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  1. Thanks for the replies. My post was just to get others opinions and yes every one has one! I am very happy with my 7.5 and yes the second hand value has given me an itch. I always thought that the 7.5 in any trim/colour looked ace, i am not so sure with the mk8. Lapiz blue with the Estoril alloys looks good, but black in standard form is nearly an r line in my eyes. Of course the car is going to be better in all respects, but is quality down and would that stop me buying one, probably not. I think i will look towards the end
  2. So, after 3.5 years in my mk7.5 I am not really looking to change especially as I only have 15K on the clock. Out of interest I checked we buy any car for the price on mine and I was astounded at high it was, so I thought I would look at the MK8. Is it me? I think the mk7.5 is far better-looking car and that coupled with. 1. The split opinion on the blue cloth seats. 2. All cars are now over 40K (tax) 3. lack of colour choice 4. Audi S3 is cheaper Should I look elsewhere or just keep my old girl?
  3. Hi I have unfortunately smashed my drivers door mirror glass and indicator lens. Does anyone know if there is anything special about a 2018 golf r, ie do they autodim and is the indicator LED? thanks
  4. I accept that you are all well informed people on here, and I accept that 3 years is the interval for the haldex, but why does my VW say different and can anyone, that's anyone! show me where it says this in print?
  5. Hi Slider thanks for all your replies, where are you located? I will see the service contract out, I have a 4 year warranty and thought it the best option, but will look for a indy very soon.
  6. I have a 2 year service plan that does not include any thing else. However having just spoken to the dealer they are adamant that the Haldex is not due until 40K clear as mud!
  7. So if VW don’t offer it when it goes in, does my dealer know what they are talking about?
  8. Thanks, 2 answers both different! so is the Haldex time or distance? does anyone have a VW document that they can upload?
  9. Now this might seem a silly question, but in my handbook they is nothing definitive about what the service schedule should be. I have 2018 model and have chosen to have a fixed service schedule, the car is 3 years old in March and is going on for its 3rd service very soon. Does anyone have or has seen any VW document that explains all the other service items beyond minor and major service? And whether that are a time or distance requirement thanks
  10. Thanks for the kind words, it’s Atlantic blue and yes it is quite rare. 😉
  11. AG SRP by machine and then some AG EGP, its never looked better!
  12. I did have the dates in my head, but my brain fails me! got a feeling they were registered for about 14 months
  13. I am sure the 7.5s were being delivered late 2017
  14. Hi All My car is on time and distance service, its now 2 years old, and the service plan has now ended. VW want £495.00 for the next 2 years and tell me that's for a minor service and a major service, no MOTs. What is actually due on the 3rd and 4th years? and should I go to a specialist, I have a warranty until the end of the 4th year, and think it may be easier to stick with VW for the service.
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