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  1. I have used Progressive Parts for quite a few parts and had their sister company VAGManchester fit them. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone, Mark who is one of the owners is one of the best lads you will meet.
  2. I run a set of replica Pretorias and touch wood, I have had no problems at all with them. They are a really good quality finish too.
  3. To be fair I have seen this myself. I had a JB4 fitted for quite some time and never had a problem with VW main dealers.
  4. It looks a lot cleaner in my opinion, you could get carried away with the little bits 🤣
  5. Bizarelly I have been looking at Pulsars only recently, I had a bit of a nostalgic moment and went through the car archives of what I have had and what I always wanted (what they are worth now kind of thing!!). I had a friend who had a Pulsar back in the day and it was a real beast!! If you do go for the BCS system, I'm sure you will be impressed mate.
  6. I have just replaced the filter on mine, I bought a new filter and the cleaning kit too. I took out the old one and even after about 6000 miles (the literature says to clean at 9000) it was pretty grotty. Changing the coolant hose is a 5 minute job, I bought the VWR one though which includes the check valve so it really is just unclip and reclip back on.
  7. It was a selling point to me too if I'm honest. I used to have a Type R and at motorway speeds it was awful, playing around it sounded good but on an actual journey it was mind numbing. I think the old adage of buy cheap, buy twice comes into effect with an exhaust. I actually haven't heard any other exhausts apart from mine now and the standard it used to have before as I don't know anyone else personally with an R, the BCS is very good though in my opinion.
  8. It’s louder than stock but not overly so, it has a better tone. The flaps are operated by boost pressure so the more you give it the louder the exhaust gets (I’m pretty sure that’s how it works anyway). The new centre section I’m getting is meant to make it louder in general though!! I love all the noise to be fair, it’s the one thing the R misses in my opinion.
  9. Well, after hearing about BCS bringing out the WRC variant, I thought it needed adding to the Rev 3 system that I have had on for about a year. So I have booked in for next Saturday to get the centre pipe fitted, I really do believe that Dave and Nige have nailed the noise on the Golf!! Even after a year, I still wind the windows down to hear the exhaust tone. I don’t know how many of you have seen the exhausts that they do but they are genuinely a work of art, I have had a video off a VW tech commenting on the quality. It made me chuckle that he was admiring it 🤣. However, once I had booked the exhaust in, I had a bit of a modding moment (I’m sure a few can sympathise with me) and booked in at VAG Manchester to get a Helix clutch fitted and a Wagner intercooler. I rang Unicorn and spoke to Chloe after that and booked back in to get Rick to ramp up the the torque!!! I am currently stage 2 with Rick but he was conservative with the torque due to the clutch ( I can’t help loving a manual clutch). So, to cut a long story short, Saturday to BCS, Monday to VAG for the clutch, Tuesday at VAG for the intercooler and Wednesday back to Unicorn to tweak the map!! I think modding gets under the skin!!!
  10. Hi Nige, I have a Rev 2 Turbo back on a MK7, can the Rev 3 be retrofit using what I already have (if that makes sense) . I chase the sound more than anything else!!! Cheers Paul
  11. I am one of the customers on the standard clutch that Rick put the map on. Stage 2 with a lower torque and it has been fine up to press, to be fair it doesn't get driven hard, I like the modifying more than anything really 😁
  12. Same as above, if there is any chance of grabbing one, I will have one too please.
  13. I never really used map 2 as I have a manual, however, I once stuck it in map 2 when I had a go at a M140 and it buggered my divertor valve. I swapped out for DV+ and left it in map 6 after that. Map 6 is set in additive mode and is lower torque initially so as to be a little gentler with the clutch, I thought it was absolutely perfect though. I am am back to stock until Rick has an opening and the difference between the JB4 and stock is night and day!!!!
  14. Good stuff mate, the difference is awesome isn't it!!!!!
  15. Hi Grant, I have just had a reply from the Connect developers and it’s now unlocked. You are correct Rob, the JB4 isn’t locked but the connect kit is.
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