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  1. What do they look like mate? I don’t know what mine had before I changed but they only went to 160 and had plain, not italic, numerals.
  2. Little bit of coding done by a mate of mine this evening... More still to do - this car is proving to be an absolute bastard to get into. I only realised once I looked at my mate’s virtual cockpit retrofit that my clocks weren’t the correct design for an R when I took delivery, the style you see above is apparently what it should have been but weren’t. I think it was a Friday afternoon car as a lot of the odds and sods in OBDEleven aren’t right or aren’t available!
  3. Control Customs here - slightly thicker, slate alcantara top and bottom, perforated leather sides and red stitching. I paid a deposit of £250, had my new wheel back and on the car seven days later, and a refund of the deposit issued the day they got my old wheel back. Net cost £182 delivered.
  4. Hoping to tempt some of the coding and Carista legends on here back into the threat with a little revival. My mate was trying to enable the theme colour change settings this evening using OBDEleven, however whilst the system was recognised as a Golf R, the infotainment/AID was shown as a Sportvan! Hence there was no option to do a lot of things that he wanted to do. I’ve previously played around with the style of clocks in my AID using Carista; is it likely that doing that has somehow made my display control unit present itself as a Sportvan?!
  5. £50+VAT for me, if you get in quick they might be able to make you one using my spare as a template.
  6. It’s definitely more “squishy” and noticeably thicker but only just. It feels so nice!
  7. There’s two options, either remove your wheel and send it off to be trimmed to your requirements; Or, pay a deposit and they trim a stock wheel to your requirements and send it out to you, you get your deposit refunded when you return your original wheel once swapped over. Mine took six days from payment of deposit to arriving at my door!
  8. Yes, well extended now so coming to the end of the third year. What do you mean get away with though?
  9. Thanks. I would have ordinarily, but it really suits the wagon.
  10. My favourite colour! Welcome Blade.
  11. You’re absolutely right Mags, it’s almost identical. I can’t see any mismatch.
  12. Thanks @Booth11! It was so hard deciding what design to go for - personally I think carbon is a bit OTT for a Golf, but I did consider it, then what combination of materials, stitching etc. I haven’t gone too wild but it’s a lovely bit of kit. Feels lush too!
  13. Finally pulled the trigger and treated myself to a custom steering wheel courtesy of Control Customs, thanks to @Bowen’S recommendation. Absolutely thrilled to bits with the result, the speed and service was also amazing. Regular emails, exact requirements discussed and delivered on, less than a week from payment of deposit to delivery at my door, and bloody good value too. I’m going to have a matching gaiter made by them next month.
  14. No chance mate sadly. I waited 18 months for a set - I’ve got a spare set but not parting with them until I’ve found one more!
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