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  1. Slightly off topic but I always thought the back looked too high compared to the front, the VWR springs have levelled the car out nicely. I like the round tips but the sound is just so much deeper and richer.
  2. I love my Golf, just wish it was taller. Went to see the Ateca, love it, gonna order the Special Edition once available. Should be able to swap over the bulk of my stage 2 parts
  3. I went with Clubsport front discs, EBC yellowstuff pads all round and braided lines. Stops my stage 2 well
  4. The standard backbox had 2 outlets per-side and the scorpion only 1.
  5. Only crap ones, I've been too busy driving it 😂
  6. I agree, I would have gone chrome if the car still had a cat but without it black was the only sensible option.
  7. That would be spot on, add the Akrapovic and It should be spot on.
  8. I got sick of cleaning mine so swapped the whole thing to get black tips.
  9. The spec level on these looks really good plus the Special Edition ones will come with the Akrapovic back box. I think it may be a good sideways step from my R estate as I love the car, I just need more height to make getting in and out easier.
  10. I do this too. Endless fun. Yes I have a mental age of 5 🤣
  11. I had an 2013 335d Touring, there was only 6mpg difference between it and my Golf.
  12. I believe the US will miss out on this one.
  13. 2nd vote for the wheel specialist. We send all of our Porsche and other high end wheels to them.
  14. I thought the standard brakes were poor with car easily able to push through them so I swapped for performance pack front discs, yellowstuff pads and braided lines all round. Sensible money road upgrade.
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