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  1. The RS3 Brake ducting is really easy to fit! Part numbers: 8V0407811 and 8V0407812
  2. Yes of course, at first with the Performance Pack brake discs and ferodo DS2500 I updated the brake fluid (Endless RF-650), now with the Revo by Alcon BBK I am using Motul RBF600. It is not as good as the Endless but is enough. By the way, thanks to your replies I already have a Racingline oil catch can to install So oil surge problems and braking are not problems anymore!
  3. Yes of course, at first with the Performance Pack brake discs and ferodo DS2500 I updated the brake fluid (Endless RF-650), now with the Revo by Alcon BBK I am using Motul RBF600. It is not as good as the Endless but is enough.
  4. I am waiting to have all of the hardware to install stage 2 (IC upgrade and DP). I am pretty happy with power (stage 1) but yes, I need an IC upgrade specially here because it's already 25 celsius and raising 😮 Thank you very much for your answer, in a few words you can see that you are talking and giving advice with tons of experience! I assume that you still retain the OEM suspension, afraid of loosing DCC? I do not want to lose it either, so if with sway bars and poly bushes the body roll is under control I would like to keep it stock (for daily use comfort mode is really good) . The LSD for the DQ381 is still not available, but at first to be fair and realistic I need to start with the basics (sway bars) and oil catch can. Yes, I started with the VW Driving experience and then I though that why not to start visiting the racetrack along Spain? Sadly here there is a 1% of the car & track culture that you enjoy in the UK but we are lucky to have a lot of race tracks, so it's always more difficult to find collegues and people with enough experience to enjoy and keep learning.
  5. I am deepening in the track world with my mk7.5 R. It is not a bad car at all for that purpose (entry level) but if you start to pushing hard for more than 20 min sessions you can see the weaknesses of the car. In this forum there are some R owners with lots of experience on track so I am asking, if you would start again modding your car, what do you think are the most valuable mods? (still thinking in a daily drive car) I have already done: Brakes -> Revo by Alcon BBK 380 mm, with steel brake lines and Ferodo DS2500 rear pads. - APR Stage 1 with VWR600, inlet hose and turbo elbow and Remus catback (Stock DP) - Michelin pilot sport cup 2 tires I am planning: - Racingline oil catch can - Sway bar front and rear ¿H&R? - Front and rear chassis braces? But from here all help and comments are welcome! What would you do first? Here a photo on the F1 track here in Barcelona, Spain
  6. Thank you very much for the info! Has you said, Racingline explains this oil surge issue on their web: Regular track drivers have discovered that not all catch tank kits are equal. The most important and unique aspect of our Oil Management System is that it offers a proper solution to oil starvation under high-G braking. So, push your car hard on track, with track-tyres and uprated brakes and this is something that you really need to be aware of. Our motorsport experience has taught us that these EA888.3 engines tend to collect a large volume of oil at the front of the cylinder head during heavy, long braking. At best, that can lead to clouds of white smoke from the tailpipes. At worst, with no oil returning to the sump, this starves the oil pick up and the engine can momentarily “run dry” - enough to cause devastating consequences to your engine internals. Not good, to say the least. It's no surprise that we share this exact same oil management design with Volkswagen Motorsport, Audi Sport and Cupra for the TCR race cars. Our clever baffled PCV block forces the oil back to the sump under heavy braking to fix this problem once and for all. Don't go on track without it! So I really know what will be my next purchase
  7. Hello everyone,In my last track day here in the sunny Barcelona, I have seen every single lap that in the same curve if you please look to the rearview mirror (1:02 minutes) there was a lot of oil smoke. That happened always on the same place in the same conditions (in the cool down laps it didn't happen). Is that normal? if not, any ideas of what could happened? A collegue told me that the solution is an oil catch can, but that Will prevent this to happen?The oil consumption in normal driving situations is close to zero, but in a 1 hour track day the consumption was 600 ml. Thank you for your help
  8. Does somebody have any experience with the AP Racing R4 brake fluid? For me the Endless RF-650 is the best, but right now i'am running Motul RBF600 and it's more tan enough.
  9. It's the best way to check that the car sounds like a washing machine and that you need to do someting to the exhaust system (Res delete / catback). I would help you with the OBD11 mod but I am pretty sure that you Will find a mate closer tan me (Barcelona)
  10. The Cup 2 are pretty good in a global way, but the weather here in Spain is not as rainy as in UK
  11. First things first… disable the Soundaktuator and then you will realize that you need a catback system exhaust!
  12. I use Endless RF-650 and is a superb brake fluid. Nevertheless I have used Motul RBF600 and is also ok.
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