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  1. Hi, Looking at some golf Rs recently and I have a quick question about the DSG box in manual mode. Will the car auto upshift for you at the red line even with all modes turned to manual and driver assists off? Sorry if this has been asked before I'm not too familiar with new modern automatics and browsing on a small phone screen to search for the answers is a bit difficult especially on this laggy junk. Thanks
  2. Carbon bonnets

    Hi all, Enjoying my rocco very much in the past 6 months. Covered almost 6k miles of mostly B roads! And now im starting to think about modifications to improve my car and one of the things that I couldn't find any answers on are carbon bonnets. The OEM bonnet on the rocco is insanely heavy compared to other cars and I think a carbon bonnet will be a very good investment sometime in the future plus they look great! I've been eyeing the SEIBON and Eurolineas Carbon bonnets however I'm not sure whether they will fit the facelifted R. Does anybody here have any experience with bonnet fittings on the facelifted Rocco? Are there any differences in bonnet fitting when comparing facelift / pre-facelift? Thanks
  3. thank the lord lol. I never owned a car which made this much of a ruckus so I was being a bit paranoid. Thanks for clearing this up for me guys, now I can sleep in peace at night knowing my R is fine 😌
  4. Hi guys, I've posted this on the Scirocco section of the forums but noticed that the scirocco parts of the forums are very inactive (a lot of times I'm the only one browsing it 😮) so I've decided to ask here instead. So I'm quite new to VW cars, only ever driven but not own one. So last Monday I've started to notice a tapping / ticking noise coming from my engine even after it's been warmed up. From previous cars I've owned, they only make this noise when it's cold and at a much lower volume.. So I've been doing some digging around the internet and have found mixed results, so I've decided to come here since most of the issues I saw online were not an R engine. Here is a link to a video I've recorded yesterday of the noise. In the video the engine is completely warm after a 20mile drive. The engine is from a 2017 Scirocco R with 1100 miles on the clock. I really hope I'm not being too paranoid as this is my first time owning a car which makes this noise when the engine is warm.. Thanks all
  5. Hi, So I've owned my 2017 Rocco R for nearly a month now and so far it has 1100 miles on the clock. Since then, I've been lurking the forums and even posted a question about the turbo charger. All is well until earlier this week when I've started to notice that the engine makes a tapping / ticking noise when it's idling. I thought it's only because the engine was cold because previously my GT86 would have this slight tapping noise as well when the engine is cold. However it's a lot louder on the Scirocco R and after a nice 20 mile drive to warm the car up and get it going, the car still makes this tapping noise while idling. (I've recorded the noise and linked it below) Is this normal for VW engines especially the Rocco Rs which I understand have an older engine. It's the first time I've ever owned a car which continues to make this tapping noise even after the engine have been warmed up and at pretty high volume as well. Here is a video showing the tapping / ticking noise when the engine is warm. I hope I'm just being paranoid.. Thanks all
  6. New turbo driver question

    Since posting this I've done about another 100 miles of B roads between work and home and I've been experimenting along the way. Like some of you have pointed out, the car pulls a lot harder when I keep my car at around 2000+ RPM. I think my issue was sometimes I accelerate hard before the turbo is spooled properly so it feels weaker compared to the pulls where the turbo is spooled up. Thanks for all the advice everyone!
  7. New turbo driver question

    Hi all, I've recently started driving a scirocco R which is my first ever turbo car. Up until now I've been driving NA cars with pretty linear acceleration. I've noticed that when accelerating in the Rocco R sometimes it pulls really hard and other times it's not as aggressive. The difference can be felt the most in 3rd gear pulls. Could this be because at times the the turbo has not been spooled enough when I hit the accelerator hence making it feel slower than usual? I.e. if I accelerate after a few miles of gentle cruising at around 1600 to 2000rpm the car wouldn't pull as hard when I downshift to 3rd and accelerate? Sorry I'm a noob on this topic as this is my first time driving a turbo charged vehicle.