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  2. Many thanks fella and I appreciate your response. This is why I came to a forum specific for the Rs. To compare what you can get for the money. I looked at the loan options but was getting much higher interest rates and monthly instalments than on the pcp. I'm looking at a 48 month pcp with £500 deposit if that helps. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  3. Hi Guys, My name is Kamran and I'm based in Sheffield near Meadowhall. I currently drive a 2004 Polo GT TDI which is an absolute great car. It has 154k miles but still goes well. 6 speed manual with cruise and heated seats is also a rare spec. However, I'm currently looking at utilising the VW scrappage scheme and would like some advise. Although I like the diesels, VW have got what seems to be a good deal on the golf GTE which has £7.5k off. I'm looking into the GTE as it has some good reviews and the instant torque gives it decent performance too. Plus with it being hybrid I'll be able to drive to work on electric and plug it in at the charging point so get free top up and free parking. I'm looking to get the car on a PCP deal but have not had much experience in this being strongly against getting a new car simply due to the depreciation of the VAT and interest elements. However the scrappage scheme gives me much more than my polo is worth and covers the interest and vat. Does anyone have any advise on this? It would be greatly appreciated. The quote I've had so far puts my total amount payable at around £29k for a car with list price at £34.5k with options. Looking at monthly payments around £340.00 with a £12k balloon. Is this a good deal before I sign on the dotted line? What sort of deals have you guys got. Looking at purchase and not Lease? Many thanks for reading and look forward to any help. Cheers
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