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  1. VRSNorthampton

    V5 turbo technics limit?

    You max the injectors on the V5 beforehand. we've seen results of 591BHP on a built engine.
  2. VRSNorthampton

    2015 Golf R Coil Pack

    Call your local TPS they will have the part number and bits there
  3. VRSNorthampton

    2015 Golf R Coil Pack

    We run all our stage 3 cars which are 500+ BHP on the latest revision of coil pack. Just replace all 4 with the latest revision coil packs
  4. VRSNorthampton

    Engine mounts and knock sensor issues?

    We run the superpro mounts on our clubsport and quite a number of customers vehicles, No issues with knock and all our customers have said is that the upgrade is well worth it.
  5. VRSNorthampton

    Intercooler upgrade on mk7.5 r

    wagner come with larger boost pipes as the entry and exit is larger on them
  6. VRSNorthampton

    Intercooler upgrade on mk7.5 r

    We've fitted a few wagners to 7.5's and its a drop in cooler. No need for cutting.
  7. VRSNorthampton


    We've found the best one on the market would be the wagner intercooler. Its what we use and recommend on our stage 3 + cars
  8. VRSNorthampton

    Stage 3 Advice

    Best bet is drop us a message and we can help you with this.
  9. VRSNorthampton

    How long should I wait before a tune?

    We've had customers in for a stage 1 tune and intake when the car had 31 miles on the clock. Hes now got a couple of thousand miles on and now gone stage 2 so its all down to personal preference
  10. VRSNorthampton

    Is38 gasket set in EU?

    Just go main dealer or TPS they arent that expensive and are best for the job
  11. VRSNorthampton

    Worth going stage3 or just stage2?

    We are doing a fair bit more on stock engines in manual and DSG cars. It depends on how you want the car. Our GTI Clubsport is around 740NM of torque.
  12. VRSNorthampton

    APR DSG Remap - Your opinion?

    On the 15/16 plate cars you would need the DSG map yes.
  13. Indeed it is. The TT gives the best gains on these.
  14. VRSNorthampton

    Stage 3 Advice

    That would all depends on your current modifications on your stage 2.
  15. VRSNorthampton

    Stage 3 Advice

    Drop us a message and i can run through it with you.