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  1. Northernremedy

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    Have you tried Teesside/Middlesbrough VW? I’ve been using them over Darlington.
  2. Northernremedy

    Water in rear footwell

    It’s a known golf fault so stand your ground.
  3. Northernremedy

    Water in rear footwell

    Just had mine fixed at dealer. 16 plate estate. Go to dealer they’ll fix it, it’s a speaker seal that failed. I got new seal, new speaker and new carpet.
  4. Northernremedy


    5k in to crossclimate + ownership and very good. Truly excellent in the wet and snow, very good in hot and dry!
  5. Northernremedy

    DSG &Haldex oil change?

    Hi all. Coming to 20k service, 66 plate dsg estate. It’s my last ‘free’ service so I’m tempted to get the oil change done on the gearbox and haldex to spread the cost a little and I’m of the view it’s bettee to change the oil more regularly rather than less. However this is considerably short of the intervals. Sensible or not? Want to look after the car as it’s my keeper.
  6. Northernremedy

    What tyres to go for?

    Michelin cross climates here. Lovely. Very quiet too.
  7. Northernremedy

    Snow Driving

    For what it’s worth the cross climates I had fitted on Friday have been tremendous. If anyone is considering.
  8. Northernremedy

    Estate Boot for Dogs

    How does it work with the boot floor in the lower position? anyone compared one to the hatchbag?
  9. Northernremedy

    Pothole damage

    Tbh I’m mega impressed, these cars are very tough!!!
  10. Northernremedy

    Pothole damage

    Didnt find anything! They are doing the alignment as well which they felt was out but no physical issues.
  11. Northernremedy

    Pothole damage

    Ouch! That’ll sting. Mine booked in Saturday morning for hunter alignment and physical check over at the stealer.
  12. Northernremedy

    Pothole damage

    Don’t envy you there. I’m used to the fairly crap North Yorkshire roads, but the 82 at the moment is a shocker. Seems to be driving ok this morning so I’ll crack on and just get it all checked when back home. Old tyres so a bit of wonky alignment won’t kill me!
  13. Northernremedy

    Suspension 'jiggle' after pothole encounter?

    Hi, thanks for that. Maybe it is just a perception thing then. But sounds like not. I guess it could be a bit of wear on the shocks?
  14. Northernremedy

    Pothole damage

    Oh! Ouch! Yeah I don’t think I’ll know about any damage like that til I get it put up on a ramp
  15. Northernremedy

    Pothole damage

    Yeah I’ve reported them, but you’ve only got to go on the Facebook group that’s appeared to realise it’s pointless!!! Just past crianlarich there’s a moon section. Then there’s a stocker near signal rock.