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  1. I thought VW, like majority of makers, don't cover sunroofs under warranty for cracking, shattering etc. Only for failure of the motor/mechanism.. Think you'd have a hard time proving manufacturing defect caused crack/failure versus stone damage.
  2. Whilst shut, it used to squeak (I'm super sensitive to noises) due to body flex. Bit of that Gummi stuff along with a general clean of the seals and it was nice and quiet thereafter.
  3. Gummi pfledge, that's the stuff. Only needed one coat and it was sorted.
  4. It squeaked a bit a few weeks after picking it up. Used the German seal lube (can't remember the name, it's about ten quid on Amazon and was recommended on here) and noise went away permanently. Unlike some of the other forum members, I love a sunroof and constantly had it fully open or, if weather was dicey, just had the rear tilted. Not problems at all. I hate hate hate how dark cars are inside without a decent sized roof hence speccing it. Wish it had a fixed glass rest section like the Tiguan (and estate I think) but on flip side the manual blind can be closed even with roof fully open all
  5. Recently sold my mk 7.5 after over 3 years ownership. I specced DCC, sunroof, Prets and Dynaudio. Dynaudio is definitely better than standard, stereo imagining is great, sound quality is nice enough for a car but it's definitely worth the money if you like music at all. DCC is well worth the wait/money and makes it a proper Jekyll and Hyde car. Very compliant comfortable ride is comfort ranging to very stiff in race. I've read normal/sport is a little softer than standard, race is a little firmer. Beyond firmness it damps things down better; I dislike the jiggling of standard suspe
  6. I'd have much rather sold mine to an enthusiast but it seems there either aren't many people willing to pay nearly 30k for a private car or most buyers need part ex/finance to buy at the moment. I advertised mine on autotrader and over 2 weeks I got 1 half hearted private buyer and 3 sport car type dealers approach me with stupid offers. No interest via classified here either. This was with a keen price to. Ended up selling via motorway for 450 less than I had it up for on here. Bang on what I wanted for her. £4k ish loss from new over 38 months certainly impressed the
  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    One owner from new. Registered end of May 2018. One of the last 306 bhp models before the petrol particulate filters came in. Currently on 12700 miles. Over £4000 of extras (list price came in under 40k so no extra road tax to pay) including Dynamic Chassis Control option which is pretty much essential with 19s on UK roads IMO. Also comes with 19 inch black Pretorias, panoramic sunroof, Dynaudio stereo, black mirror caps and darker rear tints. 22 months of factory (way better than dealer/after market) extended warranty left. Original invoice to prove this is available. Service plan included which has one major service left. Paperwork to prove it is available. Full VW service history including haldex oil change and brake fluid change in May this year (barely 200 miles done since that service). I have the printouts showing service history and you're welcome to call vw to double check. New battery fitted under warranty in June this year. Only warranty work it's ever needed. Barely getting any use since November 2019 and that's not going to change soon so time to reluctantly sell. Condition as expected for such low miles. Feels brand new inside. Some minor stone chips to front (most miles done on dual carriageway and motorway). One recent approx 1 inch light scuff to wheel; got paint and lacquer to repair but didn't get time to do it. This is a very well specified car with low mileage and the benefit of a long warranty far exceeding what even a vw dealer could offer and has the next service already paid.


    , Carmarthenshire

  8. I complained about my battery at the 2 year service (it's fine they say despite low voltage and difficulty starting sometimes) and again at 3 year service last week. No stop start like you, constantly getting low voltage error and have to charge/jump car if left more than a few days. After coming away unhappy this time I emailed service dept pictures of the low voltage error I got after 40 odd miles of driving and then stopping for 3 minutes or so. They passed them to VW and finally got approval to replace it from from. No idea how these keep passing the battery tests in such bad
  9. I find the best improvement is to make sure the focus is set for driver. That makes a world of difference for me and really makes the soundstage feel right; they did a good job getting that right and it's way more than simple fading/balance. I don't think the mids are over powering but then my hearing is a bit rough in those frequencies so I tend to increase mids to compensate. I leave bass at zero but turn the sub up or down depending on what mood I'm in. You can't really beat just playing a track you like over and over and messing with settings till the sound suits your taste as
  10. Need to get my car serviced in South West or South Wales. Tried Sinclair Neyland before for minor service and wasn't overly impressed (got fobbed off over failing battery which is even worse now). Need a major service with haldex (and filter) doing and want to make sure I use a decent dealer to do it all. Any recommendations?
  11. We just got a 2021 Tiguan with travel assist (the advanced steering system). That system has thrown "unavailable" errors a few times and every single time it does that, ACC is still available but the bloody thing seems to default to safe mode. And safe mode is clearly set for Germany as the speed limits are read as KPH, like the issue you have, and it won't let us overtake traffic on dual carriageways as it things we're undertaking. Basically becomes unusable until the cars switched off. I read a Throttle House review of the ID3 and that has the same issue. Its a global VW bug and
  12. That seems like a really lazy "review". It's more a first impressions piece at best. The wheel size may be a mistake, but they also talk about DCC like it's standard and conclude that at it's base price, which doesn't include DCC or larger wheels, it supposedly offers a lot for the money. Does it really? I still can't see how the R is value when it's more expensive than a similarly specced S3. I'll wait for a decent review before making judgements but the touch controls, fixed headrest, insane price and that feeding manta ray front end are doing nothing for me.
  13. You need to meet up with someone else who has a 19 plate and do some back to back comparisons. It's great the current is changing so the damping "should" be changing too but I'm not a fan of dealers (of any brand) diagnosis of faults so a like for like test should reveal any issues. The excuse of later cars maybe being stiffer or wherever rings alarm bells to me. Surely the entire suspension system is unchanged between mk 7.5 cars of 17/18/19 plate, maybe a change of supplier here or there but nothing fundamental? My car is an 18 plate with DCC and 19s and I notice a significant
  14. Sadly I'd rather they put the disguise back on! That looks like a cheap Chinese copy of the Mk7.5. Zero to tempt me to ever "upgrade" in the looks or performance dept. Doesn't seem great considering how much direct completion it now faces.
  15. I toyed with idea of long life service internal but decided against it as the interval isnt fixed. When I priced up regular v long life service costs it seemed you had to get 16k at least out of the car to break even on long life. Having heard some people's car needing service closer to 12k I went with the discounted 2 year service plan standard servicing. And to be fair, I'd rather not leave the initial oil in the car that long considering the crap it picks up as the engine beds in.
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