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  1. FamousAfroJay

    Mk7 Apr stage 2

    Also APR stage 2 with the following mods, Apr stage 2 map Scorpion decat Ramair induction kit NGK racing spark plugs Millers nanodrive 5w-40 oil VWR turbo elbow VWR turbo resonator delete GFB diverter valve Exhaust resonator delete It was on the dyno at Regal after the stage 2 but before the Airtec cooler got 385bhp. I was more concerned with how the car feels rather than all out figures.
  2. FamousAfroJay


    I tend to get oversteer when exiting junctions and getting too excited with the loud pedal, over400bhp and winter tyres will do that I guess 😂
  3. FamousAfroJay

    Are the standard wiper blades a load of ****?

    I put PIAAs on my mk1 Focus RS, amazing. Bosch blades and rain-x on the Golf do a very similar job.
  4. FamousAfroJay

    Any insurance whizzes?

    It wont necessarily be added on automatically. Best to speak to the insurer for clarification.
  5. FamousAfroJay

    Clutch slipping at 23,000

    That clutch is fine. This is how you break a clutch 😂
  6. FamousAfroJay

    Insurance with Lease Car

    Exactly this. Is what you would expect, still cheaper to lease than more than likely.
  7. FamousAfroJay

    Clutch slipping at 23,000

    I have access to a standard clutch you can have for £150
  8. FamousAfroJay

    Drive Mode Percentages

    Agreed, with the decat and lack of valves on the estate it pops, bangs and spits flames like a madman lol
  9. FamousAfroJay

    Drive Mode Percentages

    After reading this thread I decided to drive it in Race, I do love it, the steering is not as heavy as I remember and the noise is down right rude 😂
  10. FamousAfroJay

    Drive Mode Percentages

    Unnecessarily heavy IMHO.
  11. FamousAfroJay

    Drive Mode Percentages

    Individual - 100% Most things in race, engine sound in eco, steering and radar cruise in normal.
  12. FamousAfroJay

    Intercooler pipes

    Looks vary similar to the REVO kit, but loads cheaper.
  13. FamousAfroJay

    Kieran's Stage 3 7R (524PS/671NM)

    Who are you insured with?
  14. FamousAfroJay

    Resonator Delete

    No worries, it didn't have a name or resonator pipe on it. Apparently it came off a hatch, fits my 7.5 Estate so that's all I was worries about lol
  15. FamousAfroJay

    Resonator Delete

    No idea on the centre pipe, got it cheap from another member lol went for scorpion decat.