i do to remove it without causing damage ? My only though is going to town with my DAS 6 but id like to avoid such a scenario...
  4. I see your in Brighton.. i had caffyns vw in Eastbourne fit mine 2 times on different cars they did a good job no issues that i have had.. did not charge me either which i thought was good.
  5. Really would not want to be in that drivers position right now.
  6. Recently had the car in manual mode slamming into gar when shifting from 2-3rd in sport mode or drive it is perfectly fine. Have done a basic settings reset with obd eleven but still happening after that, is this just normal or have i got an issue?
  7. Very strange shifting issue something is wrong. Though i would be wary of posting all this until you are happy with the tune or if not reimbursed ect. give them a chance to rectify the issue.
  8. Something is very wrong with these pictures sure the car is ugly but why is the black end all blurry from the rear window down...
  9. Admins. Ban this guy. 🤤
  10. As above, its very rude not to share photos 😂
  11. That would depend on what you are looking for.. e.g. loud
  12. The Akrapovic is just the back box as pictured in Europe ect as well it is not a full system.
  13. Its not a straight cut as daddys money... For one a golf R is not that unobtainable to the younger generation. You will be surprised how much is made from endorsements/ ad revenue from youtube videos of course not many come from little they are usually quite successful/ have financial stability from the start allowing them to do what they want and grow from there.
  14. What a C**T. i do hope this asswomble pays for that.
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