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  1. also, would you get an audi RS at the same performance level (and more expensive) than a R..??
  2. nosequeponer

    Performance Pack Brakes, DCC and Stage 3

    i have DCC on my leon st, and theres a noticeable difference between the setings of the -Dcc, (but they are too soft to my taste..) so i added a vwr springs, and the car is still confortable but better planted regarding brakes, i got the optional bbk for the leon (370mm and 4 pot from RS3, more than happy with it) so far, mine is stage 2 (400bhp) and the car has no problem to deal with it
  3. i have the vwr springs with dcc. for me it´s a great improvement, as the car is more tight right now, that it was before, it was too soft for my taste. with the vwr, you get a firmer ride in race , and it is not uncomfortable in normal mode, it´s not bouncy or harsh, i have friends who have the car but with stock springs, and they liked a lot, actually, lot of them mounted the springs after a test ride...
  4. nosequeponer

    100-200 kmh times Vbox/Dragy

    i have a video from 72km/h to 229 kmh in like 16 sec... (stage 2, stock dsg) don´t know exactly how that translate into a 100-200, i don´t have any specific tool
  5. the only problem the cup2 have is with a lot of water in the road, they can not evacuate water from the road as a normal tyre will do, dry perfect wet and light rain no problem at all, circuit fantastic they came standar with my leon, and have been using them with no problem in all those circumstances..
  6. nosequeponer

    Why do you modify?

    for me it is for 2 main reasons.. first, i like really powerfull and fast cars, but i´m not in the position of spending 80.000€-100.000€ in a 400hp car... (too many different activities to spend my money into..) so a stage 2 car, 400hp 4x4, full equipe, for a total of 40.000€ is a no brainer for me!!! second, it´s to make the most of your money.. and if you could squeeze a bit more from what you allready have (and not get broke in the process) it´s a win...
  7. nosequeponer


    running wagner here
  8. nosequeponer

    VWR Springs

    got them fitted to my leon st4, and they are perfect for my liking.. not hars ride at all, and much more planted (got dcc also) and a lot more nice look
  9. nosequeponer

    CUPRA 400 ST4

    O know it is only cosmetic, but... RS6 tails, they fit better into the rieger Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  10. That´s what i thought...
  11. i know, i wasn´t looking for a exact figure, the main idea was to know what was to be expected if going stage 3 without forging.... i mean, if all of them blow up in the first year (lets say) or it is just a small amount that only do drag races.... because i´ve been told to forge if i go stage 3, (almost as if the engine will explode in the first 1000km...) don´t know if i´m explaining myself
  12. How high (or low) is that % of stage 3 blown engines..??? (not forged) any aprox idea??
  13. so, for the stock 2l anything under 500bhp and 600nm should be safe for the internals right?? and from there on, it is just a matter of how long will it last
  14. nosequeponer

    CUPRA 400 ST4

    after a few road tests... all i can say is the car is a blast
  15. nosequeponer

    CUPRA 400 ST4

    Last update for sometime.. New 3” dp with 200 cell kat, and new electronics... Close to 400... Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk