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  1. Take a look under your rear diffuser and see if the two clips are installed. Mine didn't have any so I had to buy them myself and install them. It's a screw with a clip. You clip it into the diffuser holes and into the chassis, then screw it in to spread the clip and hold it in place. Genuine VW Spreader Rivet - WHT005263
  2. For anyone interested in reading: https://www.pressreader.com/uk/autocar/20180725/282647508314255
  3. In pictures 2 and 4, it looks like it's on the rig they use to pull the chassis or other parts straight/back in to shape. You can see a chain in picture 2, possibly hooked up to the front to lock it in place, then they would have used parts of the rig on the back to pull or knock the chassis straight again. Like this: Your car doesn't look like it has a huge amount of damage, but if this shop is doing the job well, they'll make sure the chassis is completely straight and true before replacing the quarter panel.
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