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  1. Some pics for the rare AB lovers, quick wash and a megs quick wax before it went straight back in the garage as it started to rain.
  2. Geeza


    Heres one while you are waiting!
  3. This happened to me the other day, as before I was at home and I had a spare battery. No warning of any sort, and the battery had been previously changed in March! I will keep a spare in the car.
  4. A little bit of Collinite to keep the old girl shining!
  5. I love threads like this, lets all go and measure ours dicks! great stuff!
  6. Quick update, £185 includes removal of bumper to spray and refit, sounds cheap but it's no pop up shop outfit. Interestingly Marshalls VW Came in with a quote at £780 this afternoon. 😂😂
  7. I would have thought that a good body repairer could prep the bumper correctly whilst it is on the car, after all do other parts get removed for painting? Doors, bonnet etc...
  8. Ok thanks, I will enquire about the cheaper quote tomorrow, I doubt £185 includes removing the bumper...
  9. A very kind gentleman/ woman has removed some of the paint off my rear bumper, it's very minor damage but it does require paint.☹️ i have a couple of quotes ranging from £420- remove bumper respray and refit to £185- I have yet to clarify the work content on this, but that are both reputable repairers. my question is, is it protocol to remove the bumper for paint? It does seem a little excessive to me but it does guarantee no mask lines...
  10. Geeza


    My beloved pressure washer has gone to heaven. I have a snow foam gun for the Karcher, does anyone know if it will fit other pressure washer makes, as I may replace it with a different make.
  11. Geeza


    I’m not sure the prets are generic, but yes I agree the Cadiz is the R alloy..
  12. Geeza


    Like the wheels, but not the hearse look. 😉
  13. Geeza


    Which is?
  14. Geeza


    Proper blue R v the ever popular lighter shade!
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