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  1. A little bit of Collinite to keep the old girl shining!
  2. I love threads like this, lets all go and measure ours dicks! great stuff!
  3. Quick update, £185 includes removal of bumper to spray and refit, sounds cheap but it's no pop up shop outfit. Interestingly Marshalls VW Came in with a quote at £780 this afternoon. 😂😂
  4. I would have thought that a good body repairer could prep the bumper correctly whilst it is on the car, after all do other parts get removed for painting? Doors, bonnet etc...
  5. Ok thanks, I will enquire about the cheaper quote tomorrow, I doubt £185 includes removing the bumper...
  6. A very kind gentleman/ woman has removed some of the paint off my rear bumper, it's very minor damage but it does require paint.☹️ i have a couple of quotes ranging from £420- remove bumper respray and refit to £185- I have yet to clarify the work content on this, but that are both reputable repairers. my question is, is it protocol to remove the bumper for paint? It does seem a little excessive to me but it does guarantee no mask lines...
  7. Geeza


    My beloved pressure washer has gone to heaven. I have a snow foam gun for the Karcher, does anyone know if it will fit other pressure washer makes, as I may replace it with a different make.
  8. Geeza


    I’m not sure the prets are generic, but yes I agree the Cadiz is the R alloy..
  9. Geeza


    Like the wheels, but not the hearse look. 😉
  10. Geeza


    Which is?
  11. Geeza


    Proper blue R v the ever popular lighter shade!
  12. Thanks for the reply's guys, I genuinely did not know, and yes dopper99 I could have googled it, but if we googled everything we needed to know, we probably wouldn't need this forum.
  13. Forgive my ignorance, whats WLTP
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