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  1. Sequence

    Boost Pressure Sensor tuning boxes

    They all work to varying levels but from personal research the problem with the boost only control boxes in the Air Fule Ratio going all over the place which is not so good
  2. Sequence

    Exhaust flaps

    I have no personal experience of the aftermarket options im sure they are great but i do think many are a little overpriced considering how well a deres stock system sounds.
  3. Sequence

    Exhaust flaps

    Yes same on 7 and 7.5, i have tried coded open for a day or two on my previous 7 and current 7.5 the main drone zone is low speed, it was enough to make me turn them back on. Have done res delete on both my old and current and it gives much better sound is a little droney at points but liveable and totally worth it don't need an aftermarket exhaust as the tone of the stock back box imho is the best.
  4. Sequence

    Exhaust flaps

    The flaps do open and close in race mode at varying rpm to combat drone but most of the time open. They also open for things like cold starts ect i believe as you can here the vales open/ close couple of times
  5. Sequence

    Misty headlight

    18 Plate 7.5R I'm sure i have seen quite a few posts about foggy/condensation/misty headlights but more so on the mk7 with the xenon's not so much the 7.5 with led but i have just noticed the passenger side headlight on mine is quite heavily misted up and the driver completely clear just started happening over the last 3-4 days and no matter what time i looked it was always the same. Is this just norm and ok to carry on or do i have a issue here..
  6. Sequence

    New whistle sound on full throttle

    Sounds like a leak as it may be minor enough that under low load the leak is not apparent until higher pressure, i would get it checked just to be sure though.
  7. Sequence

    Advice for a friend. CAT-N Car problems

    I would say it is very suspect if they suggest it was written off because no parts, its hardly a rare car...
  8. Sequence


    Hmm 16 Mpg that's just mad going flat out everywhere is not really necessary though... could double your mpg
  9. Sequence

    Anyone driven a R since WLTP changes?

    I would expect any pops and bangs and dsg farts to be very muted compared to older cars as you are adding a restriction which will deaden some of the sound
  10. Sequence

    Someone better have good insurance [emoji85]

    Ouch, and now you wait for the "im sure we renewed our insurance..."
  11. Sequence

    Accident today...

    Well done on getting the plate, what an asshole hope its not to much hassle to get sorted. I would be a good idea to let them know when you hand it back im sure they will ask, as long as it is fixed correctly i don't see there will be an issue.
  12. Sequence

    Reverting Res delete

    As it has been brought back up i may as well update.. so yes i did use the clamp that came with the original res delete from BCS and upon fitting it to my new car i got a OEM VW clamp to replace the now missing one and that worked just fine.
  13. It is not advisable to run a sports cat without a map if it is more turbo noise and sound you are after why not a cat back and intake ? should give you the same if not better results without any issues or mapping.
  14. Sequence

    What sensor is this?

    What sensor is on the rear of the mirror? I don’t remember having this on my previous mk7 r but on the 7.5 with the bezelless mirror there is a small sensor. only reason for asking is this is where I put my dash cam I have not put it in yet.
  15. Sequence

    Akrapovic Exhaust

    Where would one likely acquire an Akrapovic Exhaust i know awesome gti had some a while back but no longer is this something obtainable from dealer ?