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  1. It was a VRS car…
  2. Spotted JUST NOW! Stealthy looking black 7.5R, partial vrm ****ZPO, quietly sporting the Racingline Stage 3 BBK. Sounded fruity as it parked up too. Tried to get your attention but you missed me parked almost opposite!
  3. CANCEL MY LAST TRANSMISSION! I won’t name names, however I’m far from impressed. Placed my order - wheels in stock for 2-3 day delivery. Email confirmation that order processed and wheels were on their way, expected - unsurprisingly - in 2-3 days. Email received yesterday - sorry, wheels are out of stock, please could you choose something else and we’ll try to match the price of the Königs for you. Quick check with König in the USA - the specs I need are now discontinued. Um, so many questions?! Drop-shippers truly are the spawn of
  4. Thought I’d go for something a bit leftfield (Photoshopped)…
  5. Cleaned up the airbox and cleaned and re-oiled the filter. Relatively easy job to do; There’s been a lot of criticism from some sides about how the foam R600 filters decompose or rot which I think is unfair - these AREN’T a fit-and-forget part as people seem to want to think, they need cleaning and oiling regularly to maintain their integrity. This one is two-and-a-half years old, still as good as new except for a little bit of the glue inside the neck coming loose (I assume it’s glue - golden bubbly clear stuff). As I’ve always thought - can’t blame the product when you don’t look a
  6. Picked up the REVO torque mount from @marshy via the classifieds. Thought it was about time I replaced the stock mount and 034 dogbone insert that I was running, the insert is actually six years old having been on my old S3 pretty much from day one. Don’t be fooled by the picture, after about half an hour dicking around on my driveway I put it all away and had Martyn at MD Autobahn fit it for me! Night and day difference. Throttle response is sharper and seems to pull harder, with a crisper feel to shifts and acceleration. Only downside I have noticed is
  7. Are they the Jag XFR ones? you’ve actually got them in precisely the right location for these cars!
  8. I really hope it’s not famous last words for us now! 🤣
  9. Have a read of my input on the turbo blanket, above. Removing it in a panic may actually reduce the heat flow efficiency.
  10. Beautiful OP - a really stunning unicorn of a car! Enjoy!
  11. Evening all, The weekend’s weather has got me thinking. I was out around Sussex for most of the day yesterday, bit of a ride out with some other big-power MQB cars. Obviously, after a period of “making progress”, the car started to suffer a bit from the heat. Now I’m aware that this isn’t a life-altering issue; my car is our family bus first and foremost and extreme temperatures are only very rarely going to bother the thing, however for the relatively low cost of a setup designed to cool as a priority over boosting power, it seems like a no-brainer. I’m stage 3, and want the car t
  12. Ok, here goes… Firstly the under bonnet insulation is utter crap, mine’s long gone after shrinking really quickly in ownership, and being soaked in oil during my rebuild. Intercooler - it’s widely-accepted that they’re only necessary at Stage 2 and above, some tuners don’t even insist on them at S2 - however it will only ever be a benefit to the car, so personal choice? Oil Cooler - these cars run hot, so for me an oil cooler is an important addition. I was out yesterday, driving hard most of the middle of the day (from 10-3) and never saw more than 103c o
  13. ECS do them, also have a look at Premium Deutsch Carbon Fibre: https://premiumdeutschcarbon.com
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