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  1. The engine in our R's is quite unique in that the exhaust manifold is internal within the engine block and is cooled by engine coolant thus allowing for the car to warm up nice a quickly and keeping us toasty on a cold winters morning
  2. It seems like they may have bitten off more than they can chew as i believe they were going for multi car manufacturer support i suspect this is where it all backfired.
  3. You will love your upcoming mods. Generally the noise is attributed to the downpipe flex joint or the wastegate in the turbo so a little odd this has fixed it for you but at the same time great that it has!
  4. For one that's not a GTE LOL, possibly a match spec maybe either way it looks pretty bad, out of all the newly released and up and coming hatches so far the ford focus looks the best imo.. followed by the MB a class
  5. Around the £700 mark for the ECU and not sure on the TCU alone but together they are around £1100 i think less than APR either way. Have a chat with @Batch he will reveal all
  6. Most dont. Though i have first hand experience of Racingline OEM+ stage 1 and a OEM+ stage 3 car both drive flawlessly and you cant go to wrong, a few members on here are/was Racingline OEM+ users.
  7. Good luck! i have been on the look out and in the past 12 months 1 has gone up for sale 2 times, you are better of going with something like Remus it sounds great looks great and is around 1k less than what you would end up paying.
  8. This happens on unmodified cars also and is usually a side effect of the dsg not guessing the correct gear, in most cases the next gear that you are likely to need is pre selected sometimes if you do the opposite you will get this delayed change.
  9. I had a previous manual R before my current DSG i transferred my res delete all i needed was another clamp the one that comes with most rest deletes will be sufficient if not you can pick up an an oem clamp and this will do the job.
  10. Bilt hamber, top stuff only snow foam i have ever used that actually works.
  11. I did notice a few months back from some pictures at goodwood fos with the detached style disk from the bell without drilling. i would assume they would be similar in price to the clubsport s disks though.
  12. Good well articulated message @LUG i wonder what they will come back with!
  13. 12K.. Glad everyone is ok times like that really suck 😕
  14. It is almost always going to be clutch particulates the reason it would happen on a newer car is possibly down to the bedding in process which most forget needs to happen on more than just the engine.
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