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  1. I’m not really fussed about football these days, so no need to fear the red beast!
  2. 😂😂😂 I’ll take that as a compliment Dave, and your dislike of red as down to your love of the other side of North London...
  3. All things to all men, these cars! Thanks for the kind words...
  4. Thanks guys, I’ve done this how I wanted it, it’s really flattering to see your compliments.
  5. Nice little upgrade fitted yesterday... Initially I was sceptical of just how much point these were, but I thought I’d give them a go as I’ve been suffering alignment issues regularly and a “sloppy” feeling to the chassis, amplified since I put the V3s on. Racingline MQB subframe alignment kit: These are basically insert collars that fit into the bolt holes in the subframe, front/rear, upper/lower, which fill the gap between the metal and the bolt. I hadn’t realised just how generous the bolt holes are until I saw this kit! I had the whole kit fitted and then had Hunter alignment done by a trusted friend who’s a manager at a local branch of KF. The improvement is definitely noticeable - a more taught, solid feel and pointier steering are the main things I can put my finger on. Initial thoughts are that it was well worth the outlay!
  6. Doesn’t matter though with a pedigree like that, and running most of the MQB race cars out there.
  7. They’re not late to the party... take a look at this link, they’ve only recently begun marketing software to enthusiasts but they’ve been building and running serious cars for 25 years. https://www.racingline.com/about-us
  8. I’m glad you didn’t! Just need to shift my brakes now...
  9. Still waiting on the adjusters mate but that’s less of a concern than we thought. Love this kit!
  10. Absolutely in love with this car again now I’ve fitted the KW V3 coilovers! Thanks to @Jon R306 for just being amazing as a seller, and of course the boys at MD Autobahn for fitting and setting up the kit. Dare I say it, now easily as comfortable as it was on stock suspension and 18s, and looks amazing! Yet to really go for it on a b-road but hopefully it’s still as confidence-inspiring as it was on the Racingline spring and damper setup... Unfortunately had to lose the spacers on the back as there was no way it would work with them fitted, but I’m not too worried as it sits so much nicer! Could not be happier.
  11. It’s Racingline’s own design and internals, that’s all I do know.
  12. I’m just greedy I guess, had my eye on the Racingline 6-pot setup ever since they were launched (I should have waited!) and can now afford them if I sell the monoblock kit off.
  13. I did Bobby. Couldn’t fault that setup at all but as with any lowered fixed rate kit, it had its issues. Smooth tarmac it is a brilliant package but potholes and rough surfaces could be irritating. Not knocking it at all - the price difference is £1200 and you get that improvement with decent coilovers.
  14. You learn something new every day, I didn’t realise the 7.5 had a revised camshaft! This is Racingline’s own design of turbo, I’ve not seen another Stage 3 graph with a torque curve like that. I’ve got an Airtec intercooler, R600 intake/hose/elbow, AutoTech HPFP, Milltek sportcat DP and proud to say a stock catback!
  15. Racingline Stage 3, 485hp/600Nm, 1.85 bar. And the most delicious graph ever...
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