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  1. I just replaced with a Tiguan one, under £30 from eBay and then used the Škoda Superb undertray too.
  2. Took a trip up to see Eugene of EZM (ezmods.co) today for a few little visual tweaks - front badge tinted, redid the black wrap on the chrome grille bars and he used my car as a template for reflector smoke decals for the 7.5 wagon, which I really like... Thinking of putting a very light tint on the rear lights but if I do I’ll revert to the OEM boot emblem to avoid looking too OTT.
  3. I now know what I need to do and am putting it off as it’s a ball ache!
  4. The R600 doesn’t come with the coolant underhose but you can buy a package that includes the intake hose and elbow.
  5. There were issues with a batch of the filters, but that’s sorted now. Whilst they were very good with replacing broken filter elements, I feel a lot of the cases were just poor maintenance (me included!) - they’re not just a fit and forget part.
  6. HUGE filter surface area and flow rate. Nice sized full airbox as @Sequence says, including a front panel that takes air from the width of the grille straight into the filter. I think something like 13000 sold worldwide and developed in WTCR and other motorsport applications. Also surprisingly still sounds superb even though it’s closed.
  7. If you genuinely want the best performing unit get an R600. If you’re only interested in aesthetics I think this is the better of the two.
  8. Little local meet today - good turn out and met some great guys! I was the only wagon 😕
  9. Quick spot of engine bay enhancement this morning - Racingline replacement hose to run under the R600. Before: After: Totally unnecessary but looks much neater!
  10. If I’d known they were available I would have specced them! But I didn’t, and I’m not going to wrap them as I may still need to use them at some point. Annoys me as well!
  11. Racingline springs, non-DCC and a recent upgrade to their matched dampers from stock too. Firm but no crashiness at all since I switched the shocks, potholes are still a bastard on 19s though!
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