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  1. Bolt

    MRC Stage 1

    Yes I am👍🏻 thanks
  2. Bolt

    MRC Stage 1

    That did cross my mind, is £139 the best price?
  3. Bolt

    What will your next car be?

    I think the coupe looks better than the convertible, definitely a future classic, also you won’t have to mess about with a res delete etc. trying to make it sound good!
  4. Bolt

    What will your next car be?

    Agree, a sensible family car and a F Type would be my perfect combo if I had the funds. This would be nice!
  5. Bolt

    MRC Stage 1

    Will definitely let you know if the turbo goes but so far so good 🤞🏼 If I had the spare cash I would get the turbo balanced by Littco and go Stage 2 but that will have to wait for the time being. Just come back from a family holiday in Florida, Disney, Universal etc. The mods I could have done for what that’s cost me😳 The Amercans certainly know how to extract money from you.
  6. Bolt

    October 2018 Nav Update

    Yes definitely not locked👍🏼 Sent the card to Microbe, the original poster, and even he couldn’t do it so card is toast.
  7. Bolt

    Kieran's Stage 3 7R (524PS/671NM)

    Full respect to you Kieran for doing your own spannering and some impressive numbers from MRC. How hard was the turbo swop, looks a bit fiddly with the cooling and oil pipes? Also I f you don’t mind me asking, who are you insured with, is it a specialist with all those mods? Cheers Phil
  8. Bolt

    October 2018 Nav Update

    After my attempts to update the map I’ve done something to the sd card and it no longer works, even Microbe, who knows what he’s doing, failed to load a map to it. Thanks Microbe for having a go though👍 Will have to buy a new one off eBay and just wanted to check I’ve got the right card in mine as I have had an issue with the nav in the past. Its a Mk 7.5 with Discover Media, card number is 3G0 919 866 BC V7 Would appreciate is anyone with the same setup could confirm there card number and if V7 is the latest map.
  9. Bolt

    MRC Stage 1

    When I had the tune I was told it’s not switchable, having said that there is a big difference between normal and sport. Sport having a much more immediate pick up and loads more low down power. The difference between the two modes is much more pronounced than standard, I don’t use eco as I don’t like the rolling thing
  10. Bolt


    Have you set auto lights to “late” in the settings, will still come on to early though.
  11. Bolt

    October 2018 Nav Update

    Followed the pdf. manual, used clean my drive, put SD card in slot 1 of car, got "slot onecontains navigation data" on nav get "no navigation data" Reading the previous posts I'm not alone in having problems! Giving up for now before i break something in frustration.
  12. Bolt

    October 2018 Nav Update

    Couldn’t get it to work with discover care so downloaded map and unzipped it, deleted sd card and reformatted exfat then loaded the new map onto the card, put back into car and nav unable to read data. Should have left it alone, me and computers aren’t compatible especially MacBooks so now haven’t got any nav😥
  13. Bolt

    October 2018 Nav Update

    Thanks Leo, did take 2 ish hours to download but got error extraction files message after that!!
  14. Bolt

    October 2018 Nav Update

    Just started download, it says 2hours😳 is that normal.
  15. Bolt

    JB4 on Turbo

    If you can stretch to it I highly recommend the BT and phone app. So easy to switch maps, do logs for map six that you can easily send to George (only if you buy new) for him to help with setup and you get several gauges to play about with.