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  1. Same as above, if there is any chance of grabbing one, I will have one too please.
  2. I never really used map 2 as I have a manual, however, I once stuck it in map 2 when I had a go at a M140 and it buggered my divertor valve. I swapped out for DV+ and left it in map 6 after that. Map 6 is set in additive mode and is lower torque initially so as to be a little gentler with the clutch, I thought it was absolutely perfect though. I am am back to stock until Rick has an opening and the difference between the JB4 and stock is night and day!!!!
  3. Good stuff mate, the difference is awesome isn't it!!!!!
  4. Hi Grant, I have just had a reply from the Connect developers and it’s now unlocked. You are correct Rob, the JB4 isn’t locked but the connect kit is.
  5. I have never done it without the connect but I would say yes. Before I bought the connect I would just select one of the preset maps and that was it.
  6. I use the app as I I have JB4 connect which is the Bluetooth adaptor. If you run the cable through the firewall and connect it to your laptop it will do the same job. To log you you want to be in 3rd gear WOT until redline.
  7. No worries mate, nothing wrong with posi tap but your loom is way better. Apart from the zip tie I used it looks OEM.
  8. Rob2k68 makes a loom which looks the business (he did anyway). Pretty much plug and play!!
  9. Just as a side note, mine is a manual and I wanted a lower torque map, it pulls like a train though!!!!
  10. I run map 6 with the following, 1500 15 2000 16 2500 18 3000 20 3500 22 4000 22 4500 23 5000 21 5500 20 6000 19 6500 17 7000 17 However, that was a starting point and once you log it, send the logs off to George who is incredibly helpful. He will give you the best map and absolutely all the info you could wish for.
  11. I have kept meaning to put a few pictures up but never got round to it. This is the family car and my partners daily, it's a massive bonus that she is a petrol head too πŸ˜€. So far it's got BCS Turbo back exhaust, R600 intake, Forge Turbo inlet pipe, DV+ and a JB4.
  12. I had a wheel repaired at the weekend and spoke to the guy doing it about painting them. He gave me a really good price to do them. I have bought the vinyl now now so I’m in a bit of a quandary on what to do. The vinyl looks excellent though to be fair.
  13. I would be interested too mate, I love the look you have going on (on the car that is 🀣)!!!!!
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