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  1. FamousAfroJay


    Big shout out to Ben at Pro Reflect for looking after her
  2. The Golf is great, especially now its stage 2 but as I'm disabled getting out can be tricky and I could do with a little extra height. Plus I'll probably be able to move most of my go faster bits over
  3. When I'm done with the R estate I'll probably move to one of these, or an A35/45.
  4. As my Estate will never go on a track I thought a BBK would be slightly overkill. I went with Clubsport S discs, yellowstuff pads and HEL braided lines all round. Much better than stock without going mad.
  5. Luke is a super nice guy (done a video on my hearse) he has a really good job plus youtube revenue. The others, I have no idea lol
  6. I would hope so, V power is £1.45 down here at my local 😥
  7. It was £1.35 last time I filled up.
  8. We have also just been done in a very similar design. 2 sets of 21" Porsche tyres.
  9. I have Dynaudio and a spare... And Keyless. Each to their own.
  10. Grey. Although I have no idea what the difference is lol
  11. If you didn't launch use launch control straight out of the handover bay then you need to try harder 😂
  12. Just got these, cant wait to get them fitted
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