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  1. Awsltd

    S3 Sportback

    Looks great, I hope he enjoys it..
  2. Awsltd


    Just clicked over 6200 miles and it’s a year old
  3. Awsltd

    So many R’s

    Oryx white .. good choice sir 👍
  4. Awsltd

    So many R’s

    You couldn’t make it up
  5. Awsltd

    So many R’s

    They must just be common as muck round my neck of the woods. Not a bad thing I guess just goes to show it’s a car for everybody .
  6. Awsltd

    Inconsistent pops and bangs?

    I have a 7.5 dsg with a res delete that I drive most of the time in race and manual. I’ve found a sweet spot in the rpm range that gives a nice crackle on down shifting. I also find the hotter the exhaust the louder the crackles.
  7. Awsltd

    So many R’s

    Within the 4 miles I’ve driven around my way today I saw 4 more. 2 blue and 1 white hatch 1 red hurse
  8. Awsltd

    So many R’s

    I literally drove off my drive for work earlier and passed a known one to me in salisbury before I even reached 3rd gear.. couldnt believe it after only started a thread last night. 😂
  9. Awsltd

    So many R’s

    I can’t go anywhere without seeing a golf r it seems . They’re everywhere and I never get bored of seeing them. But today I’ve seen three in one body shop then followed a red one home all within about two hours. I was doing a job for a local body shop and had to feel sorry for those cars being repaired at next to no age.
  10. Awsltd

    Fuel prices

    Never bother checking the price.. fill up with vpower, pay and repeat in a weeks time 😂
  11. Awsltd

    Hi from Keith

    Welcome, great choice of colour
  12. Awsltd


    Spotted a white m2 on the road for the first time this week it looked very cool.
  13. Awsltd

    Newbie to VWROC

  14. I own a vw/Audi independent specialist so fitting of the thing will be fine I was just interested in weather the product comes with instructions. Thanks for the info though, appreciate it .