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  1. Me being old has probably got something to do with it🤣
  2. I hired a Morgan 3 wheeler for the day, I loved the driving experience so much I've put a deposit down on one. I reckon its the most fun you can have going slowly, the R felt like a SUV afterwards, soft and spongy. With the R I was hoping to combine a practical car with a fun weekend toy in one vehicle but it hasn't worked. For me the Golf is the best driving daily car but not enough fun for weekend blasts.
  3. MRC stage 1 TT intake pipe R600 filter
  4. Quote from MRC, The DSG map is done for peak torque figures, and so the engine and box are telling each other the same thing, clutch torque is calculated correctly, shouldn't slip and you have adjustable launch control.
  5. I have a MRC DSG tune and it does not change the shift points, you need TVS or Unicorn for that.
  6. To make it perfect I think there should be another mode halfway between D and S.
  7. If it is applied to vans as well there will be a lot more overtaking by frustrated car drivers. Vans are supposed to do 50 in a 60 and 60 in a 70 rather than keeping up with traffic as they do now. More accidents me thinks.
  8. This sort of thing for me is the negative of buying a German car where too many features are options. With the price tag of a Golf R this should be standard.
  9. Great results! Very jealous of the road you’ve got there, wish I had something similar to use. Would be interested to see a 60-100 mph run, think this gives a good indication of power as it takes out the variables of getting of the line.
  10. My other vehicle is a VW T5, bought from VW Chelmsford Van Centre. My experience is its like Arthur Daley car sales with a VW sign above the door. Avoid!!!
  11. I messed up my card when I tried to update it, that was using an Apple Mac though! In the end I bought a used one from eBay for £30, or take Dave up on his kind offer, you just need to make sure it’s the right number on the card.
  12. Did you have it mapped with the L450 turbo, if so how did that go also why did you go Airtech rather than the usual Wagner intercooler? Thats the route I would like to go when funds permit.
  13. Yeah will make it easier to clean the brake caliper! Just noticed the Cadiz are made by Borbet as well so sort of OEM. May get some VW center caps if I can find the right size.
  14. Just me and you then😂 I think they suit the R perfectly and the 235s are a great fit, hopefully they will cope better with the rubbish roads round here. Tyre and wheel are each 1.6kg lighter than the Cadiz with 225s I was going to go for the Matt black but Tyre Leader only had this colour at a price hard to say no to so went for them and am glad I did, they actually look better in reality than in the photos.
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