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  1. Ah! It’ll be the post count. Thanks for highlighting.
  2. Hi! So I’ve taken the sad decision to sell my R wagon. How do I actually place an advert on here?
  3. National did mine last week. Did a great job. Non vw branded pilkington gone in. Tbh I think it’s luck of the draw who you get to fit it. My only tip would be to ply them with cake and tea.
  4. Thank you very much everyone. I was rather panicked!
  5. Thanks Andy. But inside behind doors? And on every panel? They’re not coming off - which I would expect were it on the surface. The one on the roof for example looks to be under the top coat. There’s no surface imperfection. Also its never been parked in or near a fab yard!
  6. Northernremedy


    Hi. 66 plate wagon, pearlescent white, with 35k on the clock. I’ve been cleaning it and found little rust spots all over it. I’ve hopefully attached some pictures. Albeit not very good ones. They're all over the car. Some panels worse than others but all over. Has anyone seen anything like this before? I live 80 miles from the sea, don’t go there regularly etc etc. The worst area is on the frame inside the drivers side rear door.
  7. Rear discs had a decent lip on them but were also pretty corroded. Tried the warranty discussion as not fit for purpose but weren’t having any of it! Im surprised they needed doing tbh
  8. 66 plate R hearse on 30k Miles, went in for its service today and had to do the rear pads and discs. The Stealer started trying to charge me £469, and with a single challenge dropped their price to £315. Just a heads up in case it happens to anyone else. Incidentally, I’m surprised by the state of the rear discs so soon!
  9. Have you tried Teesside/Middlesbrough VW? I’ve been using them over Darlington.
  10. It’s a known golf fault so stand your ground.
  11. Just had mine fixed at dealer. 16 plate estate. Go to dealer they’ll fix it, it’s a speaker seal that failed. I got new seal, new speaker and new carpet.
  12. 5k in to crossclimate + ownership and very good. Truly excellent in the wet and snow, very good in hot and dry!
  13. Hi all. Coming to 20k service, 66 plate dsg estate. It’s my last ‘free’ service so I’m tempted to get the oil change done on the gearbox and haldex to spread the cost a little and I’m of the view it’s bettee to change the oil more regularly rather than less. However this is considerably short of the intervals. Sensible or not? Want to look after the car as it’s my keeper.
  14. Michelin cross climates here. Lovely. Very quiet too.
  15. For what it’s worth the cross climates I had fitted on Friday have been tremendous. If anyone is considering.
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