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  1. griff89

    ROB2k68 Lapiz R Collection & Build thread

    Good to hear more on the way, Will that include the scorpion being fitted soon then? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. griff89

    My Lapiz R 2016 build

    Couple of pictures from a wet and windy Pembrokeshire today and the AliExpress paddles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. griff89

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Whats is the earliest people have ordered to be receiving the vehicle in Jan/Feb? must be frustrating!
  4. That's Awesome! Makes me look forward to my son driving! although probably be electric by then hes only 6.
  5. griff89

    Some of my toys. Finally some Pics !!

    Nice collection there!
  6. griff89

    My R experience

    Pretoria wheels suit the R so well
  7. griff89

    New maxton side extensions

    Love the skirt extensions.
  8. griff89

    My Bittersweet 7R

    Amazing road trip, 28mpg is very respectable for a car of that power.
  9. griff89

    New too me mk6 r

  10. griff89

    My cupra K1 replacement mk6 Golf R

    Nice read and even nicer R!
  11. griff89

    Nigp007 Build Thread

    Love the protection
  12. griff89

    Gogsie's MK7 R Now 7.5 R

    Was there any major difference in the handling between the R and clubsport ? And were the brakes better on the clubsport as i had considered purchasing a set of clubsport brakes? Thanks Craig
  13. griff89

    R600 VAG

    WOW! Amazing spec